Why Every eCommerce Business Needs Facebook Messenger Marketing


In the eCommerce landscape, the concept of shopping is evolving. The buying cycles are much shorter; the number of induced repeat sales are much more. The way eCommerce stores sell these days is more aggressive!


Because consumers are spoiled for choice. If they don’t like brand A, they will use brand X in a matter of seconds. Moreover, they don’t want to be talked at by brands anymore; instead they seek to have a conversation with them.

Chat  tools  more  popular  than  apps

At one point, mobile apps did offer the opportunity to keep the customers informed and induce them to make a purchase via push. However, the app boom is over ,with download rate going significantly down since 2016.

Mobile sessions are shorter; so obviously, brands have to exploit other digital touch points to stay engaged with their target customers. And what better than a messenger to be in constant contact?

The communication solution brings a completely new user experience, especially to mobile.

According to Gartner, eCommerce -driven mobile revenue will surge by 50% by the end of this year. This isn’t surprising at all given how well eBay leverages this technology.

eBay’s ShopBot (yup, it has a name!) helps the website visitors make a purchase on the basis of their preferences. It toggles between suggested items filtered by price to finding popular items on the e-store. It claims to be as effortless as chatting with a friend in Facebook Messenger.


The technology used by eBay is quite advanced; they have built a tool that is specifically for their users. However, if you are just starting off with a chat tool, then give a shot at using the FB Messenger.

Facebook  is  revolutionizing  the  online  shopping  experience

No, seriously. It is! You will be surprised to know that Facebook has the highest conversion rate. If 2% of all traffic on the eCommerce websites comes from social networks, then the social media giant has to be a huge contributor.


Speaking of stats: Facebook has 1.936 billion monthly users ; its messenger is used by 1.2 billion active users on a monthly basis (Q1 2017). Now, let us explore why eCommerce should now put FB messenger to good use:

1)  To  offer discount codes  and  coupons

Everyone loves to buy their favourite products at a discount. You can inform your customers about an ongoing sale or time-bound coupon codes and instigate them to buy something from you quickly.

Since the conversation takes place on the messenger, it is a lot easier for the customer to get more information on the product (s)he that’s on sale.

2)  To  upsell  or  cross-sell

Since you would already have the customer’s browsing and purchase history along with location, you can make appropriate suggestions. Of course, upselling and cross-selling are not that easy especially when the customer is hell-bent on buying what needs to be bought. Don’t get too pushy though. There’s nothing worse than an angry customer!


3)  To  accelerate   buying  process

The Facebook messenger can act as a virtual shopping assistant and can help your buyer pick out the right choice. You can discuss new trends or notify about the new stock that has just come – basically entice the customer.

This is also an ideal platform to reduce the cart abandonment rate. You can remind the almost-customer about a product left in the shopping cart.


Alternatively, if the products you sell are laced with complexities such as multiple specifications, then it is best to redirect the interested person to your website so that the purchase process can be completed.

4)  Handle  queries,  complaints  and requests

Did you know you can lose as many as 15% of your customers if you ignore their requests on social media? And businesses that do respond to social queries can grow by 20-40% ! For immediate assistance, the Facebook Messenger is perfect.


A quick solution will always calm an irritable customer and since they are already so spoiled for choice, it is best for eCommerce stores to keep up on their toes via Facebook.

5)  Delivery  shipping  notifications

So a customer has bought from you? Congrats! Now keep him or her informed about the status of the delivery. Whether it is a paid order or cash on delivery, a customer that’s constantly updated will be more inclined to be loyal to you.


In fact, if a delivery does get delayed by any chance, you won’t get angry email or a phone call blasting your after-sales officer. Wherever the delivery has reached, use the Messenger to informed on the same.

Is  starting  the  conversation  the  trick?

In this time and age, an efficient customer service is necessary not only post-sale but also pre-sale! There are practically, thousands of eCommerce stores coming into being and the only way to last in the market, is to keep your consumers engaged.

And what’s a better channel than Facebook Messenger, where they already spend a few hours every day?

Facebook messenger marketing is slowly becoming the most efficient way to start a conversation with consumers, keep them hooked to what your store has to offer and nurture them towards a sale – minus the noise on their feed, on a regular day.

Do you think the messenger will change eCommerce marketing in 2018?

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha Bhargava

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