Wigzo’s E-commerce Automation: These 3 E-Tailers Prove The Platform’s Capabilities

Wigzo E-commerce Automation

There is no denying that online shopping has taken over the world.

People have started making purchases on the internet because it is way more convenient and offers better value for money. This shift in consumer behavior, according to statistics from Shopify has resulted in an astounding growth of E-commerce. This year alone, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.28 trillion!

If you want to keep up with the trends, then you probably need to employ e-commerce marketing automation sooner rather than later.

This is what these 3 leading e-commerce niche brands did. In this blog post, we will see how these e-tailers leveraged Wigzo’s Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation Capabilities to garner unparalleled growth.

Let us get started!

Sniper Gang & Wigzo’s Double-tap SMS Technology


Snipergang is an Apparel Shopify Store associated with Kodak Black and Sells Official Licensed Merchandise. With 4k to 30k monthly traffic, they are home to Niche audiences buying the Official Merchandises of Kodak Black.

The old conversion rate of Snipergang was not satisfactory. COVID-19 Crisis made the number of visitors go down, and because that happened, their revenue dipped by 16%. The new customer sign-ups were less than 1% which is very low considering all other marketing efforts they put in place to bring more customers.

SG apparel wanted something unique to curb this challenge – a new channel that can get more high-intent subscribers with minimal effort. The aim was to garner these subscribers quickly to convert them faster and nurture them for loyalty. 

Wigzo’s Solution

To alleviate SG Apparel’s falling revenue, Wigzo implemented; 

  • Patented Double Tap SMS technology (SMS Magic Link) to grow the new customer acquisitions list faster. 
  • Strategic discount coupon offers for all the subscribed customers. 

Why Wigzo SMS Magic Link?


  • Firstly, it is a simple link that can be placed on any digital channel. 
  • Secondly, it drastically cuts down the subscriber onboarding time to boost conversions – i.e., 3 seconds vs. the usual 45 seconds (a major conversion killer). 

Team Wigzo and SGA created different Magic link campaigns. The links were placed on Sniper Gang’s official Instagram handle and broadcasted via text messages. Interested users would simply click this link and redirect to the pre-populated SMS text screen on their smartphone device. 

With another tap, they could quickly provide consent and subscribe to the brand by sending that pre-filled SMS with another tap. 

That is all! 

Results for Sniper Gang

  • 126K + Subscribers added
  • 121% Revenue uplift in just 20 days (April 2020)
  • 13%+ CTR achieved

Yogya Online & Wigzo’s Full Automation Stack


Yogya Group operates one of the biggest supermarkets in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. After garnering respectable offline brand recognition in West Java, Yogya Group decided to expand its footprint online. They started their online business 3 years ago via their website yogyaonline.co.id. 

While making a brand new transition to Digital Marketing, Yogya Online did not have many resources to spare on their campaigns. Moreover, the supermarket brand ran too many promotions on any given day, and managing all of them manually over different channels wasn’t possible. 

Yogya Online wanted to;

  • Grow their subscribers’ list through marketing automation
  • Have excellent platform support due to lack of digital marketing resources
  • Converting subscribers into buyers and maximizing CLTV from all of them
  • Engaging on-site visitors contextually to grow subscribers’ lists and grow sales

Wigzo’s Solution

To fulfill online customer acquisition and sales conversions for Yogya Online, Wigzo stepped in with its proven marketing automation tech stack. Team Wigzo and dedicated success manager for Yogya Online deployed the following;

  • Personalized push notifications for faster subscriber list growth
  • Smart on-site nudge to drive more users to checkout faster
  • Email marketing automation to recover abandoned carts and broadcast promotions

Post the implementation of custom automation flows, targeted campaigns, and high conversion lead funnels, Yogya Online saw the following results.

Results for Yogya Online

Yogya Online achieved an average conversion rate of 5.14% after deploying the push, on-site nudge, and WhatsApp campaigns via Wigzo. 

The on-site nudge campaign alone resulted in a fantastic 9.36% e-commerce conversion rate – a much higher feat compared to the average industry standards. Although, the push campaign performed better vis-a-vis the total number of transactions. 

Smart Medical Buyer & Wigzo’s Opt-in Push Notifications


Smart Medical Buyer (also known as SMB) is an Indian e-commerce brand that sells Medical Products, Medical Instruments, Medical Equipment, and accessories online. SMB deals in multi-brand surgical items and medical products at highly competitive prices.

Despite their popularity, customer retention was becoming tough for smartmedicalbuyer.com. They wished to convert their website visitors into subscribers, build their own first-party customer database, and boost sales conversion rate via personalized customer engagements.

Wigzo’s Solution

Wigzo’s marketing automation aligned opt-ins and personalized engagements with SMB’s sales pipeline. This was achieved via Web Push Browser Notifications, On-site Nudge, Emails, and SMS channels.

SMB used Wigzo’s Opt-in Notifications to grow its subscribers base, send them updates, offers, and personalized nudge communication like welcome offers and recovering abandoned carts.

Smart Medical Buyer saw a rapid addition to the subscribers’ list since they could onboard them without asking for their contact information. Customers who added the products but left without making a purchase were recalled by cart abandonment notifications over SMS, Email & WhatsApp

Moreover, using smart behavioral insights, SMB was able to send personalized engagements to its customers. 

Smart Medical Buyer began by creating smart customer segmentation based on their purchase and behavioral data. These segments/clusters were then targeted with personalized communications – including offers, product recommendations, etc. 

Based on the products a visitor showed interest in or interacted with, Wigzo helped SMB create smart segments of their audience.

With Wigzo, SMB then sent 1:1 personalized notifications to its segmented customers – like Web Browser Push and Onsite notifications. For e.g. targeting those that left without Completing a purchase. 

Through Wigzo’s smart dashboard, SMB optimized its customer segments, customer journey, communication, and online engagement. The simple drag-and-drop automation flows helped them automate any content on any channel.

Results for SMB

  • 112% Boost in Overall Conversions
  • 43% Increase in online transactions
  • 68% Revenue Jump

Your turn…

Wigzo is a no-code customer data platform with e-commerce marketing automation capabilities.

Its AI-based automation engine, native analytics, smart customer segmentation, and omnichannel personalization workflows allow e-commerce marketers to acquire, convert, and retain more customers than ever before. 

See how it can grow your e-commerce enterprise and add massive value to your operations. Take Wigzo for a FREE spin now!

Parth Kapoor

Parth Kapoor

Parth is a computer science graduate from the University of Delhi. He is a Manager - Customer Success at Wigzo and having over 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and SaaS industry. In his spare time, you will find him reading about the latest tech and playing games.

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