Tips For Using Push Notifications For eCommerce: Web And Mobile


As we mentioned in some of our previous posts, push notifications – web and mobile, are known to boost engagement rates for businesses. When used in a strategic manner, marketers can not just grab the audience’s attention, but also nudge him onto a path of conversion that adds to the business goals.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look into using push notifications – both web and mobile, for eCommerce businesses and what kind of campaigns are the most effective for them to generate more sales.

What is Push Notification?

Push notifications can be simply defined as clickable pop-up promotional messages that appear on your users’ browsers irrespective of which device they use or which browser they are on. It is newer than most of the existing channels.

The open rate of push notifications is 90% and 40% of users interact with push notifications within 1 hour of receiving them.

With push notification, users can be anywhere on the browser and still receive these pop-ups till they are online or have their browsers functioning on their devices and around 55% to 60% of users approve to receive push notifications.

Push notifications offer convenience and value to the web and mobile users. It enables marketers to reach prospects and users directly.

Why use Mobile Push Notifications?

According to Accengage, 43.9% of the iOS users of a mobile app were opted-in to receive mobile push notifications, versus 91.1% of Android users! because push notification delivers messages to users in real-time and is also known to generate a higher response rate, increasing the app sessions and engagement rate.

Since push notifications give the user the choice to opt-in or opt-out of receiving messages, it makes them feel in control of all the business communication. Compared to SMS received from businesses – which are more forced and harder to disable, push notifications are a great marketing tactic for implementing effective personalization.


Here’s taking a look at why users download eCommerce business apps, even though the stores have their desktop websites up and running:

why download brand apps

Why use Browser Push Notifications?

Mobile push notifications are limited to mobile devices, but desktop usage still accounts for 46.7% of the total internet time. This only goes to say that your target audience is a lot likely to interact with your business from desktops and the channel is definitely a marketing medium that is not to be skipped. This is where web push notifications come in.

Web push notifications help you deliver powerful and personalized real-time messages to these 42% internet users. The tool is a lot of handy for eCommerce stores that don’t have a mobile app yet and are aiming a higher ROI on their invested budgets.

Simply put, mobile and web push notifications are important channels for eCommerce businesses to communicate with their target market, and even initiate sales.

The Top Push Notification Campaigns for eCommerce Businesses

Here’s taking a look at how eCommerce push notifications for both their mobile and desktop audience.

1. Offering Opt-in Choice

Push notifications can improve your brand’s visibility among its market audience by adding users with a single-click ‘allow’. 

You should give users the option to access or deny the permission to send them notifications and ensure the opt-in message communicates the relevant information. 

If users click on the message and find it irrelevant, many of them will opt-out without adding much value to your entire push notification exercise.

2. To Validate the Shoppers

These campaigns are aimed at nudging the visitor to log in to your store in lieu of an incentive like receiving a special discount on their first purchase. This helps eCommerce businesses authenticate their shoppers as well and prevent fraud.

Most internet users are skeptical about sharing their contact information for the fear of being spammed. But for creating personalized marketing campaigns, you need him to authenticate his contact information to track his likes and dislikes. Once you have his contact information in your database, it becomes easier to target and retarget him across various digital channels to promote sales.

authentication notification

3. To Nudge an Action

Most users discover applications and stores via social channels or recommendations. Although they do sign up or download apps of these stores, they tend to not make the most of them. Engaging them right away with a prompt that makes them complete an action in the app is a great way to not let them forget about your store and reduce the churn rates.

For instance, eCommerce websites and apps can encourage users to use their search function to look for a popular range of products in their store. This makes the internet user explore the various functionalities, filters, and the products offered by the store. It is important that the shopper knows he can narrow down his shopping experience based on his preferences.

nike notification

4. To Encourage Wishlisting

Wishlists are a great way to understand what your shoppers are looking for or are interested in. This holds a lot of importance for eCommerce stores as the multiple product ranges to offer – some of which the shopper really might not be interested in.

You can use notifications to encourage the users to wishlist or save items of their choice or run a campaign that promotes curating their own look books to avail a special discount. You can also use their preference data later to create hyper-target campaigns promoting the products they have added in the lists.

myntra notification

5. To Decrease Cart Abandonment

According to the Baymard Institute, the average documented cart abandonment rate across the world is as high as 69%. That’s losing more than half your sales, simply because the to-be customer got distracted, did not find a delivery option that suits him, didn’t find the payment modes as per preference or he simply decided to look for other deals.

Using notifications, you can recover your abandoned carts by pushing out messages that create a sense of urgency.

For instance, if a shopper has added multiple dresses to the cart, you can send out a message in 24 hours to let him know it is a fast-selling product or the discount is about to end. Sometimes, sending a message to simply remind the shopper that he has left behind some items in the cart can also boost sales and reduce cart abandonment rates.

cart abandonment

6. To Generate Location-based Sales

Most brands today don’t just have a website for their products, but also apps – even if they don’t have the option to purchase items from the app. The idea behind doing so is to let the shoppers browse through the latest products on the go and prompt him to sometimes simply check out the store in his vicinity.

This calls for location-based notifications. The messages are based around where the user is currently to promote an ongoing sale he could be interested in.

For instance, if I know that there is a Levis store just a few km away from the cafe I am at, and there’s a sale running, I am more likely to pay them a visit and even purchase a few things. Location-based notifications increase the possibility of sales.

7. To Boost Customer Loyalty

There are definitely going to be a few shoppers who purchase from your store and don’t come back to it as often as you’d like. Not touching base with these users might result in them choosing another store to shop from the next time.

To boost customer loyalty, you can both push notifications to make them feel cared about. For instance, the store could offer a special sneak peek into upcoming sales and products, or offer them a special discount for being their ‘privileged customers’.

8. To Generate a Sense of Urgency

Stimulating an emotion in internet users is the best way to make them complete an action. And one of the most effective emotion eCommerce stores can use, is that of urgency and scarcity.

Using push notifications you can alert your shoppers of products that are going out of stock pretty quickly and sales that are time-bound. The fear of missing out on great deals is what will get them back to your store and increase the chances of a sale.

asos sale notification

But an important thing to keep in mind here is that the messages you send across must be totally based on how the shopper has interacted with your store before. The more personalized and tailored your messages are, the higher are the chances of him converting on it.

9. Increasing Return Traffic

You can send meaningful messages to grab your user’s interest and engage them right away. 

You can send proactive clickable messages directing them back to your website from anywhere on their browsers. This helps you enhance return visitors through targeted notifications and personalized messages.

10. Connecting at the Right Time

Push notifications offer opportunities to connect with your users at the right time.

You can deliver real-time push notifications when you are looking for immediate responses – automate notifications for campaigns, set up expiry dates for time-bound messages, set up notifications based on different geographies, and time-zones your target audience follow.

Wigzo For Push Notifications

Wigzo is an automated solution with an easy 15 minutes set up for all the brands to help them enhance their customer engagement with personalized push notification.

You can convey appropriate offers, and reminders to your consumers in real-time, even when they are not on your website which leads to higher customer retention and sales and boosts your 25% overall revenue.

Look at other major perks: 

Increase Conversion rates

Wigzo can boost your conversion by more than 4x with smart personalized web notifications. With 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.3

Automate Your Engagement

Wigzo can set up automated drip notification campaigns with just 1 click and set your customer engagement on autopilot mode. Drip notification campaigns enable you to nurture your audience and convert them into customers. Wigzo provides a 26% increase in click-through rate from push notifications.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Wigzo can capture your user’s attention with visually appealing web push notifications. You can send personalized and targeted notifications with Wigzo and engage your users. It can drive your audience to your website and boost your sales.

Wigzo has helped many eCommerce brands to increase 33% conversion of cart abandoning customers.

Live Tracking 

You can also analyze your push performance in real-time – delivery rates, open rate, click-throughs, and more, Wigzo makes sure you get an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance.

Final Thought

Push notifications are exceptionally powerful customer engagement channels with a wide range of use cases across every vertical. So don’t let your competition take away your sales. Hook them before anyone else does!

Create your opt-in and send your first push notification to your consumers.


Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

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