The Fastest Growing Customer Engagement Channel For Businesses Today – Web Push Notifications

We agree that in the past few years, social media has managed to create a chaos in the digital spectrum. Sure – social selling is slowly gaining momentum in B2B and B2C industries to grow sales. Businesses who have applied this strategy have gained results – good for them! But social selling still has yet to make space in the business plans.

However, there is one marketing tactic that is considered pure gold by marketers and business owners alike, and that is “push”.

Originally implemented in Blackberry devices with an intention of notifying users about new emails, the power of push did not only spread on the mobile channel but also across the web! And in the last 4 years, businesses – irrespective of size and industry – have used web push messaging to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.


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Why web push is considered the “king”

If web push is used in the right way, it can help the brands to stay right at the top of the customer’s mind. In fact, web push notifications receive a higher opt-in rate than emails – and we can prove that to you. Moving on, the following are top eight ways through which push messages engage consumers rather cleverly:

1. By validating a new visitor activity on the website

A visitor who has made an account on your website or shared contact details on the platform can instantly receive a push message that acknowledges his action. Of course, (h)she will have to first subscribe to your push notifications; but if that’s not a problem, then you can start engaging with that person right after his first activity on your website!

2. By creating a sense of urgency to keep the carts empty

Cart abandonment is a real nuisance for eCommerce companies. But with the right push messaging, you can remind such customers about how quickly their most-favourite products are going out of stock! You can also offer them a short-term discount or a great upsell package deal!

3. By notifying your subscribers about every little detail

Today’s consumers like to stay updated and informed. And if your business is doing it first and rather efficiently through push messaging, and that also with a pinch of personalization, then you can be assured of a strong customer base in the long run.

So don’t let them come and discover your website first or stall a good news till they finally open your newsletter in the morning; attract them to your website yourself. Make use of push messaging.

4. By effectively utilizing social proof in your messaging

Everyone prefers to associate with a brand that comes with some credibility. Today, social proof is seen as a rather effective marketing tactic for easing the mind of worried, hesitant or angry consumers.

Your message can state something like “10 other shoppers like you have liked this product”, or “20 other shoppers love your XYZ t-shirt. Rush to buy!”. Through push notifications, you can insert a sense of credibility in the consumer’s head. If (s)he is not moving ahead with the sale, this is what will nudge him to take an action.

5. By nudging a consumer to make a purchase “offline”

Although this is restricted to businesses with both online and physical stores, location-based push notifications are huge! If a consumer is near the physical store of your brand, the push notification will state the actual distance from that place and nudge him or her to go check it out.

Forty-five percent of subscribers claim to respond to push notifications that they have received, as compared to users who would be interested in opening an email. From a logistics point of view, web push has reduced the inconvenience of opening emails, if not completely diminished it.

6. By re-engaging inactive customers

Customers, today, are really spoilt for choice. Additionally, their attention span is poorer than that of a goldfish – which means if you don’t communicate with them on a continuous basis, they might forget you and head to your competitors. So to avoid this situation – re-engage with them by offering them a customer loyalty or a referral program that will make them want to visit your website in a jiffy!

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Companies engaging customers via web push

Wigzo has always placed much emphasis on “personalization”, and you will also agree with its importance. In an age where consumers are being pampered left, right and center by brands, you can’t afford to fall back in the race if you don’t personalize your way of communicating with them.

Combine personalization with web push, and you get a stellar marketing strategy to embark on. Here are a few brands who do ace the customer engagement game and how:

1. Inc42

Inc42 makes use of push messages to interact and engage with their website visitors on a regular basis. They receive an average click-through rate (CTR) of 18%. Through the web push strategy, they are able to give a boost to their average daily website visitors.

2. Mr. Button

Mr. Button heavily implements web push notifications and with Wigzo, they are able to keep a track of online visitors. The marketing automation tool creates smart segments on the basis of the interaction of the consumer with their website. These smart segments are created to fulfill a particular need or preference.

With Wigzo, Mr. Button executes personalized push notification campaigns that boost customer engagement with the intention of driving more sales.

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3. Awok

Awok is yet another example of how well businesses are using to notify the subscribers/potential customers of the new product launches at the eCommerce website. Through push notifications, Awok opens the door to consumers and gives them another chance to go to the website and shop!

Over to you

Personalized web push notifications lead to at least 25% increase in click-through rates as compared to generic notifications – and Wigzo not only believes in this but also has made sure that the assistance provided is super personalized for maximum conversions.

Using Wigzo personalized, segmented & trigger-based notifications, you will be able to convert 33% of people abandoning their carts and also retain 26% more users using segmentation & behavioral notifications.

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Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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