4 Best Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Ideas for E-commerce

Best Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

The success of any brand largely depends on its marketing team. There are multiple ways by which companies market their products and brand to create an enhanced and influential awareness amongst the customers or the target audience. 

A decade ago, marketing strategies were mostly built around emails and printed brochures. With time, and a revolution in messaging, strategies evolved and now we live in the era of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one the most popularly used messaging applications by both Android and iOS users – with over 2 billion of them present on the platform. 

One of the most important features of WhatsApp that has made it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it does not charge its users any extra money to send or receive texts. This is what makes it an excellent marketing platform too.

If you are looking to leverage the potential of this messaging app for your e-commerce business but coming up short on WhatsApp marketing ideas, you will want to read on as we dive into the four best WhatsApp campaigns to inspire you.

Check out these four best WhatsApp marketing ideas that will help you promote your business with much ease.

1. Send Transactional Messages


Once a customer has purchased with your brand, you must keep them posted on all the further procedures and notify them about every single step. As a brand, you can send texts to the customers or send them emails. But their chances of getting ignored or going unread are higher. 

You could try incorporating WhatsApp into your strategy instead. Use WhatsApp to send these notifications and texts to the customers. Whatsapp texts have a higher probability of being opened. This means that your messages are more likely to reach your customers. However, you must ensure that your messages are relevant to your target audience. Just like emails, send your customers WhatsApp texts reassuring them about it as soon as they’ve made a purchase.

2. Send Promotional Messages


Most brands have mobile applications that can be downloaded on smartphones and be used to improve the customer experience. When customers download these applications, they can easily receive notifications from these brands about their products or suggestions.

Many popular OTT platforms have begun sending notifications to their customers via WhatsApp to inform them about the new shows that are about to be released. Similarly, you can send promotional messages via WhatsApp to your customers informing them about your e-commerce brand. You can further supplement this with vouchers, referral points, and shopping coupons to drive sales and engagement.

3. Provide Real-Time Customer Support

If a customer has an issue or a query regarding anything, all they can do is either send the brand an email or try connecting over a telephonic conversation with a customer care executive. Most of the time, the executives are busy serving other customers and not every customer gets proper attention. 

However, WhatsApp allows brands to send and receive messages from their customers without a lengthy drafted text. Customers also find it easier and more comfortable to text their query to the brand over WhatsApp than email it or be on hold while they’re connected to a customer care executive.

You can employ chatbots to offer 24×7 real-time customer support to your customers. This will make the process hassle-free for your customers while allowing you to focus on improving your business and driving sales.

4. Set Cart Abandonment Reminders


Many times after having worked hard to rope in a customer all through your sales funnel, the customer gives you hopes by adding products to their cart, and right when you’re expecting them to go ahead with the purchase, they abandon their cart. Cart abandonment is a common issue for various e-commerce websites trying to sell their products to clients.

Many websites try to send notifications to their clients to revisit their cart and keep reminding them of the products waiting for them in their cart. Websites send these notifications to the customers via their mobile applications or texts. Unfortunately, both these ways of messaging have high chances of getting ignored by the customers.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is a strong tool in the hands of brands and e-commerce websites. It helps them to send reminders to the customers about their abandoned carts and make sure that they do not stay away from them for long. Once the customers are reminded of their cart, they visit it, and the chances of the purchase being accomplished increase.

The Takeaway

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications that is being used across the globe to send and receive texts. The popularity of this application has encouraged several brands to use it as a part of their marketing strategies and yield better results.

WhatsApp gives you and your business a platform to connect and interact with customers outside your business website. With millions of consumers using the messaging app daily, WhatsApp has gone on to become one of the best marketing tools for any business. 

Regardless of whether you are a startup trying to save on customer service costs or an established business with big-ticket items for sale and customers who need clarification from time to time – WhatsApp is a tool that you must have in your arsenal.

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Kaberi Gogoi

Kaberi Gogoi

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