How Yogya Online Power Launched with 9%+ Conversion Rate with Wigzo

How Yogya Online Power Launched with 9 percent Conversion Rate

Every day, more and more people are starting to shop for their groceries online. But with the competition out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why every online grocery brand needs a marketing automation strategy!

These days, most of your customers will come from other channels like Facebook or Google Ads. So how do you make sure that they find your website?

You’ll want to use marketing automation platforms like Wigzo so that they can discover, interact, and buy from your brand.

This is exactly what Yogya Online did to achieve exemplar online sales success in Indonesia.


Yogya Online launched its online store 3 years ago and has now powered it by automated push, on-site nudge, and email marketing to acquire new subscribers and get the much-needed sales traction with Wigzo.

Yogya Online’s Business Background

Yogya Group operates one of the biggest supermarkets in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. After garnering respectable offline brand recognition in West Java, Yogya Group decided to expand its footprint online. They started their online business 3 years ago via their website 

What were the brand’s Growth Challenges?

While making a brand new transition to Digital Marketing, Yogya Online did not have many resources to spare on their campaigns. Moreover, the supermarket brand ran too many promotions on any given day, and managing all of them manually over different channels wasn’t possible. 

With too many products in the inventory, too many daily offers, and limited resources, the brand needed a single solution to achieve its growth objectives. 

Growth Objectives for Yogya Online

Owing to the resource constraints, the brand’s scope of growth included the following;

  • Grow their subscribers’ list through marketing automation
  • Have an excellent platform support team to compensate for limited digital marketing resources
  • Converting subscribers into buyers and maximizing the lifetime value (CLTV) from all of them
  • Engaging on-site visitors contextually to grow subscribers’ lists and grow sales

These growth objectives were specific enough to devise a sound digital marketing and customer retention strategy. 

How did Wigzo’s Marketing Automation Fulfil YO’s Growth Objectives?

To fulfill online customer acquisition and sales conversions for Yogya Online, Wigzo stepped in with its proven marketing automation tech stack. Team Wigzo and a dedicated success manager for Yogya Online executed the following channel campaigns;

  • Personalized push notifications for faster subscriber list growth
  • A smart on-site nudge to drive more users to check out faster
  • Email marketing automation to recover abandoned carts and broadcast promotions

The idea was to capture as many subscribers as possible once they landed on the website

Push notifications proved to be ideal for growing this list over which personalized offers and deals would be triggered to bring in faster sales. For further engagement, custom drag-and-drop automation flows were created to engage the customers as per their individual journeys (for instance, greetings pop-up to new customers, cart recovery emails to those who abandoned their cart, and so on.)

Example of an Automation Flow Used by Wigzo for Yogya Online


Below is the simple breakdown of the given automation flow (a real-world example) 


Marks the ‘Start’ event when the visitor first visits YogyaOnline.


As soon as the visitor lands on the site, a custom nudge message is triggered. It can be a discount deal, offer, or a subscription form. Below is an example of an onsite Nudge pop-up for Yogya Online to capture push subscribers.



A custom delay between the onsite nudge pop-up and the next browser push trigger. This can range anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour. Best results are seen with a 10-20 minutes delay. 

Browser Push

If the user opts-in for web push as offered by the Nudge message above, they will be notified with the push notifications whenever they log onto the site via the same browser with a desktop. This is a great way to push more sales with offers, deals, and cart-recovery nudges. 

What was Yogya Online’s ROI Upon Implementing Marketing Automation?

Initially, despite the inflow of targeted traffic, lack of engagement ate away Yogya Online’s sales conversions. The solution was to engage users with push notifications, on-site nudge, and email reminders. 

Once Wigzo’s marketing automation stack was implemented by the brand, it achieved an average conversion rate of 5.14% after deploying the push, on-site nudge, and WhatsApp campaigns via Wigzo. 

The on-site nudge campaign alone resulted in a fantastic 9.36% e-commerce conversion rate – a much higher feat than the average industry standards. Although, the push campaign performed better vis-a-vis the total number of transactions. 

Conversion and Revenue Bottomline for Yogya Online

Post integrating Wigzo over their e-commerce website, Yogya Online witnessed a massive upturn in the total number of transactions and revenue. The business garnered an average e-commerce conversion rate (till date) of 3.13%, in addition to 8,006 online transactions!

Yogya Online’s Growth Feats

Just one month after implementing Wigzo’s AI-driven marketing automation for its e-commerce marketing, Yogya Online observed the following growth results;

  • 3k New subscribers via personalized Push Notifications
  • 1.4k New subscribers through Email
  • 1.5k New subscribers added to direct Contact Number List
  • Total 5.9k new subscribers added after implementing Wigzo’s automation
  • 9.36% Maximum e-commerce conversion rate
  • 8,006 Orders garnered via automated marketing campaigns

“The total transaction volume for Yogya Online jumped by 102.6% after deploying automation along with digital marketing campaigns.”

Yogya Online’s Thoughts on Marketing Automation

So glad we found Wigzo as our vendor for helping us to provide push notification to our customers. Wigzo is our solution to give customers messages/notifications to have a more intensive engagement with our website and products. All the channels and the insight are awesome. Easy to integrate into the e-commerce business. Should try! 

Stenny Berty, CMO, Yogya Online

Your turn to skyrocketing your online sales…

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Power up your online marketing and sales with the best-in-class AI automation platform. 

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