&Me Achieved 300% E-commerce Business Growth with Wigzo – And Here is How They Did it!


Online retail is a cut-throat space with thousands of brands and millions of products. Women’s healthcare and wellness niche is one such domain where acquiring and retaining customers is a constant challenge. However, for &Me, the e-commerce growth came in abundance when they switched to Wigzo for marketing automation. 

In this blog, we’ll take a detailed tour of what and how &Me did to garner 300% business growth with Wigzo.

About &Me

&Me is building a Women-first, solution-driven, and research-led company to serve women’s unique needs for menstrual health, fitness, beauty and mental wellness.

It is a niche e-commerce brand that sells women’s healthcare and wellness products online. It is a fast-growing brand in its category and has already served 2,00,000+ women with their highly effective products. As a part of their mission, &Me talks to over 150+ women every day in a constant effort to improve their health & well-being.

Growth Challenges Faced by &Me

&Me was already using a marketing automation platform. Yet, they faced the following growth challenges;

  • Reaching out to more women online to showcase their products
  • Adding new subscribers to their list
  • Pushing more sales to existing and new customers
  • Retaining old and newly acquired customers for a higher CLTV

With their existing marketing automation, &Me’s marketing team found it challenging to scale their campaigns and drive more conversions for a profitable ROI. 

This is when they decided to switch the marketing automation platform.

&Me’s Solution: Switching to More Capabilities with Wigzo

Wigzo’s personalised multichannel marketing suite came in as the perfect fit. Wigzo’s online store integration for Shopify allowed &Me to easily implement marketing automation into their existing website. Team Wigzo tailored the most relevant automation features as per &Me’s available marketing channels. 

Expanding into more channels

Wigzo’s AI-automation, personalized onsite nudge, and other powerful features helped &Me scale their digital marketing campaigns – and register more conversions! To achieve this, they had to enhance their e-commerce footprint via new channels like email, SMS and WhatsApp

Why expanding into new channels made sense for &Me?

Personalized customer engagement reaches beyond just the website. It is a well-known fact that 91% of the customers are likely to shop with a brand that provides them with relevant offers and recommendations – through the channels they prefer. This includes email, SMS, WhatsApp and Push notifications (Web & App) which must be aligned with a brand’s omnichannel marketing automation & communication strategy. 

Implementing Personalized Marketing Automation Strategy at Scale for &Me

Within one month of integrating Wigzo into their Shopify e-store, &Me registered the highest sales ever. Here is how they achieved this;

Leveraging Email Marketing Personalization and Automation

&Me leveraged personalized email automation communication through Wigzo’s email automation builder tool. &Me successfully delivered contextual communication using custom segmentation feature for repeat purchasers and run loyalty program campaigns that helped them extend the CLTV exponentially. 

The emails included but were not limited to –

  • Personalized welcome emails for new customers
  • Sending personalized offers and deals to inactive customers
  • Checkout confirmation emails
  • Cart recovery nudge emails in case of cart abandonment by the customers

Email automation allowed &Me to constantly nurture their new & old customers without extravagant resource or IT implementation. &Me achieved 22% sales conversion rate with automated emails alone!


Leveraging Personalized On-Site Nudge Pop-Ups

Wigzo implemented personalized ‘On-site Nudge’ for &Me’s website – something that 76% of the marketers don’t even capitalize on! 

On-site nudge pop-ups are essentially personalized & contextual messages powered by site visitors’ behavioural data. Depending upon how a visitor behaves on the website and their past data, Wigzo’s AI-engine sends them the right nudge at the right time to fast track the conversion process. 

Wigzo’s on-site nudge pop-ups streamlined conversion journeys for different customers as per their individual context. Here is how they helped &Me grow;

  • Garnered 5% more opt-ins with contextual pop-ups for new visitors
  • Registered 265% month-on-month increase in revenue

On-site nudge proved to be the core of the marketing automation strategy for &Me’s sales numbers.


Powering-Up Customer Engagement with SMS

For a broader and faster reach, Wigzo implemented personalized SMS campaigns for &Me. Considering that SMS has 98% open-rate, leveraging this channel for &Me made sense. Moreover, customers are known to redeem SMS-based offer coupons 10-times more than any other channel.

With its unique ‘SMS Magic Link,’ &Me was able to onboard new customers quickly, and keep the existing customers engaged with relevant offers for more sales. 

With SMS marketing automation, &Me achieved;

  • More than 10% CTR via SMS
  • 138% Boost in SMS traffic
  • 218% Boost in revenue via SMS campaigns


WhatsApp Cart Recovery

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. With more than 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is a great way for e-commerce brands to engage their customers on the go. Wigzo implemented WhatsApp cart recovery for &Me to help recover lost sales.

How did WhatsApp cart recovery uplift &Me’s profit?

  • Recovered 66% lost sales with cart recovery messages on customer WhatsApp

What does Team &Me have to say about Wigzo?


The Verdict

From struggling with customer acquisition and retention to generating 300%+ more business, &Me is just one example of Wigzo’s e-commerce marketing automation capabilities. Contact us now for a FREE demo to see how this AI-driven tool can supercharge your digital retail profits.

Happy selling!

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Parth Kapoor

Parth Kapoor

Parth is a computer science graduate from the University of Delhi. He is a Manager - Customer Success at Wigzo and having over 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and SaaS industry. In his spare time, you will find him reading about the latest tech and playing games.

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