12+ Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify


In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, are you looking for a channel to boost engagement and sales for your Shopify store?

We have Shopify SMS marketing apps for you…

With 87% of merchants users who have paid a total of over $100 million for the privilege and rely on the app, Shopify SMS holds a gigantic part of the eCommerce platform’s power.

It is a cloud-based and web hosting solution for all eCommerce marketers, which means marketers don’t have to bother about maintaining or upgrading software or web servers. Shopify will give them the flexibility to access and run a business from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

The main objective of Shopify SMS apps is to be “the world’s first global retail operating system” in this rising eCommerce environment.

SMS marketing Shopify Apps

Now let’s look at the various trending SMS marketing Shopify apps to boost engagement and sales.



Wigzo is a robust eCommerce SMS marketing and automation app that has replaced dozens of Shopify plugins with a single integrated solution.

It can help your eCommerce Shopify store to recover business revenue, boosts marketing ROI, and grows your overall sales.

Key Features:

  • Integrate with one-click
  • Personalized and Omnichannel automation
  • Turn on built-in flows
  • Seamless Data Sync
  • Customer segmentation
  • SMS list building tools
  • Get user-level insights

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SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger by Laralancer

SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger by Laralancer

SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger is developed by LaraLancer to provide the best solution for the Shopify store owners. 

With a Free and user-friendly tool, this app allows the users to download and use with very simple steps. Moreover, it is a fully automated and customizable app, so the store owners can design their stores with the best themes.

Besides, it also integrates with multiple tools such as Facebook messenger and SMS notifications on Shopify so it can authorize your store to attract more customers across the world.

Also, instead of only recovering abandoned carts, this app is so helpful to increase your sales as well as remind your customers.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated design with SMS and FB Messenger
  • Send SMS and Messenger notifications to customers when they abandon their cart
  • Customize the menu on Messenger easily
  • Enable sending the discounts through messages and SMS
  • Provide a countdown bar

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SMS, Web Push, Email by Firepush


Firepush has developed Firepush SMS, Web Push & Email Campaigns to help Shopify stores to uplift sales by automated retargeting and remarketing campaigns.

The app covers three major communication channels – mail, web push notifications, and SMS – in one single dashboard, helping you to adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing with ease.

With the help of Firepush, you can design and send abandoned cart recovery campaigns, requests for review, updates on customer service, and overall details of promotional campaigns. 

When sending out special offers or discount promotions, it’s easy to include a countdown timer to show a sense of urgency. Customers can use shared discount codes and apply them automatically at the checkout process, instead of navigating to remember the code.

Key Features:

  • An omnichannel marketing solution for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores
  • Helps to increase sales and customer lifetime value through targeted promotional campaigns
  • Helps to increase your ROI by retargeting paid traffic from your Google and Facebook ads
  • Allows you to remarket to abandoned cart shoppers automatically
  • Helps you to automatically build social proof
  • 24/7 customer support by live chat and email

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SMSBump SMS Marketing


SMSBump SMS Marketing + More created by the iSense Ltd. team is an excellent assistant tool for all Shopify eCommerce store administrators to recover carts and effectively boost sales with SMS messages.

With this app, you can configure text automation based on specific events in your store.

Also, you can create various marketing campaigns in a few seconds and get results tracked, schedule the campaigns, and many more. 

Moreover, It assists you to monitor Shopify discount codes and filter specific countries to send the messages and lastly improve the cost-saving by not sending SMS messages if they cost more than a preset value.

Key Features:

  • Inputting quiet hours according to your store’s timezone
  • Allow user to put a restriction on a specific country
  • Optimize the cost by placing the maximum amount allowed
  • Generate automated lists based on customer interaction
  • Enable users to use emojis to attract more customers

SMS Notifications by Onjection labs


SMS Notification developed by Onjection Labs is one of the best apps that help you send SMS to your clients.

As they make a purchase, there will be some important information to notify them such as the delivery status or the order cancellation. With this app, you don’t have to waste too much money on undelivered shipments.

It provides you with the fastest way to inform your clients via SMS. All information will be transferred simply and immediately. 

Furthermore, this app informs the customers about their abandoned cart and inspires them to recover it by offering to recover SMS. Your abandoned products will be decreased dramatically. 

This app also shows your sincerity by sending messages to thank your customers for purchasing your items. If there come new orders, it will let your store admins know instantly. 

Key Features:

  • Send your customers SMS about their order information
  • Alert the clients to recover their abandoned cart
  • Share Thank you SMS to customers and urge them to purchase more
  • Notify to your store admins if new orders are coming
  • Help you reduce costs associated with undelivered shipments

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Superhuman Checkout Recovery by Savemysales

Superhuman Checkout Recovery

Superhuman Checkout Recovery developed by SaveMySales, Inc can help in recovering the lost sales.

SaveMySales is known as an effective solution to help save abandoned carts from stopping being sold. 

The app uses SMS messages to all of the abandoned cart customers to begin conversions and close sales. Besides, you can watch your SMS conversation in real-time and you can track some key metrics such as sales, reach, and order value. Moreover, the app can provide users with phone or text account supports.

Also, the SaveMySales app can analyze the sales numbers and configure the optimization with the customer’s account.

Key Features:

  • Improve cart abandoned recovery to increase sales
  • Manage users’ account to boost up the performance
  • Enable to offer a discount to maximize sales
  • Send messages to abandoned carts shoppers
  • Get sales numbers analyzed

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ProWebSms by Technovergence


With ProWebSms SMS Notifications invented by Technovergence, you can take care of all of your customers by automatically sending SMS. 

When a customer does any action such as checkout or register, they will receive an SMS notification prepared by ProWebSms SMS Notifications immediately.

With this app you can not only automate SMS but can have personalized messages to share with customers to enhance interaction with them.

Every inconvenience about SMS gateways difference will be eliminated as ProWebSms SMS Notifications accepts every of the SMS gateways available. 

To control your communications with your customers, ProWebSms SMS Notifications also provides the customers with a filtering function to filter your customers based on their information such as their number of orders or the checkout date. 

Integrates with Twilio, nexmo, msg91, android, mobily.ws, WhatsApp.

Key Features:

  • Send SMS to notify customers about actions
  • All SMS gateways allowed
  • Allow communications with customers
  • Personalized SMS to send to the customers
  • Customers can be filtered to be easier to control

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Postscript SMS & MMS Marketing by Stodge LLC

Postscript SMS & MMS Marketing stodge

Postscript SMS & MMS Marketing, which is created by Stodge LLC, is a wonderful marketing channel for all Shopify eCommerce stores to send text campaigns, create marketing automation, and drive new revenue.

With only one click using personalized SMS marketing campaigns, text messages based on customers’ actions like product announcements, sales, and discounts, abandoned cart reminders are sent to them. 

This app has many perks such as increasing TCPA compliant subscribers list, creating targeted text marketing campaigns using your Shopify data, two-way communication with customers and unveiling a brand new marketing platform that drives gigantic ROI for your store.

With Postscript SMS & MMS Marketing, you can not only analyze the productivity of all of the messages, campaigns, and automation but can also review the revenue your messages are receiving. 

Key Features:

  • Segment customers and send targeted SMS marketing campaigns
  • Review the performance and analyze the revenue
  • Keep the customer data clean and up-to-date
  • Automatically handle all customer requests
  • Integrate with SMS, abandoned cart, shipping notifications, MMS

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SMS Alerts US & CA by Mobikasa


SMS alerts by Mobikasa are bulk SMS service Shopify App designed to help your customers get quick & timely SMS notifications

By the SMS Alerts Shopify app, all the changes in the shops will be notified immediately via SMS to the store owner’s private phone. 

With multiple ready-made templates. it is easy for the users to have all the notifications from the order confirmation, shipment creation to order cancellation. 

Another excellent element, Intelligent SMS reporting tools that will help the eCommerce store owners to present a graphical and elaborative report. 

Key Features:

  • Enable alert the users with instant SMS
  • Add the message’s statuses
  • Automatically install and set up SMS
  • Easy to customize the SMS templates
  • Create the graphical reports

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Voodoo SMS


Voodoo SMS is a Shopify app designed by Voodoosms.com to keep customers consistently updated and notified in the fastest and simplest way possible: text messages. 

This extension will allow you to set up notifications for different points of the shipping process when someone buys an item from you.

With Voodoo, you can send SMS to customers regarding order journeys or when they place new orders. Also, the sender’s ID of the SMS will be your brand name. 

With the aid of its web portal, you could send customers bulk messages for SMS promotion campaigns. Also, the app makes sure you always keep track of every text delivery status with its real-time report.

Key Features:

  • Share SMS updates to customers on order status or new orders
  • Display your brand name as the sender’s ID
  • Report on the delivery status of every text sent
  • Pay for each message sent
  • Bulk SMS promotion campaigns with the aid of web portal

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SMS Notify by Egrove Systems


SMS Notify developed by eGrove Systems Corporation is a unique app integrated with Twilio SMS gateway API that can send SMS to your customers all around the world. 

SMS Notify by eGrove app can help you give your website the authority to interchange messages of any range or type. You get worldwide reach, delivery intelligence, and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks, all with the minimum development effort.

With this, you will get plenty of useful things for your online store. Whenever there is important information about your customers’ orders, you can inform them in the fastest and cheapest way by using SMS Notify. Moreover, you can depend on it to create an SMS campaign to draw your clients’ attention and build their faith.

With his app, you can drive enormous traffic to view items on your online store and boost your sales. 

Key Features:

  • Send SMS to your clients to inform them about the orders
  • Create SMS campaigns and offer exclusive deals to customers
  • Allow you to send SMS to world-wide customers or each customer group
  • Enable you to share customized SMS content based on your store events
  • Drive more traffics to view items on your online store

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SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery by Sms Blitz inc


SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery app invented by SMS blitz inc brings customers back to their save abandoned cart. It is easy to use and you can install the app without any help and start setting up your messages. 

As you might not know, all carts and information of customers can be saved, which makes the checkouts easier for them. Besides, SMS texts contain a higher open rate. Abandoned carts emails are profitable and these messages are the high open rate that compares to emails. 

Text messages on abandoned carts are automatic, which means you do not need to spend much time on it. All you need to do is to choose the times you want to send messages to your customers and you are almost done. You can send a maximum of 3 messages and wait for the customers to come back. 

Besides, the app enables you to customize meals and automatically share a discount voucher to increase your business sales.

Key Features:

  • Text Message Abandoned Cart Recovery. Reduce abandoned carts!
  • Send up to 3 messages to abandoned customers
  • Save cart and customers’ information
  • Scheduled text messages
  • Personalize messages
  • Share an automated message along with coupon code to boost sales

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FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification by Hexasoft Development


FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification APP by Hexamdevelopment, helps merchants to authenticate the customer’s identity by sending them an SMS for verification.

This app is created to trigger the cart page to approve the client’s uniqueness. If the customer is unable to verify themselves, they are not permitted to proceed to the checkout page. The SMS content for every customer should be different to verify themselves to support and protect you from payment frauds.

With this app, you can reduce the order refund as it offers the customers verification before the checkout. When they have verified themselves one more time, they will make sure to purchase the products. 

FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification is a free app for you to install and upon installation 10 free SMS credits will be added to your account. 1 credit will be consumed for each SMS verification that is sent to the customer. You may top up the credits at any time when it is running low. 

Key Features:

  • Make sure that your clients enter the correct phone numbers
  • Minimize payment fraud by recognizing the spoofed phone numbers
  • Provide customer verification before checkout to scale-down the order refund
  • Send the clients SMS notification to verify the uniqueness of them
  • Help you authenticate your customers’ identities

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Final Thoughts

Lately, if there is a go-to eCommerce platform, it’s Shopify with 1 million stores overall.

Shopify SMS is an all-in-one platform with all the eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

As you can see, there are many trending Shopify SMS apps to leverage your online store functions. Analyze these apps based on your preference and then integrate any of the aforementioned apps to excel in your business.

But in terms of the best ranking Shopify SMS app.

If you’re looking for a full Suite for SMS marketing and automation for your Shopify store​ with Zero integration on your part, Wigzo is a must-try app for you to enhance your business performance.

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