6 Things Shopify Merchants Need To Know About SMS Marketing


As we are living in a world where we don’t “go online”, rather we are always “online”. To leverage this, do you have any ideal winning marketing strategy for your Shopify Store?

With the advent of technology, a lot of online marketing platforms are available, But among them, SMS marketing is the most critical component of the online mobile marketing strategy for business communication.

SMS marketing is a powerful secret weapon for all Shopify merchants with a whopping 98% open rate to enhance customer relationships.

Sending myriad updates in the form of special offers, deals, and discounts to the end-users is a helpful and effective SMS approach that gives rise to a firmer relationship with the leads.

According to the recent study, Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons. (techjury.net)

SMS marketing services are becoming more popular among Shopify marketers for a simple reason: almost everybody reads their texts.

But for all the Shopify Merchants it is important to understand, sending an SMS will not work wonders unless it is rightly phrased and sent at the most suitable time.

For this, Shopify Merchants need to know about SMS marketing in-depth to evolve and engage with consumers at their most preferred communication channel.

Purpose of SMS marketing for Shopify

SMS Marketing generates a stronger engagement and communication channel with Shopify customers. 

It is a user permission-based approach that Shopify stores can use to enhance their brand awareness and boost sales. To set up SMS marketing subscription, it requires the customers to opt-in via a 5 or 6 digit code, and an option to unsubscribe or opt-out at any time.

The main objective of SMS marketing for Shopify is to engage and retain customers and build a loyalty-based relationship with them and the Shopify store. It’s also an apt platform for sharing promotional messages and notifying your customers about new products and services.


6 Boons about SMS Marketing for Shopify that Matters

Consider the following points to know how to use SMS significantly for better lead acquisition, closing rates, and customer loyalty for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store. 

Immediate Channel Available 

With a read rate of 90% within 3 minutes delivery (99firms), SMS marketing for Shopify is the most direct and immediate channel available and you can also be reassured that your time-sensitive messages will be read almost instantly.

Unlike email, a significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI and higher conversion rate for Shopify Merchants. It also supports and enhances other marketing channels like Social media or Email.

Consumers prefer to receive offers, discounts, consultations, and other promos through mobile messaging.

A highly personalized two-way SMS marketing is a direct channel to analyze consumer’s buying interests and enables them to engage with your brand, rather than just receive your offers.

Recover Lost Sales


Mobile consumers have an incredibly high cart abandonment rate at over 85.6% (Forbes). This means that if you don’t have a strong abandoned cart recovery strategy in place for your Shopify store, you will be losing out on major sales.

Traditionally cart abandonment notifications have come in the form of email but today mobile-oriented consumers will easily ignore those mails of cart abandonment.

To overpower this situation, SMS marketing for Shopify is an important approach to have a great abandoned and recovery cart flow set in place to automatically and timely remind shoppers about their waiting carts and enhance sales and drastically scale down cart abandonment.

Creating abandoned cart messages is simple and easy. The text is fully personalized along with tags, emojis, images, etc. Moreover, you can include a cart recovery link in the message that takes customers right back to the direct Shopify cart page with all items unscathed. 

It also allows consumers who may have started the checkout process on one device to complete on another.

Understand Your Customers

In today’s age of cultivated customers, ignoring a customer’s opinions at critical points of the buyer journey and further could be a very pricey mistake for your Shopify Store.

For a higher customer conversion rate, you must learn and understand more about consumer buying behavior. 

SMS with its omnipresent nature offers a simple and effective way to capture and understand customer thoughts.  

Understanding how your customers feel about the quality of your product or offers is the foremost step in evaluating the effectiveness of your Shopify store. How they choose to interact with your business post the purchase can provide valuable insights into your sales strategy.

For instance, With a deep understanding of what supplementary or follow-up services your customers would need, you could continue to delight them with customized offers, add-ons, and help better design your products.

Increase Customer Engagement

75% of customers want to engage with brands and receive offers via SMS. (Digital marketing magazine

SMS marketing has proven to be an effective platform in customer engagement and marketing strategy for many Shopify stores with its popularity among the audience.

Unlike CTR of Emails, SMS message click-through rates average 35% resulting in an incredibly effective means to communicate with current and potential customers.

You can use segmentation to send personalized SMS messages based on their recent behavior. For example, with a personalized offer or a discount, captivate a customer who hasn’t made a purchase recently, 

You can also further create personal discount codes links for the consumers so that anytime a customer clicks on a link, you can track their behavior to guide their next steps. For example, using a personal discount code while making a purchase and then sharing a triggered follow up thank you the message, and offering similar products. 

Furthermore, you can engage with your customers by using SMS polls that provide them with a platform where they can feel free to express their true opinions. It also helps customers perceive that you value their views and suggestions and that your Shopify brand is there to satisfy and serve them.

It also encourages customers to repeat their purchases or buy similar products in the future.

Automated Messaging

Automated messaging refers to the various ways you can schedule, drip, or trigger text to send SMS to customers on their own, at the accurate time you need them to.

You can automatically send text messages to your customers based on their actions & Shopify data. 

It’s one of the simplest ways for Shopify stores to keep in touch with their target audience instead of waiting by their inbox.

Once the customer segmentation is done, follow up on new purchases, abandoned shopping carts, and more triggers by activating automation templates or creating new ones. You can also include GIFs or product photos in SMS to enhance your customer engagement.

With automation, Besides you can engage, alert, and reach large audiences seamlessly within a few seconds, you can also set up tailored or triggered responses subject to each individual’s status.

For instance, send a 10% off coupon right after a subscriber opt-in, a 20% coupon after first-purchase, and a 30% off coupon after three purchases.

Tracking Customer Journey 

In SMS marketing, aside from establishing a high converting engagement channel for your Shopify store, there is one more element that is equally important to improve revenue – Tracking each step of the customer journey.

It helps Shopify stores to step into the customer’s shoes and see from the customer’s perspective. It helps Shopify brands achieve insights into how they can improve the customer experience, and define what customers, and prospective customers, need to complete a purchase.

 With segmenting your customers based on their history with your Shopify store, you can target what customers bought, how much they spent, where they came from, and much more.

It will help in increasing ROI through better targeting and more personalized messaging, uplifting sales, and entire business performance.

Final Thoughts

In today’s time, every individual has a mobile device and Shopify stores opting for SMS marketing is a great strategy to reinforce their business productivity.

Though SMS marketing is not new in practice and yet, it is still a burgeoning platform for how brands should be communicating with their customers and what leverages they can take from SMS marketing.

Few Shopify brands are still not utilizing SMS as part of their marketing strategy and are missing out on establishing direct relationships with customers and thus – sales.

According to 65% of marketers, SMS is a very effective marketing tool, it should be an integral part of every direct-to-consumer brand marketing strategy. 

If you are looking for the best SMS marketing platform for your Shopify store, try our SMS marketing and automation app, Wigzo to replace dozens of Shopify plugins with a single integrated solution.

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