Best WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Templates to Enhance Customer Experience

WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Templates

In this day and age, customers expect immediate support. As business owners and managers, it is essential to provide 24/7 instant replies to customer queries. Many businesses use WhatsApp Business to communicate with their customers, and they often utilize the Quick Reply feature to ensure the best support around the clock. This quick message capability holds enormous value for the brands. Let’s see how e-commerce businesses can unlock the full potential of WhatsApp reply suggestions and quick reply templates. 

What is WhatsApp Quick Reply Feature (Business Account)?

WhatsApp Business is an awesome communication platform that makes it easy for brands to connect with their customers. By using default business information and pre-loaded replies with a shortcut key, businesses can save time and effort when responding to frequently asked questions. Instead of typing out long responses, team members can quickly retrieve the relevant answer with a simple press of a key using Quick Reply. It’s super convenient!

With WhatsApp emerging as a prominent communication platform in today’s digital age, the quick reply feature has become an essential component. Utilizing WhatsApp’s quick reply functionality can not only improve communication and marketing efficiency but also streamline your overall business operations. This versatile feature can be linked to other capabilities to offer a multitude of business opportunities. Here are some examples of potential opportunities:

  • Rapidly respond to frequently asked questions
  • Increase customer engagement by providing instant support
  • Automate responses to routine inquiries

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Feature

Streamline Customer Onboarding

The way your team interacts with new customers can make or break your biz. But don’t sweat it! With Quick Replies, you can customize messages for each touchpoint (websites, social media, etc.) to grab your customer’s eye and show off what makes your company unique.

Share FAQs for Customer Support

The Quick Reply messages on WhatsApp Business was designed to provide businesses with a means to instantly respond to customer queries. However, it is crucial to conduct research and identify the critical messages that are most relevant to your customers. Once these messages have been selected, they can be saved as quick replies, which can help to streamline communication and prevent customers from becoming frustrated by lengthy conversations or incorrect resolutions.

Achieve Customer Support Excellence

It’s crucial to have a consistent messaging strategy across teams, regardless of the size of your team. Quick replies for business can help reduce unforeseen human errors and incorrect resolutions, which can have a negative impact on your business.

Optimize Customer Journeys

By using well-crafted and strategically placed quick replies for business, brands can help customers make purchase decisions more quickly by providing instant answers at crucial moments, without being distracted by other offers while waiting for a response.

Provide Great After-Sales Support

Quick replies for business on WhatsApp can be an effective tool for providing after-sales support. By allowing teams to collect feedback and address customer grievances with instant resolutions, businesses can quickly solve concerns before customers turn to competitors.

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WhatsApp Quick Reply Templates for Your Business

Hey, now that we’ve checked out the cool stuff we can do with WhatsApp Business quick replies, let’s dive into some WhatsApp reply suggestions that can make your customer support game smooth as butter.

1. Greeting or welcome message for customers

Hi <Customer>, thanks for reaching out. Please provide your name and your issue/query so our team can resolve your query.

2. Availability message

Hi there, our business operates from <work hours>. Please add your query here & our team will be in touch with you as soon as we start.

Hi <Customer>, our team is currently overloaded with messages. To help us resolve your issue faster, could you please let us know your query?

3. General Business Queries

Hi, you can visit our website [Link] to know more about our products and availability. 

Hi, please review our FAQ page for common queries and questions related to our products and services – [Link].

Hello [Name], you can reach our customer support by following this link – [Link].

4. Delayed reply message

Hi <Customer>, our team is busy at the moment. Please rest assured that we’ll be in touch as soon as we are available.

Hi there <Customer>, we’re busy right now. Please send us your query & our team will respond as soon as possible.

5. Refunds and return policies

Hi <Customer>, thanks for your message. We’re currently unable to process your refund and return request. However, you can raise a formal query by contacting our grievance desk <email>.

Hi there, our team is currently busy. In case of refunds, you can check our refund & return policy at <link> and fill out the respective form to process the request immediately.

6. Abandoned Cart Reminders

Hi! We noticed that you left some items in your cart. We have saved them for you to checkout – [Link].

Hi [Name], don’t forget to complete your purchase with applied discount code – [Link].

Hi [Customer Name], we noticed you didn’t complete your order for [Product Name]. It is still available in our stock. Finish your purchase now and enjoy [Discount/Free shipping/Other incentives] on your order.

7. We don’t offer discounts

Hi there, we are sorry but we do not offer any discounts. The order value and shipping charges are fixed and non-negotiable.

Hi <customer>, we regret to inform you that we don’t offer any discounts at present. You can opt-in to our WhatsApp communications to get instant notifications of our future offers.

8. Discount and Deal Updates

Hi [Name], make your holidays even more special with our limited time offer. Use code CODE20OFF to get 20% flat off on every product now!

Hi [Name], our end of the season sale is live! Now get 50% off on our selected items. 

Hello! Our Big-Bang sale is live on our website. Checkout amazing deals and offers now – [Link].

9. Technical issues

Hi <Customer>, our team is currently unable to resolve this issue at the moment due to technical issues. We’re looking into the cause of this issue and will get back to you.

Hi there, we are currently facing a technical issue that is preventing us from accessing your order details. We will get back to you as soon as the issue is resolved.

10. Ask satisfied customers for reviews & service feedback

Hi there, we are delighted to help you with your query. I can see that you’ve recently purchased <product> from us. Would you be willing to share your product review by clicking <link>?

Hi <customer>, we hope that your query is resolved. Could you please provide a rating for our service and share your feedback at <link>?

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11. Inform about special holiday deals

Hi there, we hope that we resolved your query! Did you know that we run an annual clearance sale during this <holiday> period? Check out our latest offers by clicking here -<link>.

12. Refund notifications

Hi <customer>, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We acknowledge the issue and have started the refund process. You should receive it within <timeframe>.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your grievances. As compensation for your issues, we have processed a refund of <amount>. It will reflect in your wallet within 48 hours.

13. Booking and Order Updates

Hi <customer>, thanks for booking with us. Your Booking ID is <ID> and you can track your order through <link>.

Hi there, your purchase has been confirmed. Your product will be shipped in <time frame>. You can track your purchase through <link>.

Hi [Name], Your order is on the way. Here is the tracking link – [Link].

Hi [Name], Your order shipment is delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. You can track your order with this link – [Link].

14. Out-of-stock information

Hi there, we regret to inform you that the product is currently not in stock. Please opt-in to get a personal notification once it is back in stock.

Hi <customer>, we are sorry. The product you enquired is out-of-stock. We will restock our warehouses every week, so we kindly request you to wait till <day>.

In conclusion, the WhatsApp Business Quick Reply feature is an essential tool that can help businesses provide 24/7 instant customer support. By utilizing this feature, businesses can streamline their communication and improve their overall marketing efficiency. The Quick Replies can be used to respond rapidly to frequently asked questions, increase customer engagement, automate responses to routine inquiries, and provide excellent after-sales support.

To make the most out of the Quick Reply messages for business feature, you can leverage templates for different scenarios such as greeting messages, availability messages, refunds and return policies, technical issues, and many more. These templates can help businesses save time and effort when responding to frequently asked questions and ensure that their customers receive timely and accurate responses.

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