Facebook Pay – Facebook wants you to pay people on Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp


Drum Roll! Facebook launches a new payment service. Here are special features of Facebook Pay

On Tuesday, 13th November 2019, Facebook launched its own payment platform Facebook Pay, like other tech giants Google and Apple. In a blog written on the Facebook official website, it said “The service is aimed to make payments across Facebook and its partner apps Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram easier. 

So we have brought to you all about Facebook’s new service Facebook Pay. Tighten your seat belt for the amazing information on how to use Facebook’s latest feature.

Follow the given below steps to get started

Step 1– Go to the official website or app and click on Settings. 

Step 2– Click on the Facebook Pay option

Step 3– Select Mode of Payment

After making your first payment you are all set to make a payment from Facebook Pay. Now all you have to do is whenever you make the payment make sure you use Facebook Pay. It is compatible with most debit and credit cards along with other payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. 

Worried about security in the application? Don’t worry! A user will get the option fo setting a pin or to use the biometrics of their mobile for authentication.

Heard how facebook extracts the data of their users and might do the same with Facebook Pay?  In the blog, facebook also mentioned this and said: “it does not receive or store your device’s biometric information.”

It also reveals how Facebook is designed to perform anti-fraud monitoring to recognize unauthorized activity and send notifications. 

Wondering where can you use the Facebook Pay app

Facebook, as well as Instagram, allows users to buy and sell products on their platforms. As most of you know that Facebook has its own Marketplace and Instagram’s shopping feature has a huge customer base. Also, the user will be able to pay for in-game purchases on facebook and ay for donations and other campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 

Note: The blog tells that “Facebook will be collecting the data such as transaction date, billing and shipping and contact details from Facebook Pay and accordingly, will send the users a customized advertisement.”

Facebook Pay will be launched in the USA by the end of this week. Although it remains suspense on when will Facebook launch  Facebook Pay in India. 

Zaujan Baig

Zaujan Baig

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