Wigzo Launches Fluenco – Transform Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


Gone are the days when marketers paid substantial sums to influencers and celebrities to curate content for their brand’s products and services. It is time to advance in levels. You need to spot the loyal users of your brand who have already created content about your products and services and capitalize on them. That’s what user-generated content (UGC) is. UGC has a wide variety of forms like social media updates, podcasts, testimonials, feedback, product photos and videos, etc.

UGC is a powerful kind of interaction since it benefits both parties: marketers make connections with fans who demonstrate their products in a natural manner, and the fans, in exchange, receive exposure, maybe even new followers. 

In the present day and age, marketing is more consumer-focused since customers hold the key to success. Brands are offering chances for people to connect with, participate in, and promote their marketing efforts. Therefore, marketers employ user-generated content to execute effective marketing initiatives.

But how should brands approach this mysterious but efficient marketing strategy? 

Wigzo is ecstatic to share the news that it has launched Fluenco, a brand-new and one-of-a-kind UGC growth platform designed to help D2C brands leverage the content shared by customers, helping boost engagement and sales. 


How Can Fluenco Reward This User-generated Content?

Fluenco is designed to enable D2C brands to leverage user-generated product reviews posted on social media and promote subsequent purchases via word-of-mouth recommendations. It helps brands to identify customers who have mentioned their brand in any social media post, particularly on Instagram, do an analysis of that post and the key performance criteria associated with it, and then reward the user. This is done with the goal of encouraging more future purchases. In this way, businesses can scale up their ability to retain consumers and improve the frequency of repeat purchases made by existing ones. In addition to this, it motivates consumers to generate authentic content for the brand, which eventually increases the value of the brand.

How To Leverage The Best Out of Fluenco? 

The UGC growth platform has been designed with the intention to save the brands from the trouble of collaborating with influencers and forking over huge amounts of money to them. It has made word-of-mouth advertising easier by facilitating communication between brands and their devoted customers to solicit first-hand, genuine content and recruit genuine brand advocates. In addition, it allows brands to initiate nano and micro-influencer programmes and urge consumers to join them. Once consumers choose to engage in these initiatives, brands can gain direct access to information about the influence of the users and their content. The platform allows businesses to reward their most influential users and encourage them to publish additional content. Fluenco is, in a word, a complete user-generated content growth platform that enables marketers to follow the two most crucial components of UGC: growth and analytics. 


UGC Analytics

Fluenco is a comprehensive UGC growth platform. It has been created to capitalize on the power of user-generated content and provide marketers with the opportunity to develop a credible brand and increase brand engagement. The platform provides a 360-degree perspective of how a specific Instagram post fared, allowing marketers to assess the value of UGC provided by their consumers. The platform includes a comprehensive data repository of impressions, engagement metrics, and follower count. 

  • Spot loyal customers – Fluenco enables brands to identify and engage with potential customers who have curated content about their products on social media and other platforms. This paves the way for frictionless collaboration with such consumers, who can then be turned into the brand’s most valuable asset in terms of advocacy. With Fluenco, businesses can identify Instagram users posting high-quality material and encourage them to share more.
  • Automatically monitor posts – When brands have figured out who their most devoted customers are, they can use the platform to learn more about other metrics like reach, likes, comments, shares, impressions, and so on. It gives an unmistakable picture of the posts’ impact and the level of interest shown in them.


UGC Growth

With its nano and micro-influencer marketing programmes, Fluenco helps brands produce more user-generated content. This opens the door for companies to collect more genuine UGC from their devoted followers on social media, notably Instagram. To get more user-generated content (UGC) from their consumers, marketers can make use of the platform’s tools for setting up growth plans and implementing scalable micro and nano-influencer marketing.

  • Launch nano and micro-influencer programs in minutes – At Fluenco, there are a plethora of marketing alternatives for businesses. It enables the establishment of nano- and micro-influencer campaigns. Fluenco allows brands to find the most vocal brand advocates, measure the key performance indicators of their posts, and encourage followers to join the ambassador programmes. Since Fluenco encourages loyal users to join ambassador programmes, these individuals are made to feel that they are a part of the company’s inner circle, which in turn pushes them to create more content for the brand.
  • UGC Contests – Because of Fluenco, brands can set up content pipelines that fuel their nano-influencer marketing. UGC Contests enable them to temporarily increase the volume of user-generated content and promote a certain kind of branded content. Brands can host UGC competitions to encourage consumers to contribute real and interesting content that generates trust and increases profits.
  • Reward excellent content in a jiffy – Fluenco assists brands in centralizing all of the data relating to their users into a single dashboard. This includes data relating to users who have uploaded content organically, as well as data relating to users who have signed up for influencer programmes. As a result, it’s much simpler for marketers to assess it and immediately reward those who provide the most engaging content by sending them digital discount coupons, vouchers, and other promotional materials. The platform enables businesses to reach, reward, and keep their most lucrative consumers. In the end, this helps businesses develop trust and maximize sales with their consumers, who become their most valuable brand advocates.

Why Is UGC Worth The Hype? 

Wide reach and visibility First, you must reach a large audience to maximize engagement and conversions. User participation can help a company reach its objectives fast and efficiently. When you build a campaign using specific brand hashtags, you can encourage consumers to express their thoughts on social media. When consumers do so, your marketing effort reaches a bigger audience without demographic or geographical limits.

Innovative Content

Any effective marketing effort needs creative, interesting content. User-generated content lets you employ different, creative stuff. In-house content creation inhibits variety and originality. Many internet users with innovative opinions and viewpoints create intriguing material. Diverse creative material can make your campaign relevant and compelling for the audience, which benefits your business.

Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy is when customers believe in and talk positively about a brand to other consumers. If your business has committed customers or brand advocates, you can leverage their generated content to highlight brand advocacy, attract new consumers and generate revenue from current customers’ content. Brand champions and their content in marketing campaigns build brand attractiveness for non-customers and brand reputation management in the digital ecosystem. Brand advocacy proves the brand’s better products/services and customer experience.

Online Community-building

Humans develop local or huge communities with others who have similar interests, likes, preferences, or brand consumption experiences. You can develop an online customer community utilizing material from loyal customers or brand champions. These communities create positive UGC about the brand in their networks, which increases traffic, user engagement, brand visibility, attractiveness, conversion possibilities, and brand advocacy.

Want To Give Fluenco a Shot? 

User-generated content can be beneficial to any size of the brand, so don’t discount its potential for your company. Using user-generated content can enhance sales, raise engagement on social media, provide credibility to brands, and strengthen connections with customers. You should give user-generated content a go if you haven’t already included it in your marketing plan.

So why are we holding off?

Switch to Fluenco and do away with the practice of paying significant amounts of money to various influencers. Make an effort to develop content from your most devoted users, who are the true originals when it comes to brand support.



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