How Amydus Cracked its Online Growth Goals with Wigzo & AdYogi?


The $11 billion online apparel industry of India is flexing its wings to soar higher. And, there has never been a better time for niche players to bet on the winning partners – and grab a big slice of this fast-growing market. 

Niche apparel brands like Amydus impact their target audience with their trendy product line and highly personalized e-commerce marketing campaigns. All this is made possible via powerful marketing automation and laser-targeted advertisement capabilities.  

In this blog, you’ll learn how Amydus cracked its online growth goals with Wigzo’s automated SMS & email campaigns and AdYogi’s strategic ad campaigns.  

Let us get going!  

Amydus’ Background

AMYDUS is a brand that caters to the very much needed demand for ready wear plus size clothing online in India. It is a niche brand that offers trendy women’s and men’s apparel in XXL, 3XL, and other in-demand sizes. From Kurtis, dresses, and bottom wear to tops, jackets, and latest fashion arrivals, Amydus sells it all through leading plus-size stores in India.

However, a niche e-tail apparel brand’s success depends upon low acquisition costs, short sales cycles, and a high customer retention rate. To uplift these metrics – the business must optimize its ad targeting, personalize engagements, and continuously re-engage customers with personalized offers. 

These, in fact, were key growth challenges for Amydus. 

These challenges were then identified as;

  1. Growing the subscribers’ list for sustainable revenue
  2. Converting subscribers into buyers and retaining them for a higher CLTV 
  3. Engaging anonymous visitors and retargeting them onsite
  4. Identification and segmentation of customers based on their purchasing behavior [high ticket spenders, low ticket spenders]

The brand’s key challenges were further divided into:

1) Marketing Automation

2) Targeted Ad Campaigns & Optimization

“This was the moment where Wigzo and AdYogi came together and handled their respective domains for Amydus’ business case. Wigzo undertook the e-commerce marketing automation, and Ad campaigns were created from scratch & optimized by AdYogi.”

Let’s see how the two e-commerce services platforms pulled-off their end of the commitment, leading to an 89% revenue jump for Amydus. 

Wigzo for Amydus

Wigzo, through its e-commerce intelligence and marketing automation tech stack for SMS and email, solving for 1) Growing Large Subscribers Base and 2) Deploying Automated SMS & Email Communication for 1:1 engagements and pushing more sales. 

Wigzo employed a unique approach for engaging the audience for Amydus. The key behind every broadcast (SMS & Email) and individual campaigns were to target those who had clicked on the SMS or Email links sent by Wigzo’s Automated campaigns in the last 30-days, 60 days, 90 days, or 180 days.   

The key winning actions by Wigzo for Amydus included;

  • Leveraging automated monthly SMS broadcasts to onboard more and more targeted subscribers and push sales.
  • Pushing offers that convert well with a ‘high-intent’ audience via automated and personalized email campaigns.
  • Implementing web push notifications for Amydus to capture anonymous site visitors and converting them into paying customers.



On the front-end, AdYogi deployed their ad campaigns to bring in qualified traffic to Amydus’ website in parallel to Wigzo’s backend integration. A key challenge for them was finding a niche audience wearing plus-size fashion and traditional apparel.

The qualified traffic driven by AdYogi streamlined Wigzo’s customer retention efforts even further – complimenting the operations for AMYDUS mutually.

AdYogi for Amydus

Getting the brand ads approved by Facebook was the first challenge for AdYogi. They had to create ads without sounding controversial or offensive in accordance with Facebook’s policies. 

AdYogi solved the 1) Niche Audience Targeting to bring in qualified prospects interested in buying plus size apparel, and 2) Ads Optimization once Facebook’s strict guidelines approved the ads. 

AdYogi’s prime focus was finding the ideal buyer persona for Amydus. The key was to expand the targeting based on existing plus-size fashion and traditional apparel buyers, strengthen brand recall and display visually impactful ads to the laser targeted audience. 

AdYogi’s ads strategy for Amydus was based on the following core pillars;

  • Targeting women between 25-45 years of age residing majorly in tier-1 cities as a large factor of them is located here. 
  • Leveraging highly engaged social media audience base for forming a lookalike audience for higher conversions.  
  • Retargeting audience with products they browsed on the website to increase brand recall and sales.
  • Promoting new and best-selling apparel collections to the engaged social media audience for boosted sales

This is How AdYogi Targeted & Optimized Ads for Amydus;

Since Amydus sells to a specific persona of apparel buyers, AdYogi optimized the ads, messaging, and creatives to create an ad-audience fit. 

  • Positive lifestyle images that inspire confidence were used in the ad creatives.
  • AdYogi’s feature for Optimized Adset Targeting helped promote Amydus’ products amongst women interested in weight-loss, freestyle, and hippy fashion. It boosted relevance and brand-awareness among a broader audience base.
  • AdYogi’s feature overlays made the products stand out from the crowd. It separated the ads from similar ones on Facebook. Price, strikethrough, and discount overlay automatically updated themselves dynamically with respect to the products.
  • Creating ads became much more comfortable with AdYogi’s Smart ads feature that uses smart rules like top-selling categories, most viewed products, new arrivals, etc., from the catalog.



Then came the moment of final truth…

Wigzo and AdYogi deployed their respective marketing automation and ad-campaign strategies for AMYDUS – and the following were the outcomes of this joint operation;

The outcome of Wigzo’s strategy

  • 150.5k Subscribers added
  • 145% increase in Transactions with a 58% increase in e-commerce conversion rate during the festive season
  • Clocking an 89% increase in revenue through SMS and Email campaigns during the festive season

The outcome of AdYogi’s strategy

  • 33% Increase in conversion rate during the festive season
  • 14% Increase in average order value (AOV) achieved
  • Average Google PPC ROAS: 16x
  • Facebook ROAS: 10x to 15x during the festive season

Amydus garnered more subscribers in a shorter time, but they also reduced their acquisition costs by optimizing campaign targeting and automating personalized customer engagements. Since then, the niche e-tail giant hasn’t budged from its usage of Wigzo as a marketing automation platform and AdYogi for all their successful campaigns. 

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Winay Bari

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