Order Confirmation Emails – Best Practices and Examples

Order Confirmation Emails

Online shopping is a leap of faith that a customer takes when placing an order. Although there are various pointers you would find on the internet to verify if a website is authentic or not, the only sure way you’ll know that a website is genuine is to have your order delivered as expected.

Order Confirmation emails close this gap with confidence and trust!

Since a customer has trusted you with their order, it is your duty as a brand to keep them assured that they’ve made the right call by charging you. Order confirmation emails do the same. When customers receive an Order Confirmation email, they feel assured that their order will be delivered on time.

There are many advantages of sending Order Confirmation Emails to your customers. Order Confirmation Email isn’t just a gesture but also an opportunity for you as a brand. If drafted and used correctly, a brand can benefit massively from these emails.

In this article, we shall be listing the best practices that you can employ to make your Order Confirmation Emails influential and impactful.

Contents of The Email:

Your Order Confirmation Email should contain the following compulsorily:

  1. Order confirmation message followed by a thank you note
  2. Date of placing the order
  3. Product details mentioning the name of the product, its price, and quantity
  4. Price of the product
  5. The shipping address
  6. The billing address
  7. Method of payment
  8. Shipping method
  9. A ‘view product’ link allows them to go back to their product and view it.

Best Practices For Order Confirmation Emails

1. Ensure that your subject line grabs the attention of the reader


The subject of your email is what is supposed to catch the reader’s attention. If it is a plain or mundane subject, the chances are that the reader or receiver might ignore it from the notifications only and wouldn’t take time to view the email entirely. 

Make sure that your subject line is catchy and doesn’t go ignored. Some good ways to write the subject line are:

  • Thank you for trusting us with your order
  • Your [Brand] order confirmation [#Order number]
  • We’ve got your order #order number

2. Use the right tool at the right time

The right time to send an order confirmation email is after receiving the order. The sooner you send the email, the better assured the customer will be, and the better image it will create of your brand for the customer.

Several brands have automated their order confirmation emails. So irrespective of when a customer places an order, they are sent the order confirmation email immediately without the requirement of a staff member. This gives the customer an immediate confirmation that their order has been received and shall be delivered shortly.

3. Make the best use of the email

Make the best use of the email
Make the best use of the email

Your order confirmation email has the highest probability of being viewed by the customer. Hence, it is the best opportunity for you to advertise your best products and accomplish a cross sale. After providing all the details about the order and the product, mention some of your bestsellers. 

You could also incorporate some of your best deals in the email. Since the customer is still on your website and has just accomplished a purchase, there are higher chances of the customer buying another product. Also, if the products being advertised are relevant to the ordered product, the chances of its purchase increase.

4. Maintain the interest of the customer

A customer is always excited to receive a parcel. Suppose you provide them with an order timeline that informs them about all the procedures involved in delivering the product and the time it would take to accomplish each step. In that case, it keeps the customer excited about the product. 

Also, when a customer can track a product quickly, it leaves a great impression of your brand on the customer. The more excited a customer is about an order, the better they are satisfied with receiving it, and the better are their chances of buying again from your brand. 

Easy order tracking is one of the tricks that improve customer experience with your brand and customer loyalty.

5. Use the order confirmation page optimally

Make the best use of the email

Every brand should have an order confirmation page. When a customer has made a purchase, and the payment has been accomplished, they should be automatically redirected to this page. 

When you send an email to a customer confirming their order status and assuring them that their order has been placed successfully, you could attach a link to the email that would redirect the customer to the order confirmation page, where they can find every little detail about their order. 

Several brands do not mention all the product details in the email. Instead, they let the email assure the customer about the order being placed, and to find out more, the customer can follow the link to reach the order confirmation page. This page can also be used to advertise your best-selling products.

6. Allure them via Rewards

The email can also include information about your reward programs. Since an order confirmation email has a higher viewing probability, it can be used to tell the customer about your reward programs in detail and encourage them to accomplish further purchases with your brand.

Summing It All Up

Order Confirmation Email is a powerful tool in the hands of online websites and e-commerce brands to communicate with their customers and improve their customer experience. A well-crafted order confirmation email assures your customer that their purchase was carried out successfully, thereby laying the foundation for the relationship to be extended beyond the current transaction.

So, instead of listing the purchase details, you can use your order confirmation email to generate positive feelings about your company and drive future revenue.

Crafting an effective order confirmation email may take a little bit of time. But you can always use email automation tools to make your email process easy and seamless.

Take Wigzo’s free trial today to automate your order confirmation emails and make your customers return to you for more.

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