Wigzo Rewind – Key highlights from 2022

The year 2022 has been incredible. It was a year of innovation and remarkable outcomes to help the e-commerce industry soar. 

As we wind up, let’s pause for a moment and turn back the pages to relive the major highlights of a very rewarding year that 2022 was! 

On the same ship – The Acquisition

2022 started with a bang! From a simple email marketing tool to joining Shiprocket’s house of brands, Wigzo’s journey has been no less than surreal. In January 2022, e-commerce logistics provider and enablement firm Shiprocket acquired a 75% stake in Wigzo for an undisclosed amount. The post-acquisition course for both companies has ensured the best outcomes.

The strong partnership has successfully resolved the e-commerce industry’s challenges and is continuously on the innovation path to creating more opportunities for India’s D2C genre.

The dawn of D2CVerse

2022 saw the advent of D2CVerse. Our initiative was to weave a well-knitted community of D2C entrepreneurs, experts, enablers and investors. There was just one aim to connect, learn and grow together, and reshape the growth trajectory of D2C space to take it towards sustainability and scalability.

This year, we successfully wrapped three chapters of D2CVerse held in – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. It was inventive, collaborative and mind-boggling. To make this D2C community bigger and stronger, we are excited to project the next wave of D2CVerse to more places in 2023. So, if you are a D2C entrepreneur, marketing professional, agency owner, or venture capitalist, this is your club. Welcome home.

Fluenco – Stepping into the UGC age

In 2022, we changed the narrative and embraced the power of user-generated content. After months of hard work and dedication, we built a one-of-kind UGC growth platform, Fluenco. With an aim to empower brands to harness peer-generated product reviews posted on social media and allow them to tap into more sales with word-of-mouth referrals, we introduced the world to Fluenco. 

The UGC growth platform has been designed to eliminate the hassle of collaborating with influencers and paying them hefty sums of money. Influencer marketing has lost its vogue, and after its prime years, consumers are over it. Fluenco allows brands to go beyond influencers and drive customers to create content for free. 

Any post your customers shared about how much they loved your product could bring more customers. Fluenco lets you connect with such customers, analyse their posts thoroughly and reward them to incentivise more purchases and earn their trust. Fluenco is indeed a WIN-WIN! 


An amazing year in product

2022 was the year when Wigzo emerged as D2C’s first retention engine. We developed new features and strengthened the product for the holistic growth of e-commerce businesses by fostering a strong data culture, optimising conversions and enhancing customer retention. 

With the continual evaluation of our product and innovation, Wigzo is on a mission to build sustainable, scalable & successful D2C brands.

Not without our partners

Every win is the result of collaboration. 2022 was the year of partnerships. We joined forces with leading businesses that cater to the e-commerce industry and contribute significantly to e-commerce growth. These partnerships have allowed us to bridge the gap in expertise and knowledge and streamline growth for our clients. 

Some of the leaders that we partnered with this year were – FarziEngineer, ROI Magnet, Velocity, Klub, Nector, GetVantage, Upriver Ecommerce Private Limited, NYBACS, Xena Intelligence, EasyEcom, Dyrect, Shopflo and ReferralCandy.

Humans of Wigzo

All these successes could not have been possible without our passionate team. This year, we grew from a small team to a crew of developers, designers, nerds and world-class problem solvers who hit the road and make us better every day. This continuous hustle has propelled us from a one-man show to a fast-growing torchbearer in the e-commerce world. 

2022 has been a year of innovations and growth. We are excited about the new chapter and aim to make 2023 even bigger and better and revolutionise the e-commerce industry.

Anshika Singh

Anshika Singh

An economist by degree and content writer by choice, she is currently working as a content marketing writer at Wigzo Technologies. In her spare time, she loves to binge-watch and spend time with her dogs. Linkedin

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