5 Good Reasons To Use WhatsApp for E-commerce Marketing

Reasons To Use Whatsapp for E-Commerce Marketing

WhatsApp, the go-to chat app for 2+ billion people, has already established itself as one of the most fruitful business growth channels.

Brands can reach out to their customers personally with the dedicated WhatsApp Business app – bypassing emails and vanilla text messages. Besides multimedia support, WhatsApp Business enables brands to showcase their catalogues, products, services, pricing, and instant query resolution. 

What if you could automate this customer-first real-time conversation channel for powerful conversions and experience?

This article will explore various benefits of using WhatsApp for e-commerce marketing and how you can make the most of it using robust automation flows.

Let’s get going!

1. Recover Up To 60% More Sales Through Abandoned Carts


It takes a lot of effort and strategy to bring down visitors through your sales funnel and turn them into customers. Now imagine, you do all the hard work, and your potential customer adds all the products they’re willing to buy to their cart, and right when you think the purchase is accomplished, they abandon the cart. All the effort goes in vain. 

Wigzo’s WhatsApp Automation can help you reduce the chances of cart abandonment by 60%. Through pre-built and custom communication flows, you can remind your customers about their abandoned carts and bring them back to where they left. 

Also, a customer does not need to visit your app or download it to receive the notification. They can navigate the checkout page straight from their WhatsApp inbox, and you get to hear more sales’ Kachings’!

2. Cross-sell & Up-sell Easily


As soon as a customer buys a product, you can determine relevant products based on their previous orders or the kind of products they are viewing. For example, if a customer is searching for shaving razors, you can determine that they might also be interested in shaving creams or aftershave creams. 

Now, as soon as the customer adds a shaving razor to their cart, you can start suggesting them products like shaving creams, aftershave creams, etc., by sending them texts over WhatsApp. This is known as cross-selling. 

You could also suggest better razors than the ones they’ve chosen for themselves. This is known as up-selling. Via WhatsApp, you can send them the product image and direct links. Cross-selling and upselling could help your brand jump to higher revenues without expanding its customer base.

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Experience

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Experience

If you open your phone book and go through all the contacts, you will seldom find even a single reference, not on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications on the internet today. It has 2+ billion users from 180+ countries. This represents the popularity of WhatsApp amongst us. 

Since it is such a popular application, it is the easiest to target a huge customer base via WhatsApp. You do not need to ask your customers to download a separate application so that you can communicate with them. As soon as a customer feeds their phone number into your website to log in, you can send them a warm welcome message.

Texts about your products could follow this. For example, with Wigzo’s WhatsApp Automation, you get pre-built automation templates to trigger the proper communication at the right time. Moreover, you can set up powerful communication automation in just two taps with Wigzo.

4. 24×7 Automated Customer Support

If you were to convey information to someone, would you prefer sending them a lengthy email, or would you like to text them about it? Texting is so much easier and less complicated, right? So why not ditch the decades-old method of communication and instead choose something more relevant to the present time.

Your customers are on WhatsApp 24×7, using it for almost everything. Imagine how easy it would become if your customers could communicate their queries with you via a simple text without sending lengthy emails. 

Also, when you reply to their query via an email, there are chances that the email might go unnoticed, but a WhatsApp text always gets due attention. Your customers can send you questions about the order updates, products, or returns/refunds. You can set automatic reverts to answer these queries and streamline your customer support.

5. Private and Secure Platform for E-commerce Growth

The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp makes it one of the safest platforms on the internet to exchange texts, images, audio files, etc. Also, WhatsApp, with the introduction of its new features, has made it easier and highly safe to accomplish payments between the brand and the customer. 

While using WhatsApp automation for your business, you can ensure that your customer data, transactions, and metadata are always safe. 

Supercharge Your Growth with WhatsApp Marketing Automation

WhatsApp is one of the most important messaging applications today. If you go through your phone book, you will rarely find a contact number that does not use WhatsApp. Besides being safe and end-to-end encrypted, this simple yet powerful conversations app is an excellent tool for superb customer engagement. 

WhatsApp automation can help you form meaningful connections with your customers. That’s why a WhatsApp marketing strategy is an integral part of your marketing arsenal, supporting your customer experience goals and helping to add value at critical moments in the customer journey. 

Take Wigzo’s free trial today to support, convert, and delight your customers with Wigzo’s WhatsApp marketing automation suite.

More power and growth to you 🙂

Parth Kapoor

Parth Kapoor

Parth is a computer science graduate from the University of Delhi. He is a Manager - Customer Success at Wigzo and having over 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and SaaS industry. In his spare time, you will find him reading about the latest tech and playing games.

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