Automated Text Messages: Strategies and Examples for 2022

Automated Text Messages Strategies and Examples for 2022

Although social media has emerged as a potent marketing tool over the last decade, SMS remains the most effective marketing platform. This is particularly true for e-commerce platforms, where marketers can truly leverage the potential of automated text messages.

Automated text messages lead to higher conversions by using highly personalized texts that motivate customers to take action. However, understanding and executing text message automation is often an overwhelming exercise.

But you need not worry. This article will help you understand how automated text messaging works, how it can prove beneficial to businesses, and how you can set up your automated SMS campaign for increased sales generation.

What Are Automated Text Messages?

Automated text messages are pre-written SMS messages that automatically get sent to customers if specific criteria are met. The requirements can include a schedule, a timeline, or a trigger.

Automatic text messages can help businesses reach out to their existing and potential customers with personalized messages without including any additional resources. This allows businesses to forge robust connections with their customers in a cost-effective and time-bound manner.

How Do E-commerce Companies Use Automated Text Messages?

Businesses across different verticals use text message automation as a powerful marketing tool. However, using it in the e-commerce industry is especially fruitful because it provides personalized experiences throughout the customer’s buying journey.

Here are a few ways e-commerce brands can leverage automated text messages to their benefit.

  • Getting customer reviews
  • Reaching out to customers with special offers
  • Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  • Raising awareness around sales
  • Reminding clients about appointments

Regardless of the purpose of using automated text messages, one of the significant advantages of creating a campaign for automated text messages is that it can deliver results straight away.

Examples of Automated Text Messages

Coming up with automated messages can be challenging because you need to make them precise and engaging at the same time to drive your customers to make a purchase. However, if you manage to get it right, these automated text messages can significantly contribute to your platform’s traffic and sales.

Here are some examples of effective automated text messages that you can refer to while crafting your pre-written marketing messages.

Personalized Discounts

Hi (customer’s name)! It’s (your brand’s name). Your code for 10% off is (Code). Shop with us now at (website link). Got any questions? Text us at (contact number).

Special Offers

HURRY, ONLY FOUR HOURS LEFT! Get 50% off on your entire order at (your brand’s name)—use Code: (Code) at checkout. The sale ends TONIGHT at (time). 

Sale Notification

Our best offer just got even better. Buy a (product name) and receive (another product name) as a gift. Seriously! Click this (link) to access now.

Order Confirmation

Hello (customer’s name), thanks for shopping at (your brand’s name). You can track your order at (link).

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Hi (customer’s name)! The items in your cart miss you. Believe us; these will look awesome on you! Treat yourself and enjoy free shipping. Just enter (Code) at checkout. 

5-Step Strategy for Sending Automated Texts to Customers

Initially, using SMS as a messaging medium may seem like a Herculean task, but you will have a dependable communication system once your automation is well set up. This will allow you to communicate with your clients personally in a time-bound manner. 

Follow these five strategies for setting up automated text messages for your business. 

1. Discounts and Sales


Everyone loves discounts and good sales. The most effective way of leveraging automated texts in your marketing strategy is to invite your website visitors to become the first ones to hear about your promotions by subscribing to your SMS service. Your loyal customers would always like to be kept in the loop every time you have any such offer coming up.

2. SMS for New Product Release

SMS for New Product Release

Notify your customers about any new products or collections that you have. This strategy will come in handy for brands with a limited inventory and go for a complete sell-out during the launch of any new product. This will let your customers know about any new arrivals that you may have any time soon, and they can immediately head to your platform to lay their hands on those products.

3. Post-purchase Follow-ups


Curate an automated text message for customers who have shopped from you to follow up with them. These messages can contain any specific instructions regarding the product’s use that they must stick to after they have purchased the product from you. If you have no special instructions to share with them, your automated follow-up texts can keep them informed about their shipping status so that they can collect it as soon as their package arrives.

4. VIP/Loyalty Program Notifications

Loyalty Program SMS

Focus on earning customer loyalty from your VIP customers by sending them automated messages regarding special offers, sales, and discounts. These messages should make the customers feel valued and believe that they are placed a notch higher than the rest of your clientele.

Your automated messages to VIP clients can include a small thank you note and give them first access to new products and collections.

5. Back-in-stock Notifications

Back-in-stock SMS

Your customers can opt for a massage service that notifies them when their favorite products are back in stock. You can club this strategy with your VIP program strategy by sending your VIPs an SMS a few hours before you send it to the rest of your customers.

Wrapping Up

Automated text messages have emerged as an effective marketing tool for all businesses. But e-commerce brands can benefit from it, particularly given the highly personalized marketing strategies that e-commerce brands have to adapt to stay ahead. It plays a crucial role in sales generation, creating excellent customer experiences. And all you need to do is find an exemplary service with effective features.

Still confused about how you can leverage automated text messages for your e-commerce brand? Sign up for Wigzo’s free trial now and start sending automated text messages today.

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