How These 5 E-commerce Brands are Leveraging Marketing Automation for Hyper-Growth?

Ecommerce Brands Leveraging Marketing Automation for Hyper-Growth

Marketing automation is literally the contemporary ‘gold rush’ when it comes to e-commerce. More so, with the advent of cutting-edge AI engines, marketing automation has become immensely powerful. 

Take Wigzo, for instance. It is an advanced customer data platform and a competent growth tool for any e-commerce business. Whether you sell apparel, medicines, or niche templates for email – Wigzo’s customizable automation flows give you the ability to create optimized customer journeys, maximize conversion, CLTV, and maintain real-time 360-degree awareness of your marketing operations. 

If you have got an e-commerce store, Wigzo is all you’ll ever need for growth!

Don’t believe us? See the stories of these 5 e-commerce brands that are killing it online with Wigzo’s AI-based marketing automation.

1. 15% ARPU Boost for WforWoman


WforWoman is a brand in the Indian retail space in 4 other nations that offer ‘Indian contemporary’ wear as per the contemporary fashion curve. The brand offer designs inspired by western fashion trends and fuse them into silhouettes and styles cherished by the modern Indian woman.

WforWoman wanted to cater to an extensive customer base through their e-commerce portal. They wanted to optimize their user journey, retain and maximize revenue from each visitor and optimize every step of the customer funnel.

Challenges faced by WfW

WforWoman wanted to help women find the perfect apparel in as few clicks as possible. Besides maximizing average revenue per customer, they wanted to optimize the customer journey at every otherwise scattered step. Lastly, they wanted to provide personalized product recommendations and flexible merchandising rules for their customers.

How they leveraged Wigzo’s marketing automation?

Wigzo made ‘personalization’ the standalone pillar for WforWoman’s e-commerce strategy. Moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach, Wigzo enabled hyper-personalization for WforWoman’s customer base through its tech stack and triggering winning variations for each customer.

This was achieved via;

  • AI-powered Personalized Recommendation Engine
  • Urgency-driven on-site Nudge pop-ups

Outcome for WforWoman

WforWoman registered a 15% jump in the average revenue per unit after implementing Wigzo’s tech stack.

2. Boosting Engagement & Sales for Something Greek


Something Greek, America’s largest supplier of screen printed, embroidered Greek apparel; custom sorority, fraternity Greek gear, and merchandise.

Challenges faced by Something Greek

Owing to the required online growth, the following challenges were identified by SG;

  • Converting their website visitors into subscribers.
  • Engaging with their customers to improve retention.
  • Personalized content promotion to subscribers.

How Something Greek leveraged Wigzo’s marketing automation?

With Wigzo Opt-in notifications, Something Greek converted the online visitors into subscribers to send updates and notifications without sharing any contact information. sends 1:1 personalized cart recovery web push notifications to their consumers who left without completing a purchase. The push campaigns recovered 15% of abandoned carts, increasing online sales.

Based on the products a visitor showed interest in or interacted with, Wigzo helped SomethingGreek create smart segments of their audience for 1:1 personalized web push notification campaigns.

This was achieved via;

  • Easy one-click push opt-ins for store visitors 
  • 1:1 personalized push campaigns 
  • Timely push notifications [Cart Recovery]
  • Non-intrusive and personalized on-site retargeting campaigns

Outcomes for Something Greek

With 1:1 personalized content and timely promotions, Wigzo’s web push notifications boosted the website’s engagement by 19%, along with 15% more sign-ups and enhanced sales.

3. 18% CTR For Smart Medical Buyer (SMB)


Smart Medical Buyer is an online shop for Medical Products, Medical Instruments, Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment Accessories, and Medical Devices in India.

Smart Medical Buyer aimed to align their online business by acquiring, engaging, and converting new customers at scale.

Challenges faced by SMB

The following challenges were identified in the way of SMB’s online commerce growth;

  • Acquiring new customers online at scale via different channels.
  • Retaining their website visitors and converting them into subscribers and loyal customers.
  • Engaging acquired customers with personalized communication for more conversions.

How did Smart Medical Buyer leverage Wigzo’s marketing automation?

With Wigzo’s Opt-in notifications, SMB sent their site visitors updates, offers, and transactional notifications like Browse Abandonment, Cart Recovery Nudge, and Welcome Offers. This was achieved without the customers having to share any contact information.

SMB then leveraged the 1:1 personalized Web Browser Push and Onsite notifications to nudge their customers who left without completing a purchase. These push campaigns recovered 15% of abandoned carts and increased online sales.

Based on the products a visitor showed interest in or interacted with, Wigzo helped SMB create smart audience segments for 1:1 personalized web push notification campaigns. This yielded more targeted sales for the brand.

This was achieved via;

  • Easy one-click push opt-ins for store visitors.
  • 1:1 personalized push campaigns.
  • Timely push notifications [Cart Recovery] [Browse Abandonment] [Cart value-based communications and offers].
  • Non-intrusive and personalized on-site retargeting campaigns to engage with the users based on their behavior on the website.

Outcomes for Smart Medical Buyer

With 1:1 personalized content and timely promotions, Wigzo’s web push notifications yielded 14% more website engagements for Smart Medical Buyers and 120k+ subscribers.

4. Amydus’ 89% Revenue Growth with Marketing Automation


Amydus is a niche brand that offers trendy women’s and men’s apparel in XXL, 3XL, and other in-demand sizes. Amydus sells an assorted variety of apparel through leading plus-size stores in India.

The niche e-commerce apparels retailer was looking to bolster its marketing and sales by targeting and acquiring new subscribers. Then, pushing the subscribers down to different conversion funnels via marketing automation for accelerated revenue.

Challenges faced by Amydus

Like other specialty niche e-commerce brands, Amydus saw some marketing and online sales challenges. These were;

  • Growing the subscribers’ list for sustainable revenue
  • Converting subscribers into buyers and retaining them for a higher CLTV
  • Engaging anonymous visitors and retargeting them onsite
  • Identification and segmentation of customers based on their purchasing behavior [high ticket spenders, low ticket spenders]

How did Amydus leverage Wigzo’s marketing automation?

Wigzo employed a unique approach to engaging the audience for Amydus. The key was to target those who had clicked on the SMS or Email links sent by Wigzo’s Automated campaigns in the last 30-days, 60 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

For ad campaigns optimization, the key was to expand the targeting based on existing plus-size fashion and traditional apparel buyers, strengthen brand recall, and display visually impactful ads to the laser targeted audience.

The qualified traffic driven by AdYogi streamlined Wigzo’s customer retention efforts even further – complementing the operations for AMYDUS mutually.

Outcomes for Amydus

  • 58% increase in e-commerce conversion rate 
  • 150.5K Subscribers added
  • 21% Increase in conversion rate during the festive season 
  • 42% Increase in average order value (AOV) achieved
  • 89% increase in overall revenue!

5. Yogya Online’s Fast Online Growth


Yogya Group is an Indonesian grocery mart brand. It operates one of the biggest supermarkets in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. The brand was looking to expand its online footprint.

Challenges faced by Yogya Online

While making a brand new transition to Digital Marketing, Yogya Online did not have many resources to spare on their campaigns. 

Due to these constraints, Yogya Online wanted to grow its subscribers base, get platform support to compensate for lacking digital marketing resources, and maximize customer value.

Following were the key challenges mapped by Yogya Online;

  • No digital marketing resources to spare
  • Running too many promotions manually
  • No central dashboard to measure campaign metrics
  • No transparency in the customer journey
  • Boosting new customer acquisition, conversion, and retention

How did YO leverage Wigzo’s marketing automation?

The primary focus was to grow the subscribers list fast and maximize user engagement for superior conversions.

Wigzo’s marketing automation stack came in as the perfect solution for Yogya Online. The following tech-stack was used to counter the above challenges;

  • Personalized push notifications
  • Smart on-site behavioral nudge
  • Email marketing automation
  • WhatsApp campaign

Outcomes for Yogya Online

Yogya Online achieved an average conversion rate of 5.14% after deploying the push, on-site nudge, and WhatsApp campaigns via Wigzo. 

The maximum conversion rate went up to 9.36%, with a net 8,006 online orders since implementing Wigzo’s marketing automation stack.

These are just a few brands of many who have garnered spectacular success with marketing automation. If you wish to create a high-conversion e-tail system, use an AI-powered e-commerce automation tool today.

Ready to write your e-commerce growth success story? Take Wigzo for a FREE trial now!

Kaberi Gogoi

Kaberi Gogoi

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