How the Niche Apparel Brand ‘Snipergang’ Leveraged Wigzo for Crazy Growth?

How the Niche Apparel Brand Snipergang Leveraged Wigzo for Crazy Growth

Growing a niche e-commerce brand, especially amidst the pandemic, sounds like a daunting endeavor. However, for determined online sellers, equipped with the right marketing automation know-how and capabilities, hyper-growth is just another feat. 

We refer to one of Wigzo’s most successful customers – Snipergang Apparel, the famed merchandise of Kodak Black, USA’s well-known owner of the Sniper Gang label. 

The brand sells authentic SG merchandise to its fans via its online store and has many loyal fans. However, the brand’s subscriber list and sales began to experience a heavy downfall when the pandemic hit.

When SG’s marketing hit rock bottom, their subscriber sign-up rate was incredibly less. As a result, the brand required a new way to capture more subscribers and push more sales via continuous engagement. 

This is where Wigzo came in with the power of its Marketing Automation suite and full-fledged customer data platform. In addition, Wigzo introduced its Patent Pending Double Tap SMS tech for E-commerce and Leverages Instagram to drive SMS subscribers without typing a single character.

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Snipergang Apparel Background

Snipergang is an Apparel Shopify Store associated with Kodak Black and Sells Official Licensed Merchandise. With 4k to 30k monthly traffic, they are home to Niche Audience buying the Official Merchandises of Kodak Black.

Challenges Faced by the SG

The old conversion rate of Snipergang was not satisfactory. COVID-19 Crisis made the number of visitors go down, and because that happened, their revenue dipped by 16%. In addition, the new customer sign-ups were less than 1% which is very low considering all other marketing efforts they put in place to bring more customers.

SG apparel wanted something unique to curb this challenge – a new channel that can get more high-intent subscribers with minimal effort. The aim was to garner these subscribers quickly to convert them faster and nurture them for loyalty. 

Growth Solution for Snipergang by Wigzo

To alleviate SG Apparel’s falling revenue, Wigzo implemented; 

  • Patented Double Tap SMS technology (SMS Magic Link) to grow the new customer acquisitions list faster. This was implemented over Instagram and SMS channels for Snipergang. 
  • Offering Strategic discount coupons to all the subscribed customers. 


The rationale behind using SMS Magic Link

Efficiency and effectiveness play a crucial role in growing your customer list. This was the reason why SMS Magic Link was implemented for Snipergang Apparel. 

Firstly, it is a simple link that can be placed on any digital channel. Secondly, it drastically cuts down the subscriber onboarding time to boost conversions – i.e., 3 seconds vs. the usual 45 seconds – a long delay which is a major conversion killer. 

How was the Magic Link executed?

Team Wigzo and SGA created different Magic link campaigns. The links were placed on Sniper Gang’s official Instagram handle and broadcasted via text messages. Interested users would click this link and redirect to the pre-populated SMS text screen on their smartphone device. 

With another tap, they could quickly provide consent and subscribe to the brand by sending that pre-filled SMS with another tap. 

That is all! 

Strategy to Acquire more Customers

Google Analytics revealed the users’ behavioral patterns while navigating the Sniper Gang’s e-commerce website. Based on the funnel, bulk promo campaigns and user retention strategies were devised.

This helped the brand garner quality subscribers in a relevantly short time with targeted SMS broadcasts and push notification campaigns. 

Driving Funnel Conversions for SG

As soon as the Magic Link and SMS broadcast campaigns were aligned, it was time to convert and retain the newly acquired customers. This was based on Wigzo’s two core pillars;

It was necessary to constantly engage the new subscribers with exclusive offers and brand messages to nudge them to buy Sniper Gang’s Apparel. 

Below is the shot of real automation flow used by SG to crack their customer conversion and retention goals.


You can see how the user is taken through the funnel via different triggers, engagements, push notifications, delays, etc.

Extraordinary Results for SG Despite the Pandemic Crisis

With the right channels, strategy, and automation flows, Snipergang Apparel achieved crazy growth results succeeded by their plummeting growth rate. Following were the growth milestones as a result of Wigzo’s Marketing Automation Suite. 


  • Over 126k new SMS subscribers added within 7 days  
  • 121% rise in revenue for April in 20 days alone. 
  • 13%+ CTR on the Bulk campaign done on the 3000 Subscribers collected. 

Sales figures were better than the pre-covid period because we increased SMS subscribers, improved customer engagement, and converted more customers by giving them discount coupons.

Is SMS Right For Your E-commerce Growth?

SMS is definitely one of the best channels for growing your subscribers’ list and pushing more sales, besides a 98% open-rate and distraction-free text structure, SMS yields superior ROI for most e-tailers. 

Following pointers will tell you why text marketing is the right way to go for your brand;

  • Due to TCP and GDPR compliance, SMS has not been leveraged by marketeers yet. 
  • Using the ‘DOUBLE TAP’ SMS Magic Link, SG became TCPA compliant for Transactional and Marketing Messages. 
  • Double Tap Magic Link seamlessly auto-fills and opens the text-message app for customers to opt-in. 
  • The focus is on Compliance and capturing the mobile user base that accounts for 70% of E-Commerce revenues globally.

Want to Leverage Automation with Confidence?

Our dedicated success managers are always there with you – right from framing the strategy to implementing smart automation workflows in Wigzo. Try Wigzo for FREE now and watch your e-commerce business grow! 

Aarti Yadav

Aarti Yadav

Aarti is Customer Success Manager at Wigzo Technologies. She manages 3+ customer success communities on LinkedIn and never fails to be empathetic, proactive and result-oriented towards her clients. An avid social networker, Aarti loves to sketch and paint.

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