SMS 2.0 Rich Media Messaging: What are the Opportunities for Hyper E-commerce Growth?


The rise of hyper-e-commerce has been propelled by the emergence and rapid adoption of mobile devices.

The convenience, portability, and connectivity that these technologies have created a new era for e-commerce with opportunities to tap into markets where access had previously been limited.

SMS 2.0 Rich Media Messaging is one such opportunity.

A recent study shows that more than 90% of consumers prefer to shop via text messages over other methods because it’s quick, easy, and convenient – all things which are crucial factors in today’s fast-paced online shopping environment.

So, how can e-commerce and other businesses benefit from SMS-based rich communication services?

Let’s take a deep dive into RCS Business Messaging and how it offers valuable propositions for future business growth.

What is Rich Media Business Messaging?

Rich Media Business Messaging is a recently developed service that offers customers an enhanced messaging experience by adding multimedia content – videos, images, pdfs, rich links, and other media types. 

This includes interactive features such as location-based services and touch screen capabilities – making the whole process easier for both consumer and retailer.

In short: RCS relies on a standard set of communication protocols to offer richer messages which are more engaging than plain SMS text messaging alone.

What are its benefits? 

For one thing, it’s been confirmed people use Rich Media Messages five times longer than regular texts because they want to consume all the information available at their fingertips!

This has significant implications for e-commerce businesses that can now provide consumers with video demonstrations, personalized offers, instant checkout links, product recommendations, opt-ins, and much more.

Is RCS the Future of B2C Communication?

In short – Yes!

RCS Business Messaging or RBM is the future of business messaging because of one reason – everything boils down to a superior customer experience.

Moreover, rich media messaging is the perfect way for e-commerce businesses to get their products in front of customers without investing in expensive marketing strategies.

Here are some of the other reasons that make RBM a high-value proposition for future business communication;

  • Access to nearly 100% reachable customers on Android and iPhone devices.
  • Improved customer experience due to faster start time, higher quality videos and images, richer content types like product tags, reviews, etc., along with personalized messages.

Besides this, RBM is;

  • Responsive and engaging
  • Secure and relevant
  • Faster and flexible

This makes it a promising alternative to traditional business communication channels like Email.

How can existing businesses leverage RBM?

RBM can let you send notifications. You might want to send something important, like an OTP or a QR code for getting a ticket. It is also possible to integrate it with a chatbot that will start dialogues. This could be when someone has questions, needs help, wants feedback on products and services- the possibilities are endless. RBM allows all of that – by just upgrading barebone text messaging to rich media messages.

RBM is more than just a set of the features mentioned above; it also provides Read receipts, Delivery receipts, and Intelligent customization features for the customer.

RCS Business Messaging is a flexible and universal platform that caters to different industries like retail, tours and travels, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, etc. It offers adaptability for each of these sectors so that the communication experience for the customer is both fulfilling and rewarding.

RBM’s key features that make it highly capable

Seamless conversations with customers are where quality customer service reigns. An alternative to one-off interactions, Rich media messaging adds value to every customer’s journey.

This is precisely why RCS Business Messaging’s unparalleled capabilities make it unbeatable when compared to other channels.

These capabilities are as follows;

1) Rich Media Capabilities

Rich media messages can be more meaningful because they contain video clips, emojis, gifs, and chatbot integration. This makes a simple message expressive because it uses words, among other visual elements, to create an engaging experience for the customer.

2) Suggested Replies and Actions

RBM makes instantaneous queries and responsive replies a breeze in the B2C communication lifecycle. With quick reply templates, customers can respond faster. In addition to that, suggested actions can easily guide them through the following steps.

3) Superior Brand Trust

Every text message you receive via a business’ RBM channel is branded with their name and logo, adding credibility to the conversation.

4) True User Metrics

RBM provides companies with campaign insights based on individual conversation performance reports, including reading receipts, message open-time, and DLRs. So, brands can always map out what is working and not with an RBM channel campaign.

RBM, Marketing Automation & Personalization

When it comes to marketing automation, the possibilities are endless with SMS 2.0.

Imagine being able to send a customer an offer or coupon that they can redeem at their convenience wherever and whenever – all based on what a brand knows about them.

With responsive messaging as part of your RBM strategy, customers will feel appreciated for interacting with your company personally while receiving customized offers just for them (and not see this as annoying advertising).

This is one significant advantage of RBM over social media channels like Facebook & Twitter because each channel requires different posts explicitly tailored to that platform’s audience, which leads brands to create more content than necessary and spend too much money on campaigns that yield insignificant results.

Closing Note

It is safe to say that now is the time for operators and aggregators, especially in India, to develop initiatives similar to CCMI or Message+ to enhance messaging ways in RCS and its implementation in RBM. Wigzo and Route mobile are proudly driving this transformative initiative forward in the country. 

You can join the live webinar on 5th May 2021 to uncover deeper insights on RBM for enterprises. Register for the webinar on RBM for businesses here.

Stay tuned for hyper-growth!

Winay Bari

Winay Bari

Winay Bari is a passionate Digital Marketing Enthusiast with over 8+ years of experience in B2C, B2B SaaS Marketing. Currently working as Sr. Marketing Manager for Wigzo Technologies, Winay is an avid Chai Lover, Dreamer & Hustler!

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