Sales for Shopify Store: 5 Ways Of Optimizing Your Store’s Performance

Sales for Shopify Store 5 Ways Of Optimizing Your Store's Performance

The e-commerce industry is currently booming. It has covered various domains like retail, real estate, pharma, and education in less than a decade. In India, retail e-commerce is expected to touch $200bn by 2027, up from $50bn in 2018.

Speaking of global statistics, the B2C e-commerce sales are ready to make $4.8tr this year, and guess what? We are just three weeks away from ringing in the New Year. Consumers crazy for online shopping are in for a treat!

But this also means they are spoiled for choice. One bad online buying experience can instigate them never to return to that e-commerce store.

Shopify: The E-commerce Boss

If you are a specialized Shopify website developer or Shopify marketer, then you must be aware of Shopify and its capabilities. Did you know there are more than 500,000 businesses across 175 countries using the e-commerce platform?

Do you run an e-commerce store? If yes, then you can relate to the pains of boosting conversions continuously. Since it is the holiday season, the pressure to segment your target audience, generate leads, and drive maximum revenue is upon you.

In this article, we will take a look at the four most potent tools of e-commerce that can successfully help you boost your Shopify store performance. Read on:

Boost your Shopify Store Performance with these 5 Tools

1. Exit Popups

Popups can sometimes be annoying and make it difficult for website visitors to go where they want to go. Therefore, you can apply exit-intent instead of installing a popup that arrives on the page right at the beginning or while browsing.

What is that, you ask?

It is the popup that shows when the visitor’s mouse leaves the browser window. Yup – the one that comes right when you are about to leave the webpage. What better way to pull back visitors with a discount or a coupon code when they are visiting your e-commerce store?

Exit Popups

Exit-Intent technology can help you understand your audience’s behavior better and optimize the browsing experience for them. This means you will be able to boost on-site revenue, recover abandoned carts, increase social media following, and upsurge email subscription rates.

2. Live Chat

They say live chat is the ultimate sales hack. Forrester reports Wells Fargo saw a double-digit increase in conversions after they added this feature on the website. Tools such as Olark, LivePerson, BoldChat, and Kayako have made it possible for e-commerce stores to bank on the potential of live chats.

All you have to make sure of is to keep these three points in mind:

  • Don’t use offline chat as it is rude and disappointing. If people see a chatbox, they want to chat. Did you know 50-60% of leads come through after-hours (Kissmetrics)? If you can’t employ a customer care rep for this task 24/7, drop this idea.
  • Answer within 15 seconds. If it takes the rep longer than that, the potential customer is already long gone!
  • Check out your traffic insights. Are you targeting the right set of people? What are the top 5 questions asked? These might be worth taking a look at.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is revolutionizing the online shopping experience. No, seriously. It is! You will be surprised to know that Facebook has the highest conversion rate. Therefore, it is high time your e-commerce store put FB messenger to good use!

facebook messenger marketing - sales for shopify store

The platform can help you inform your customers about an ongoing sale or time-bound coupon codes and instigate them to buy something from you quickly. Since you already have the customer’s browsing and purchase history and location, you can make appropriate suggestions.

The Facebook messenger can act as a virtual shopping assistant and help your buyer pick out the right choice. If not that, you can deliver shipping notifications via the platform.

Did you know you can lose as many as 15% of your customers if you ignore their requests on social media? And businesses that do respond to social queries can grow by 20-40%! For immediate assistance, Facebook Messenger Marketing is perfect!

4. Web Push Notifications

It’s not a surprise that businesses have seen a 33% increase in the conversions of cart-abandoning customers and a 29% better engagement with personalized notifications.

Mr. Button, an e-commerce store for men, uses the push strategy to engage with their customers as per their location. Their notifications nudge the subscriber to hit the store, given that he is just 2kms away from it.

web push notifications - sales for shopify store

Reduce cart abandonment rates, keep the customers informed and give them a reason to shop (of new product arrivals, shipping details, discounts, price dips, etc.) with the push. As an e-commerce owner, you have to find ways to amp up your conversions continuously. Push notification is certainly a tried and tested marketing tactic.

We see a new one getting launched every day due to the ease of creating an online store on Shopify. It only goes to say that the competition isn’t decreasing. That’s why it is time to start focusing on the sales for your next year, starting today.

5. Email Marketing Automation

Despite the advent of new marketing channels, email marketing continues to be a profitable channel compared to its competitors.

The email has remained effective because it provides a means to connect with the individual consumer. The opt-in nature of email makes it only possible for merchants to contact those who allow them access into their inboxes.

E-commerce businesses can sell products to an audience more effectively through email marketing because this method reaches people who have expressly stated they are interested in hearing about their brand.

Benefits of Email Marketing for E-Commerce

  • Targeted – you can create segments based on location, demographics, purchase behavior, and other factors to have an audience relevant to your business.
  • Reach – email marketing allows businesses the opportunity to reach multiple audiences with ease.
  • Personalization- The ability to personalize each message makes it more effective in drawing customers’ attention and persuading.

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