Supercharge Customer Acquisition with Wigzo’s Phygital Magic Link QR

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Building a subscribers’ list is the first brick to building an e-commerce empire. As your list grows and you nurture new prospects, you are already on your way to building a loyal fanbase.

Growing your subscribers base, especially amidst cutthroat competition from other D2C brands, is half battle won. But, how can you crack this? Fortunately, team Wigzo has a smart & innovative solution to this growing challenge. 

Introducing the Phygital QR Code extension for Wigzo Magic Link. 

Yay! Tell me everything about Magic Link QR Code!

So glad you asked 🙂

To understand the QR code functionality and use cases, we must revisit what the Magic Link actually does for e-commerce businesses.

Wigzo’s Magic Link is essentially a first-party customer database building tool. 

It is a simple 2-step opt-in that allows e-commerce brands to capture new text subscribers. When you access your Wigzo dashboard, you can click on the Magic Link console to create a new link – give it a name, description, set other parameters, and review the final campaign before placing the link. 

The newly generated Magic link can be placed on suitable digital marketing channels (SMS, Instagram Stories, etc.). When the user clicks on this link, it takes them to a pre-populated text window in their smartphone’s SMS app. The fields are pre-filled with info like the user’s name and contact. 

The user can then choose to share this info with your brand with just one more click and become your subscriber! 

The speed and simplicity of this digital ‘customer onboarding’ solution got us to name it Double-tap Opt-in.  Which, by the way, is also the industry-first TCPA compliant opt-in system for SMS subscribers; so we patented it 😉

Enter the Phygital QR code for Magic Link

Our product developers are curious (and nerdy people!). Through meticulously collected customer feedback and mapped pain-points of niche D2C brands in building a first-party subscriber base, the idea of a scannable QR code extension was incepted.

You see, the standard Magic Link is limited to ‘clickable digital channels.’ It is comprehensive enough coverage for brands with a broad digital reach. But, for e-commerce businesses that are just starting or have a prevalent offline presence, Magic Link’s footprint had to be expanded. 

Physical + Digital or Phygital became centric to extending the Magic Link’s capabilities – a condition that QR codes satisfy the best. 

Learn how to create Magic Link here.

How does the Magic Link QR Code work?

Once you access your Magic link campaigns in the Wigzo dashboard, you can generate a QR code for every Magic link. Then, place it anywhere your customers can scan it on the go! Yupp, it is that simple and powerful. 


To spool your creative horses and marketing imagination, we have compiled some use cases of Magic Link QR code for e-commerce brands. 

Use Cases of Magic Link QR Code

1. Capture New Subscribers via Desktop Website

Capture New Subscribers via Desktop Website

Some of Wigzo’s user brands have effectively used the QR code by placing it on their desktop website. For instance, they trigger the Magic Link QR code in their on-site pop-ups and offer a 10% or 15% discount to the users if they scan it and subscribe to their brand.  

2. In-store QR Code Placement

In-store QR Code Placement

To truly harness the potential of the beautiful ‘Scan and Subscribe’ system that the Magic Link QR code offers, you can place it on large-sized in-store banners and posters. While this applies to e-commerce brands with an offline presence, brands with an ‘all-digital’ presence can also take the offline marketing route to onboard more subscribers faster. 

3. Power-up Your Packaging with Scannable QR

Power-up Your Packaging with Scannable QR

Add customers faster and improve your loyalty bottom line by placing the scannable QR code on your product packaging. You can put it on the shipment boxes or the original product package to encourage subscription in return for a discount or value-added service. 

E.g., when a customer buys a smartphone from you, you can offer a 10% discount on the mobile accessories if they scan the code and become your subscriber. You can also give them access to a lifetime of exclusive deals to encourage repeat purchases and a higher CLTV. 

You can also draw inspiration for growing subscribers at an insane rate from our real-world case studies. For instance, Sniper Gang, Kodak Black’s official merchandise store, recorded a whopping 124% revenue boost with Wigzo’s Double-tap SMS Opt-in Magic Link.

Closing Note

With Wigzo’s full-blown marketing automation suite and cutting-edge customer onboarding tools, you can drive your e-commerce brand upwards despite usual challenges. 

See the Magic Link and its QR Code extension in action for your business today. 

Start your FREE trial now! 🙂

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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