Write A Push Notification Copy That Converts: 8 Stellar Copywriting Techniques


Push notifications have made a name for themselves in the field of digital marketing. Today, it is almost impossible for any business – irrespective of size and industry – to not include the push strategy in their overall marketing plan and engage with their audience using push messages.

We have written a lot on push notifications in the last several months and our focus has been primarily on engaging the consumers with the right messaging and offer. As cliche as it may sound, personalization is the key to a high customer engagement rate.


But is that it? Nope – you also have to ensure the words you choose and the tone you apply strike a chord your target market. Web push notifications help you reach customers and prospects anywhere in the online spectrum. Here are eight examples of push notification copies that convert and how:


1) Encourage, don’t discourage – 12 Minute Athlete

Everyone likes to use different apps to log their workouts & track their progress in the health and fitness department. But if the same app starts sending judgemental or shaming messages, it is a big turn off. 12 Minute Athlete, for instance, lets users schedule their own workout reminders and when it’s time for a workout, it sends an encouraging message like this:


The same tip applies to dating and online shopping platforms. The messaging should revolve around asking them if they’d want to get back. This will remind them to once again engage with the brand.

2) Get your customers excited – Kayak

The travel search site lets its users set their own notification criteria on the basis of flight tickets, dates of travel, popular tourist destinations, etc. The user receives a push message every time there’s a drop in the price for any of those. This is to catch their attention before their focus shifts on some other online store.


3) Know where your customers are – Mr. Button

According to a 2015 Localytics report, 34% of survey takers responded to a location-based discount offer. If your website also has a physical store and the prospective buyer happens to be in the vicinity, shoot a quick message to nudge an action out of him or her. And it can be just for a simple meet up! Mr. Button does that.


4) Educate your customers – The Washington Post

The number one reason for anyone to subscribe to push is to stay educated. And if a brand is able to send the most relevant messages to its reader base in real-time and educate them on the news as it’s happening – the purpose is served. The Washington Post, Inc42, BBC, etc. are some of the news sites that follow this technique.


5) Strike an emotional chord – The Bump

The Bump is a baby website that goes the extra mile and makes pregnancy fun for mums-to-be. The message below is cute and adorable and would move any expecting mothers to tears! Which mom wouldn’t want to know what size her baby is now? An emotional message can go a long way in converting a loyal customer.


6) Help your customers – Apt App

Helping your customer base is not restricted to only discounts and coupon codes. Sometimes it goes beyond that and can even be motivational in nature. Wellness and medical brands can take a note or two from Apt App – an appointment scheduling platform.

Going to the dentist is scary but the message lets the user know that his or her pain or fear is understood, and there are good things waiting just around the corner – in this case – a lollipop!


7) Promote new services, create hype – Amazon

Amazon really knows how to promote a worthy moment. When it introduced Advanced Amazon Package Tracking, it sent a push notification to its subscribers informing them about the latest feature. But – here’s a catch. Instead of filling in the customers with the boring technical details, it gave them the option to “learn more” or “dismiss”.

Once again it made sure that customer convenience came first before everything else; and at the same time it created hype about its new feature.

8) Re-engage with your customers – QuizUp

Everyone has played QuizUp – a mobile trivia game – at some or the other point in their lives. Sure – it is addictive but once you lose interest – it is difficult to strike back. QuizUp knows that which is why its push messaging is bang on – it re-engages with its customers with pizza. That’s right!


This is a good approach but can get repetitive from a customer’s point of view. But there’s no harm in trying once and get a high acquisition rate. This is a slightly twisted reactivation message as compared to “Hey, we missed you” – which is plain and boring.

Over to you

Web push notifications ensure the consumers in your target market stay engaged and keep actively interacting with your brand so as to increase their chances of conversions.

So what are you waiting for? You know what to do!


Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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