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Best‌ ‌SMS‌ ‌Marketing‌ ‌Examples

With a 98% open rate and 35%, CTR SMS marketing is an exceptional technique for savvy marketers to bridge the gap amongst all the channels (email, push), scale-down cart abandonment rates, uplift sales and become the best in the eCommerce market.

Now in 2020, it’s going to be even bigger as it is becoming a new trend in the contemporary world. 

48.7 million people will choose to receive business SMS messages by next year, an increase of 23% from 2016.

SMS marketing has become one of the most prominent modern marketing techniques and is also a great option for small companies to make a big impact on their customer outreach. 


Unlike other marketing techniques, SMS acts as a direct line to the customer and builds a personal connection between them and your business. Also, customers are more likely to check and reply positively to a text message than to an email.

if you know the power of SMS marketing, you can leverage it for more revenue as performance metrics from SMS marketing campaigns are typically 25x or more than email marketing

Gen Y and Gen Z buyers have moved out of email and other platforms and are increasingly wanting to text with brands instead of responding to email.

Such reasons have built SMS marketing as an integral part of every direct-to-consumer brand marketing strategy.

Brands are also using SMS marketing for various high-volume events such as Thanksgiving, holiday seasons, or for notifications only.

SMS marketing for eCommerce brands is incredibly effective and because of this various eCommerce brands like to engage customers on SMS channels for three main things: Boosting brand awareness, Creating engagement from customers, Trigger more sales. Let’s take a look at them.


SMS Marketing Examples

Many eCommerce brands are already using SMS marketing for higher customer engagement and boost revenue. Consider the following example from different industries that are using SMS marketing. 

1. Subway


Subway SMS marketing campaigns are one of the best examples of how to advertise text marketing campaigns using other platforms. 

The objective of this campaign was to drive attention in receiving mobile coupons. This promotion could be placed in store windows, on billboards, or placed in bags as a flyer. Enticing with a question is a great way to get viewers to continue reading.

You can also check that Subway has also strategized to feature an appealing visual of their food, enticing consumers to read further into the offer. The placement of the Logo and visuals of their product are strategically placed. Key information like “offers” and “782929” are a different color. The long-winded details are composed in the graphic, but equalize to the side and create a smaller font to give emphasis on the important information. It also stimulates action by using commanding verbs. 

2. Tanning Service 


For Text blast looks in action, Political campaigns are a wonderful example of SMS Marketing.

With contrasting textures of solid color on top of a beach image, the relevant information in the graphic pops. The massive and most striking part of the graphic is “$20 OFF,” which peaks customer attention. Moreover, the phrase “Mobile VIP Club” on the campaign makes participants feel both exclusive and valuable.

Here if you will see in terms of background creativity, the visuals of a beach relate to the company’s service so the amount of capital you can save is the biggest part of the visual. In their phrase also it shows that users are part of an exclusive offer. 

3. Political Campaign


For Text blast looks like in action, Political campaign is a wonderful example of SMS marketing.

It has positive verbs and helpful information, it gets right to the point while facilitating viewers to contribute via a link. It clearly communicates a vision and how recipients of the message can get involved.

It crafts the situation and outlines the desired goal and Inspires action by using verbs like “invest” and “take back.” Also, shares a link where recipients can donate to the cause.

4. Red Cross Text-To-Donate


When it comes to Non Profit organizations or public health services, SMS marketing campaigns can be effective and beneficial. 

For example, The American Red Cross offered a text campaign to ask the public for donations. This technique can be a good substitute for paying volunteers to seek in-person donations, as it’s cost-effective and has a bigger reach. This campaign allows recipients to select their own donation size from the link provided.

In their campaign, they included concise and simple words that are easy to read. Also gave recipients the ability to get help or end messages by texting back a keyword. Lastly, Links that direct to the donation page.

5. American Idol


If we now talk about the entertainment industry, American Idol had one of the first successful and profitable worldwide SMS marketing campaigns. The use Sms marketing campaign was not related to offering their viewers a product or service, their use of text messages motivated engagement and worked wonders for their overall viewership. 

It is an incredible example of how a business or company can use SMS marketing to entice in their audience using text-to-vote or SMS surveys.

In the campaign they gave a fixed time window for viewers to vote on contestants, making the opportunity to participate in a time-sensitive limit. Revealed footage of audience members voting in real-time to engage viewers at home and then integrated SMS messaging into the structure of their show, offering viewers an expected time to vote on a weekly basis. 

6. Jack in the Box 


Jack in the Box is a fast-food chain that has a text club where it sends “top-secret stuff” to recipients. They use SMS marketing to share vouchers, discounts and sneak peeks at new products to draw people in.

Jack in the Box SMS marketing strategies as observed are exhilarating and delighting.

Here you can also point out that Jack in the Box tells people right upfront about what to expect (five messages each month). It helps recipients to know what they’re getting into when they sign up for your brand messages.



IKEA is the biggest furniture company in the world, with over 400 stores worldwide, selling affordable household items to millions of customers.

Besides being a popular company it also has powerful SMS marketing strategies to gain a customer. 

What they do is after obtaining your zip code and assuring you that great discounts or sales to come in four messages a month, they ask for your email address. IKEA use SMS marketing and email marketing together, they get email addresses of customers via text if they don’t have them already. 

8. Local Therapist


SMS messages don’t have to be solely promotional. Several local enterprises like doctor’s offices and therapists have started using SMS messages to send appointment confirmations and reminders. It is an important strategy since people tend to check their text messages more frequently than their email inbox.

When you share such messages always remember to include both the recipient’s and company’s name, the date and time of the appointment, the office location, and a phone number where the recipient can cancel or reschedule if needed. Furthermore, it should be shared 24 hours in advance.

9. Stellar Media Marketing


You can also nail the SMS marketing to promote a course you’re selling, keep people updated on company news, or send them to your most recent blog post. You can even use SMS messages to send people to Messenger such as sharing the message with a link that directs recipients to open Facebook Messenger and receive details on a good discount. 

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing is the fastest-growing digital marketing platform.

The goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty and a higher conversion rate. Around 66% of the audience prefer SMS over email/call as it is an instant and as it is an instant and convenient way to connect with the brand and get real-time information of the products and offers

In 2020, where companies are already facing challenges due to the current pandemic situation, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. For that build an exclusive SMS marketing strategy and start sharing it with your customers

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