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We all know that if you want to drive more conversions from the millennials, the only way is to keep them engaged with your business in real-time. But when there are so many social media channels and chat apps that are dominating the space, just how does a business find its space in a consumer’s day to day life?

Web push notifications.

Web push notifications are alerts and messages that are sent to a consumer in real-time over mobile and desktop web. The good thing is, that you need not worry about them having to install another app to engage with your business!

Delivering an opt-in rate that 10X higher than that of emails, a click through rate of 23%, web push notifications can increase a website’s conversions by 14% and boost its average order value by 16%!

But there’s a hack to it – One to one personalization of web push notifications.

That’s where Umair Mohammed, the Founder and CEO of Wigzo Technologies comes in. A hard core conversion optimization expert and an advocate of personalization for customer engagement, Umair is going to be sharing his hacks on using web push notifications to boost your website conversions.

Be it an online store, a blog, a SaaS website or a personal branding blog, web push notifications are your new go-to communication channel with your audience, and he is here to help you out!

Join our webinar on how web push notifications can boost your website conversions to get insights on:


  • Why web push notifications are the latest growth hack
  • The importance of progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • How web push notifications boost customer engagement and conversions
  • Enabling high end personalization to push messages
  • Use cases of web push notifications for all
  • Case studies on web push notifications

Think you’d love to know more, before your competitor does? Sign up for the webinar right away by clicking on the image below! (Limited slots available)

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Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha Bhargava

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