Why Shopify Users Should Adopt The Web Push Strategy Sooner Rather Than Later


The eCommerce industry is huge right now. In the last several years, it has managed to spread its wings across many industries such as retail, pharma, real estate, education, etc. No wonder, consumers today are spoiled for choice as they not only have multiple online stores to shop from but also have the liberty to shop with just a few clicks or taps on the screen.

The convenience of mobiles and tablets has enabled the consumers to research about different products and services, compare prices and make a purchase rather quickly. In India, for instance, the retail eCommerce sales is on a rise. As you can see in the chart given below, the sales show a steady growth from 2015 to 2021 (in billion USD).



According to Statista.com, the B2C eCommerce sales are expected to touch $1.5 trillion by 2018 globally! Since we are just 8 months away from entering 2018, we can’t help but be awed with the magnitude of the eCommerce industry. Needless to say, the future of eCommerce is shining bright!


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Meet the eCommerce Boss: Shopify

If you specialize in this industry (in whichever capacity), you would know about Shopify. It is a popular eCommerce platform that allows businesses to sell online or at a retail location, and at times, on both mediums.


As of March 2017, Shopify has an overall ranking of 10/10, according to ecommerce-platform.com.  Since it is a pretty recent listing and it also involves other big contenders such as Bigcommerce and BigCartel, one can easily conclude that Shopify is truly the go-to platform for all eCommerce businesses.



Now as a business owner, you must have already completed the first step of becoming a user on Shopify to run your online store. Unfortunately, that is not enough. You may have a user-friendly website with an easy checkout process. Your email marketing and social media may be on point.

You may be able to get new customers on board but you are forgetting about one important marketing tactic that is going to enable you to boost customer loyalty and boost sales.

Ever heard of “web push”?

We agree that mobile is the preferred eCommerce device but let’s not forget that the desktop still accounts for 42% of the total internet time. This is the reason why we are going to discuss the importance for Shopify users to adopt the web push strategy at the earliest.


You see – the probability of selling something to a returning customer is 60-70% more as compared to selling it to a prospect. You can actually grow your business through repeat customers by asking for referrals, offering them fancy discounts and doing other promotional stuff they would ACTUALLY be interested in.

But before we move further, we must touch upon an element which, when combined with the push strategy, will give phenomenal results.

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Personalization is prime

All aspects of sales must adopt personalization. Today, no one wants to be approached with a generic messaging. Nobody wants to be treated as just “one of the consumers” in the market. Today, businesses have to walk the extra mile to make the potential customers realize they are just as important and their demands will be met – no matter what!

Similar is the case with repeat customers. Just because they made a purchase from your online store once doesn’t mean they can be taken for granted. They also need to be re-engaged from time-to-time via different mediums.

Mix personalization & web push

Thankfully, with personalized web push notifications, it is possible to not only to re-engage them but also boost the overall sales and build customer loyalty. According to Wigzo, a marketing automation suite, businesses have seen a 33% increase in the conversions of cart-abandoning customers, and a 29% better engagement with personalized notifications.


Here, desktop certainly seems to be doing better in terms of engaging the customers through the push strategy. Here are four reasons why Shopify users must adopt the web push strategy sooner rather than later:

1. Web push can help Shopify users reduce cart abandonment rates

Shopify users can encourage revisits to their websites by a “re-targeted messaging”. Cart abandonment is a huge problem in eCommerce and this kind of messaging can bring back the distracted buyers back to the website.

push notification 6

2. Web push can help Shopify users keep the customers informed

With the right kind of messaging, you can even sell those products that are similar to the purchase made by the customers previously. You can even promote the products they initially showed interest in, so that they are nudged to finally make the purchase.

3. Web push can help Shopify users give customers a reason to shop

Whether it is a flash sale or an on-going discount deal – customers can be notified of such exciting offers through web push notifications. This tactic works effectively to drive overall sales and keep the customers on their toes.


Alternatively, use the power of push to notify the customers of New Arrivals. Hey – everyone loves to get their hands on the latest products! Update them about this. Nudge them to quickly take a look at your new range.

The same strategy applies with price dips. If their favourite product’s price drops, let them know about it via a push notification.

4. Web push can help Shopify users increase their own brand’s credibility

Social proof always helps. For instance, if a customer “liked” a product or left a product in the shopping cart, you can send a push message to him saying that “10 other shoppers bought XYZ product”. Once you let the messaging go out there, it would get stuck in their mind – and who knows, they might actually complete the purchase!

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Give Wigzo a shot

Of course! Wigzo can help you drive conversions by letting the businesses interact in a totally personalized way. We will also offer all the technical support and insight you would need to be able to execute a push strategy effectively.

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Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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