Text Message Marketing: How It Unlocks Retention Growth?

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Even a small gain in customer retention of 5% can boost profits by more than 25%.

The crucial challenge for marketers is figuring out how to distinguish themselves from the crowd and maintain high customer retention.

Text marketing!
It is common for people to set up more filters and blocks to avoid advertising, to the point where they refrain from viewing marketing materials altogether. So marketing today is difficult.
That’s why instead of spending on expensive, complicated technology, marketers should invest in classic technology, text messaging, which is still capable of boosting your brand’s visibility.

Why are brands using text messaging?

Take into account the following data on Text marketing and consumer engagement:

  • Conversion rates for text are 45%.
  • Every day, 98% of mobile users read their text messages.
  • 32% of consumers report responding to promotional text messages from retailers.
  • Direct mail, email, and apps are not as popular with US customers as Text loyalty messages.
  • More than 76% of loyalty program members opt-in to communicate via text.
  • There are already over 48% of consumers who subscribe to brand texts.
  • In comparison to email, Text response rates are eight times greater.

Clearly said, SMS marketing delivers, which is the chief factor D2C brands leverage it.


Uses Cases of Text Message Marketing To Increase Retention

The most popular and effective text marketing strategies used by businesses.

1. Follow-Up After Purchase

Soliciting customer input, giving useful details, and understanding everything about them to prepare for upcoming targeted conversations.

2. Upsell Possibilities

Send a follow-up text message to a customer after they’ve received your goods to see if they like it and to share unique deals on peripherals or similar products.

3. Subscribers

Customers can receive weekly reminders to place future orders, such as for beauty packages or fresh food deliveries.

4. Alerts on Shipping

By providing alert alerts and text messaging, you may enhance the customer experience. This provides a quick and practically free solution to improve customer satisfaction while lowering incoming customer interaction for purchase queries.

5. Acquiring new customers

When you send a text message to a new customer, they’ll pay attention, if you leverage it to inform them of leftover store credits or an abandoned cart.

6. Deals and offers

Promotions included in a brand’s messaging strategy may raise revenue by 47%.

Text marketing campaigns are an excellent way to reach people quickly with a corporate identity. Even outdoors, the consumer is just one click away from the checkout screen.

7. Loyalty and rewards schemes

76% of loyalty members desire personalized text messages to remain in contact with their preferred businesses.

Some confidential communication can improve your rapport with D2C consumers participating in your membership or benefit packages. Text may be used to promote engagement in these initiatives as well.


The Do’s and Don’ts

There are certain considerations to undertake while text marketing efficiently for better customer retention.

Do this.
Don’t cross the limit of 160 characters, include only important and to-the-point information.
Check that your content is appropriate and valuable to your market when delivering updates, coupons, or discounts.
Deliver targeted messages to specific audience segments, with the right message at the right time.

Don’t do this.
Trying to avoid over-texting your audience.
Avoid sending texts in the wee hours of the morning or evening.
Don’t contact a potential consumer with cold, spammy text without establishing a relationship with them.


Why Choose Wigzo as Your Automation Text Platform?


Automatic Integrations

The ability to instantly link to e-commerce platforms (as well as dozens of other digital technologies) through built-in connectivity.

Laser-targeted Campaigns

Companies may save money on advertising strategies while increasing their ROI with well-designed, tailored text campaigns. Create email advertising and click-to-text web forms to convert visitors into subscribers. At the time of purchase, allow consumers to text-sign up.

Acquire User-level Data

Utilize messaging analytics to acquire comprehensive information, statistics, and findings on every user-based targeted text marketing and monitor the performance of every text.

Scaled-up Personalization

You may create incredibly personalized texts, thanks to segmentation.

By giving out special offers, texts to win back consumers, and hot deals, Wigzo’s SMS marketing can enable you to increase conversion and strengthen customer experiences.

Regardless of quantity, automation delivers welcome, OTP, abandoned cart messages, and more at the right moment.

There Will be Compliance

You may click “send” with assurance since Opt-in consent, Opt-out wording, quiet hours, and geographical variances are all included.

Double Tap Opt-in and Instagram Story Opt-in are available on Wigzo.


How to Write a Perfect Converted Message

  • Beginning your SMS message with an introduction is best practice. To instantly identify who is messaging your consumers, begin with the name of your Shopify store. This helps to increase brand image.
  • To make it more unique, put your customer’s name after that.
  • A feeling of urgency is necessary. You can do a lot with a brief “Offer closes fast!”
  • Don’t only have the discount code included in the URL—include it in your message as well.
  • Don’t let the customers withdraw at any moment.
  • Your writing will become more remembered and enticing by adding visuals.
  • Test before you shoot any text campaign.


Text to the Rescue

One of the most efficient methods for eCommerce shops to communicate with their consumers is through text. A creative CTA and focused offers, along with 160 symbols, have the amazing power to not only create a strong and devoted user base for you, but also to recapture customers who’ve abandoned you over time. Begin your adventure now with Wigzo!





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