6 Ways B2B SaaS Companies Can Leverage Content Agencies

6 Ways B2B SaaS Companies Can Leverage Content Agencies

“In-house team or outsourcing partner?” – The thought of partnering with a content agency and handing over key aspects of your marketing to them can cause you to stop, ponder and reflect. 

Many business considerations must be satisfied before you can outsource your content requirements to an agency. Though, just like every aspect of the wonderful cosmos we dwell in, this too has its share of upsides – in fact, too many!

If you are a SaaS Company official or a tech-savvy marketer, you probably landed here looking for answers – answers that will help you streamline and uplift your brand’s core content bottom line. 

And, you are right.

Here are 6 ways B2B SaaS Companies like yours can leverage Content Agencies!

1. Instant Access to Niche Marketing Expertise

No matter what growth-stage your SaaS business is in – you can only hire so many in-house niche experts at a given time to push your campaigns. With a content agency, you get instant access to professionals with the latest domain trends, versatile marketing experience, and pragmatic wisdom of what works and what does not.

By the time you burn your resources in hiring a suitable, say, Content Writer, you’d have spent a week’s worth of time, money, and energy. Plus, then comes the call for a ‘warm-up’ period and training. If the work-quality sees some hiccups, you don’t have too many options besides providing the new Writer with some assistance and guidelines. 

What you really need is a partner who empathizes with your business operations and value. While a content agency is self-sufficient in managing all its resources, it also pursues your growth objectives sincerely to retain the valuable business relationship in the long run. 

2. Time-Efficiency and Fast-Turnaround

Let’s face it, we live in an urgency-driven world, and no number of productivity tools can fix this very nature of human society. Businesses and people revolve around the urgency axis all the time – and agility is a terrific quality to have. 

Fortunately, Content Agencies essentially become an agile extension for all your core content needs. Everything can be created with benchmark quality within the stipulated deadline, from blogs, PR articles, and ad copies to email copies and video scripts. This is a huge advantage for reducing launch times, ensuring timely publishing, and still leaving room for ad-hoc content requests.  

For instance, your stellar marketing automation tool might be undergoing a features-overhaul. To reach all your users and make some noise, you’ll need blogs, email blasts, PR write-ups, and creatives. Just tap that request handle on your content partner’s website, and ta-dah!

3. Get Value-Adding Recommendations and Tools Expertise

A well-experienced content agency with a serious work-ethic can add immense value to your SaaS brand. This is especially true for making internally scalable templates, reference cards, productivity systems, and cutting-edge tools. 

For instance, a pro content agency might use Notion.io for collaboration, request management, and brainstorming. For content work, they may use GSuite, Grammarly for editing, Process.st for client SOPs, and so on. 

Moreover, a pro content agency team will be comfortable and quick to respond to your technically complicated requests – because problem-solving & troubleshooting for clients is fun!

4. Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability 

No-doubt, in-house teams are highly expensive to maintain and take too long to build – significantly if you are scaling your SaaS company fast.    

One inherent benefit of partnering with a content agency is that it is highly cost-effective. Moreover, you can scale as you grow. Content agencies have their specific talent requirements well-aligned and are used to hiring from a given pool of professionals. 

This not just saves you tons of hiring expenses, but also salary expenses. In fact, if you sign-up with a content agency on a monthly retainer, you can save up to 50% flat on overhead expenses. 

5. Honest Inputs, Reviews & Strategic Opinions

The people in an agency aren’t running your day-to-day business or dealing with your users directly, which is a benefit for your content marketing operations. Agencies are professionals and give you an outsider point of view.

They bring-in fresh insights and experiences, and knowledge with best practices and implementations for your business to help you grow.  After all, your success is the fellow agency’s success.

An agency can help set clear, relevant marketing objectives and always align the marketing goals with your business goals. For instance, if you are launching a new landing page for a SaaS campaign, the agency can weight iterate it for maximum conversions. 

So, if you’re looking to add skills, reliability, and scale, partnering with an agency may be a great way to grow your business and improve your marketing results or add new perspectives and ideas.

6. Better Aligned for Remote-Work Landscape

Top-rated content agencies are often hustling creatives surrounded by their PC systems and headphones. They are used to working remotely for their clients and barely let any bottleneck choke the operational engine. When the world is pushing towards a remote-working paradigm, hiring a ‘ready-to-go creative system’ makes more sense. 

Cloud tools, BPM, design, and publishing have created a haven for fruitful SaaS-Content Agency relations. Please make the most of it and grow your online footprint faster. 

Over to you…

Looking to revamp your blog, web copies, and landing pages? Find your soulmate agency and sign a mutually beneficial pact ASAP 🙂

Paras Sachan

Paras Sachan

Paras Sachan is a Copywriter, Digital Marketer, and the founder of PocketWriter.co. He loves talking about automating organizations, BPM, entrepreneurship, and of course- killer content strategies that make brands win online.

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