60+ Best Email Subject Lines For Holiday Season

Email Subject Lines

Emails are one of the most primary modes of communication between brands and their customers. They not only advertise the brand but also inform its customers about the heavy discounts it offers. 

Since Christmas and New year are around the corner and December is the most awaited month that is known for its holidays, different brands target their customer base and inform them about the heavy discounts they offer and the various deals that their customers could be benefited by. 

So, in this article, we shall be sharing a list of email subject lines for the upcoming holiday season that can be used by different brands to communicate with their customers. But first, let’s take a look at what creates a compelling subject line.

The Choice of Words:

Make sure that the words you choose prolong your conversation with your customers or potential customers. For that, you need to include holiday-related words that lure the customers like:

  • Sale
  • Off
  • Now
  • Thank you
  • You
  • New
  • Exclusives
  • Discover
  • Be the first
  • Instantly

Similarly some words enhance one’s interest in the mail and thus they read it further to dig more information. To enhance the interest of the reader or the customer, use words like:

  • Holiday
  • Christmas
  • Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Gift/Give
  • Shopping
  • Last Chance/Minute
  • Special
  • Deals
  • Save

Now that you know how you need to go about curating the most captivating email subject lines, here are some lines that you could consider adding to your mail for Christmas.

  • Rock the Christmas clock with these time-saving gifts.
  • Everyone shops our super-saver Christmas deals, and you?
  • Give yourself something you deserve this Christmas.
  • Make room under the tree for these cash-saving Christmas funs.
  • Have You Seen [Brand’s Name] Christmas Gifts Guide?
  • Dazzling Christmas discounts are here!
  • Want Your Gift By Christmas?
  • Some Christmas decorating tips that can make Martha Stewart jealous.
  • You Can Still Get These In Time For Christmas.
  • Glow like a Christmas angel with these premium cosmetics.
  • Order Now for Delivery by Christmas Day!
  • Merry Christmas, And Thank You.
  • Save 15% with Promo Code: Christmas2021.
  • Sleigh your Christmas list with these awesome gifts!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from (Your Brand Name).
  • We’re Feeling Merry. Santa Gets Free Shipping on Christmas Orders!
  • Jingle, Jingle Our Christmas Sales Have Begun! Earlybirds Get Additional 10% Savings!
  • We’ve Made Our List, Checked it Twice, (recipient name) Gets 30% Off Our Christmas Sales!
  • Sign Up to receive 12 Days of Christmas Savings! (Offer daily specials with opt-in).
  • Jingle, Jingle.
  • Santa is coming!
  • Santa’s list has sales for you.
  • XX days of sales until Christmas.
  • Rockin around with our XMAS offers.
  • A storm of sales for a white XMAS.

Takeaway: You can try giving your readers a reason to make up their minds and act instantly by creating a sense of urgency in your email subject too. Also, you can consider extending your offer to get additional mileage out of it.

You can do so by driving your customers who didn’t open your email or those who opened it but didn’t visit your site, get one more shot at availing your offer. Here are a few examples that you could take inspiration from.

  • Oh YES, XMAS is only 2 weeks away, HOORAY!
  • -XX% to Jingle all the way.
  • XX% off for your XMAS gifts.
  • Your last chance for our XMAS offers…
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy sales here! 
  • Chubby sales like chubby Santa.
  • T’was the Night Before Christmas…Shop Our Last Minute Gift Ideas!
  • All She Wants for Christmas is (brand).
  • From: Santa’s Helpers: Save 15% on (Toys, games, children’s gifts) at the Top of Kids’ Wish Lists!
  • Rockin around the XMAS party.
  • [brand] is your secret Santa.
  • The perfect XMAS gift guide is here.
  • For your Santa.
  • Here’s What is Missing from Under Your Christmas Tree…
  • The best gifts for your XMAS tree.
  • Make gifts Santa style.
  • Looking for XMAS shopping inspiration?
  • Last-minute Gifts, Approved By Santa.
  • We saved Santa’s best stocking this year just for you. 
  • From Black Friday till White XMAS.
  • [Sales Alert] All of our Black Friday, Cyber Monday & XMAS offers.
  • [FREEBIE] XMAS stickers on each new order!
  • The best XMAS Sales storm you’ve seen.
  • XMAS came early along with our offers.
  • Gifts even better than Santa’s.
  • Free Santa Shipping till midnight!
  • Be Santa Claus for your lovely paws with special pet treats.
  • Elves have been working hard this year… check their offers.

While Christmas is undoubtedly the best time for marketers to lure customers into purchasing from them, New Year is the show stealer when it comes to talking customers into buying your products. So, here are a few subject lines that you can draw inspiration from for 2022.

  • Get Your New Year’s Resolution Off To A New Start.
  • New Year, New Me, Blah Blah Sale Is Going Quick.
  • Welcome The New Year With Bigger And Better Deals.
  • Countdown the few hours left to get 30% off!
  • Midnight deadline for your tax-deductible donation.
  • ONE MORE DAY to shop our holiday sale.
  • Starting NOW: $2022 off!
  • Save 40% before the ball drops!
  • Last chance for a calmer year.
  • 3 more days to save on a stress-free resolution.
  • New Year, New Savings For You!

Wrapping Up

Since Christmas and New year are around the corner and it is finally the month of holidays, almost every brand out there is preparing to lure their customers with their super deals and heavy discounts. 

Although Emails are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, an email has to be catchy enough to keep the customer involved in reading it and discovering the offer proposed. With Christmas and New Year Eve just a month away, the biggest sale of the season is just around the corner. 

Hopefully, this article will have given you some insight into how you can curate the most powerful email subject lines this holiday season to leverage its maximum potential.

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Parth Kapoor

Parth Kapoor

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