The Power Sphere of Power Gummies: What Led to Its 42% Revenue Growth & 53% Increase in Transactions

Power Gummies has disrupted the massively increasing & rising healthcare sector with a new millennial-based approach to making nutrition intake tasty & fun. With a philosophy of ‘Health inspired by Happiness’ and an aim to eliminate the fear of bitter-tasting medicines or pills, Power Gummies offer over-the-counter products that have successfully conquered the common belief that every pill is another medicine.

Founded in 2018 by Divij Bajaj, Power Gummies has been recognized as the Top Startup to Watch in 2020 by INC42 and the Best Innovative Nutrition Product 2020 covered by Forbes, India. The brand recently won the Best D2C Brand of the Year – Nutraceuticals at the IReC & D2C Awards 2022.

This one-of-a-kind idea of developing innovative health supplements gave the brand the first-mover advantage. But was that enough for the brand to educate the customers about the concept of on-the-go nutrition and transform itself into the rock-solid brand it is today?

What were the challenges that this D2C brand faced while exploring growth opportunities, and how did it tackle all of them? Let’s find out!

The Expansion

The Power Gummies series for hair and nail health, containing multivitamins and potent micronutrients, has been the company’s flagship product. Scientific research on the efficacy of its gummies revealed a 22% rise in hair growth rate and a 10% increase in nail growth. The brand has diversified its portfolio to introduce period care products and weight management chews.

According to a report by Inc42, the brand earned INR 8.8 Cr in FY21 and aims to do 3X this business in FY22. It is claiming revenue of INR 20.4 Cr between April 2021 and January 2022. Over its lifetime, the startup claims to influence the lives of 60,000 customers, with over 300K units sold.

In an article by Inc42, Divij Bajaj, Power Gummies’ co-founder, claimed that his brand is eyeing strategic tie-ups to capture a revenue of close to INR 200 Cr in FY23. It currently claims to be experiencing a 30% increase in monthly revenue.

The Challenges

Today, Power Gummies stands strong as a distinguished market leader in its segment. Having won customers’ trust, it has given rise to a robust community of loyalists in a brief span.

The major growth challenge that Power Gummies faced was maintaining a high conversion rate. The brand was focused on capturing anonymous site visitors and maximizing user engagement for superior conversions.

The solution involved effective customer segmentation and dynamically reaching out to each segment. This allowed the brand to catch hold of customer behaviour and bolstered personalized conversations through engaging hyper-targeted campaigns.

Customer behaviour analysis and segmentation augmented the automated marketing campaigns, helping the brand increase conversion and garner more repeat orders.

The Marketing Strategies

Power Gummies is acing its social media presence. From collaborating with Bollywood celebrities to big influencers, Power Gummies’ brand awareness campaigns are top-notch. In addition, the brand is prompt in conducting giveaways that have worked very well to bolster its customer engagement. Let’s look at what all the team at Power Gummies does to own the socials.

1. Giveaways

Power Gummies is never behind when it comes to launching a giveaway. In the past, the brand partnered with Arata, AgteOfficial and Dot&Key Skincare to launch giveaways on occasions like Mother’s day, Holi, etc.

Power Gummies Collab 1     Power Gummies Collab 2     Power Gummies Collab 3


2. Influencer Marketing

Shraddha Kapoor, a very famous Bollywood actress, is the face of Power Gummies. She was appointed as a brand ambassador in 2021, has been in multiple ads, and is the primary influencer for Power Gummies. Recently, the brand roped in Shamita Shetty for one of its brand awareness campaigns.

Influencer marketing has broadened its reach and has elevated brand positioning in the marketplace. Other influences for Power Gummies include Shrishti Rodye, Anusha Dandekar, and Surbhi Jyoti, all of whom are reality show stars.



3. Brand Awareness Campaigns

Every brand wants to come to the users’ minds when they search for a product or service in your industry. This is called brand recall, and brand awareness campaigns assist in accomplishing this.

Power Gummies’ brand awareness campaigns are powerful. Have a look at some of the campaigns that the brand launched in the recent past.



How Wigzo’s Partnership helped Power Gummies increase conversions and revenue

Power Gummies x Wigzo partnership has achieved outstanding outcomes. The all-in-one conversion and retention platform have proved to be a perfect fit for this delicious health supplement brand. With Wigzo’s AI-powered e-commerce intelligence, Power Gummies has addressed all its challenges during its growth journey.

The brand uses Wigzo’s competence to analyze customer behaviour and influence customer decisions at each stage of the customer lifecycle to maximize conversions and retention. Wigzo empowers the brand to nurture its customers by sending personalized communication about updates and offers, reminding them to complete the checkout process, segmenting customers to identify key groups and executing target marketing.

Segmenting customers into different groups by analyzing their behaviour has been the core of Power Gummies’ marketing efforts. With Wigzo’s deep AI customer segmentation, the brand could segregate customers and run hyper-targeted campaigns tailored to each customer’s needs.

Moreover, Power Gummies has a solid omni channel presence that has bolstered its presence and helped it to nurture its customers with personalized communication. Power Gummies leveraged different communication channels to maximize reachability and conversions to send personalized messages about updates, offers, etc. From SMS, Emails, and WhatsApp to behavioural Onsite Notifications and offsite Push Notifications, Power Gummies’ omnichannel engagement game is top-notch.

The brand has successfully touch-based all marketing communication channels to communicate with customers and market their business. The comprehensive Wigzo platform allowed the brand to seamlessly manage all conversations from a single dashboard, eliminating the hassle of switching platforms.


How Power Gummies utilized Wigzo’s different communication channels


Wigzo’s AI-based, comprehensive marketing automation capabilities helped Power Gummies personalize their marketing campaigns, register more conversions and improve customer engagement. Following is the breakdown of how Power Gummies leveraged WhatsApp, Onsite Nudge and Email to engage customers throughout their journey.

1. Event-triggered WhatsApp messages to boost sales

Through Wigzo’s WhatsApp automation, Power Gummies reached its customers over their most preferred communication channel and achieved a conversion rate of 4.58%.

The brand leveraged WhatsApp to send product updates, sales, personalized offers, etc., giving a conversion rate of 4.58%.

Power Gummies utilized WhatsApp to send payment reminders and COD confirmation using the following pre-built templates. This allowed the brand to eliminate the hassle of creating automation from scratch.



2. Onsite Nudge to engage anonymous site visitors

Wigzo bolstered the brand’s customer engagement by allowing them to send personalized notifications in real-time according to customer behaviour, helping the brand attain a conversion rate of 7.02%.

Onsite Nudge was used to engage anonymous site visitors by offering discounts, as shown below.


Recently, the brand collaborated with one of the famous Bollywood actresses, Shamita Shetty. Their team capitalized on it and used it as their social media campaign to engage customers onsite.



3. Custom Exit Intent Messaging to minimize bounce rate

Through Wigzo’s custom exit-intent messaging, Power Gummies reduced the site’s bounce rate and managed to keep anonymous visitors engaged via exciting offers and discounts, giving a conversion rate of 13.17%.


4. Robust Customer Engagement via Personalized Reminder Emails and more

Wigzo’s hyper-personalized email automation supported Power Gummies to keep the customers updated about new sales and remind them to complete the checkout process. Through Wigzo’s email automation, the brand garnered a conversion rate of 4.05%.

The following personalized messages announcing the sales were sent to customers using Wigzo’s Email Automation.


Moreover, reminder emails were sent to remind those customers who had left items in their carts.



Concluding Remark

Power Gummies has created a dent in the health sector by introducing one-of-a-kind health supplements catering to adult nutrition disguised as tasty, healthy, and chewable gummies. The brand was a disruptor from day 1, but what gave it a push to grow beyond bounds was Wigzo’s customer engagement and analytics feature. Power Gummies saw an increase in revenue generation by 42.35% and transactions by 52.65%. Moreover, its subscribers went up to 1.2M using Wigzo’s Automation stack.

Power Gummies has come very far in a brief span, and this partnership has served the purpose fruitfully, both ways.



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