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Personalized SMS

SMS marketing along with the right tools and just the right strategy, any business can implement a similarly powerful text marketing strategy. Getting the customer to your store is one thing but keeping them is altogether a task and that too the hardest one and while technological advancements are quick with their advancements, Most of them still have a long way ahead of them before they can provide a one-stop solution. Hence, you need a solution that delivers what it promises whether it’s a good ROI or keeping things simple for you.

The uses of SMS marketing in eCommerce are no longer constricted to just normal product announcements or order confirmations however those are equally important. SMS marketing campaigns are now used to improve the fostering relationship between the customer and the brand.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS(Short Messaging Service) Marketing is a permission-based text service used for promotional purposes. SMS marketing uses the same workflow as email marketing, only instead of sending your customers an email, you send a text message with a character limit. Well, that’s the whole point, you want the customer to read the precise information without having to go through their noisy email inbox.

Why SMS Marketing Over Emails?

As we have known email to be the king of marketing, all thanks to the phenomenal ROI it brings along. But, ever since SMS marketing came into the big scene and created a niche for itself where the businesses can directly connect with the customers. Having said that we wouldn’t say that email marketing is a fad, it is very much in use still everywhere but, the high speed and flex of the SMS are creating the renaissance for the tool.


Advantages Of Using SMS Marketing

Doesn’t cost your customer anything

One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is its a cost-effective way of engaging with customers. It is extremely affordable for small businesses. 

Fresh & Untapped

While many eCommerce sites are really hitting it with text marketing, it still hasn’t hit the masses. Many people still haven’t even considered it. This offers you an edge over many competitors who likely haven’t taken SMS marketing too seriously yet! Many brands are aware that texting is a quick way to reach their customers, but they’re still figuring out how to best utilize it for their company’s specific needs. By starting SMS marketing early, you’ll have more time to learn what works for you and see results for the undeniable ROI.

Easily Trackable

Examining SMS marketing campaigns can be tracked in a similar way you track your Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns. You can get analytical insights about what works and what does not. Your conversion rates will rule what you do next.

Engagement Rates

Considering how the masses, especially the Millenials open their phones as soon as they open their eyes in the morning the engagement rates are bound to be high. Talk about the click-through rates or the open rates, they soar higher than the email any day given the convenience factor. The stats show that all engagement over text messages happens within the first 5 minutes. 

Let me draw some comparisons here; The average click-through rate for an SMS marketing campaign is around 36%. Compare that to email click-through rates and it falls to the floor at just above 3%. That is insane!

Fast & Easy To Personalize

Extending a personalized gesture of addressing a customer by their first name on SMS can boost your response rates by making the customer feel valued. Another great thing is that they have super fast transmission.

Personalized SMS campaigns can help your marketing efforts stand out from other brands. Texting is that the quickest, most direct and – importantly – the foremost welcome sort of contact your customers can receive. it’s highly effective for connecting with loyal, engaged consumers, which is why it’s such an honest platform for personalizing your message, either to a private or a little group of people with common interests.

Bear in mind, smartphones are now virtual extensions of individuals. This is often very true among the all-important youth demographic; the mobile is nearly bound to be within the boundaries of a person’s personal space, 24/7.

Adding targeted, personalized mobile SMS marketing to your arsenal will ultimately make your entire mobile text marketing campaign simpler. So how does one create personalized mobile SMS marketing strategies that work? 

Adopt these four maxims and you will not go wrong:

1. Judge it right

As such a private sort of communication, brands need to take care of using mobile SMS marketing during a way that’s annoying or overbearing. you would like to send only information that’s appropriate, relevant and timely (unlike the infamous 3 am text sent by Barack Obama’s 2008 election team to announce his vice-presidential pick). Respect time zones and plan your mobile text marketing campaign to be a ripple across the oceans instead of a blast that hits the planet all directly.

2. Accuracy breeds responsiveness

There’s no point arising with a customized special offer if you get the purchasers to call wrong. Make it a point to provide enough fields on the signup form for people to give away their full names and their nickname or abbreviation. Getting small details right – like an unusual spelling of a standard name – is quite a thing that will set you aside from brands that make an equivalent old mistake. Never assume, always double-check, and offer consumers a simple thanks to updating your records if their details change.

3. Spend time building preference profiles

From the outset, you ought to dive off the proverbial deep end when it involves checking out personal preferences. Collecting interests are often wiped out in several ways, including Keyword-based opt-in Surveys Leveraging existing data Surveys should include questions that will not seem immediately relevant. Favorite sports teams or bands, for instance, may at some point become useful if you’ve got a promotional tie-in with an area team or concert promoter. Having these details on file could pay dividends, so play the long game when it involves mining your customers for information. Also, make certain to divide your lists into various criteria, like area, postcode, and age.

4. Chuck them a freebie

Free content is one among the surest ways to urge a response. If you’ve got a video that relates to customers during a specific area (and has relevancy to your brand) then send it alongside a special offer. one of the advantages of mobile SMS marketing is you’ll include links to rich content that smartphone owners can view while stuck on a train or otherwise in need of a useful distraction. you would possibly just make someone’s day.

How to automate your SMS process

Since we’re into the thought of working smarter and not harder, I suggest automating the method. Let’s face it: Marketing automation helps us save precious time.

5 Additional SMS Marketing Ideas To Go With

You can have all the simplest practices and tools within the world, but without new and fresh ideas to implement, you’re still nowhere. Here are five ideas which will assist you to score a lead in these perfect situations

1. New Sign-Ups

There is nothing better than a well-timed SMS message to welcome your customers. Everyone expects and likes a gesture of a welcome email, but adding an instantaneous SMS for it’ll be a pleasing surprise for your customers.

If you’re offering an incentive for signing up, send the discount code or link via SMS immediately after they fill in their details, then follow up that SMS with an email just in case the SMS wasn’t enough to urge the customer to get or the customer didn’t notice it within the first place

2. Special Days Discounts

SMS requires a special day, and what’s a far better big day than a customer’s birthday or anniversary? Show your customers you care with a suggestion that lasts for a couple of days around their special day. you’ll either put the offer directly in your SMS message, otherwise, you can send it as a teaser for them to see their email for a special birthday present. It sends a way of a more personalized relationship. 

3. Time-Sensitive Offers

Maybe you’ve got a special promotional offer happening, and you would like to form sure your customers have every opportunity to require part. For your absolute best sales and promotions, you’ll add a way of urgency to your text messages. As long as you’re not sending SMS campaigns a day, you ought to be doing good.

4. Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment may be a HORROR to any eCommerce brand. With almost 7 of each 10 carts abandoned for any number of reasons, it’s easy to ascertain WHY!

Normally, a cart abandonment email is battered because of the best response to the present situation. But its made even better if and once you amalgamate with an SMS. Understand your channels’ strengths and weaknesses thoroughly.

SMS is well attuned for immediacy, and email for information. this mix is often super effective, but know the limit of your SMS workflow for an abandoned cart. you only don’t want to overdo it and put the customer off.

5. Order confirmation and shipping updates

Where SMS can really gleam, is within the order confirmation forms and shipping updates. Giving your customers the selection of how they receive their updates, gives them a sense of empowerment. Your customers can enjoy the advantages of updates to their shipping directly on their mobile phones without having to open an email. It’s also an excellent idea to put a link within the SMS in order that they can inspect more details about the tracking of their shipment but confirm it’s all hassle-free and not much of a pain to the customer.

Key Takeaways

  • Write simple, short and understandable texts
  • Schedule well-timed reminders
  • Choose a perfect provider
  • Segment your users
  • Grow your subscribers
  • Reach out to people without smartphones as well
  • Develop an urgency always

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