Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment with Automated SMS Cart Recovery

Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment with Automated SMS Cart Recovery

Cart abandonment is a big problem for many e-commerce websites. 

It’s estimated that as much as 70% of all online shopping carts never get checked out and end up being abandoned. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of potential revenue on the table, and it also means that people are not getting the products they want. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce cart abandonment with automated SMS Cart Recovery!

This blog post will discuss ways to reduce cart abandonment using an automated SMS Cart Recovery workflow with a powerful tool like Wigzo.

Let us get going!

Why Do Customers Abandon Shopping Carts?

Adding products of interest into a shopping cart is usually an impulsive decision or one with little thought to it – checking out with the cart after paying for it is not!

Your customers may be abandoning shopping carts for many reasons, and fixing this would require identifying those reasons. As per recent research by Baymard Institute, the following statistical reasons might be keeping your customers from hitting that ‘Pay Now’ button;

  1. Pricing: As high as 50% of your customers will abandon an e-cart if they find the shipping and service fee too high or if they see a surprising jump in the final price because it wasn’t disclosed to them earlier.
  2. Registrations: Everyone hates forceful ‘Account’ creations to buy a product when they are ready to pay instantly. Lack of guest check-ins can keep 28% of your customers from completing shopping checkout.
  3. Lengthy Checkout: Ideally, if it takes more than 3-steps to buy a product from your store, you might lose 21% of the customers who are ready to buy from you.
  4. Security: Online payment security remains another issue for many customers. If your site is not SSL secure and hosts trusted payment gateways, you’ll be losing most of your high-ticket customers.

Besides the above-listed reasons, there can be many more like non-responsive mobile e-commerce website/app, lack of product meta description during checkout steps, high-quality images, no reviews, etc.

Don’t lose heart, though!

With automated SMS cart recovery campaigns and an optimized user journey, your e-commerce brand can recover up to 60% of these otherwise lost sales – Yay! more money 😉

SMS Campaigns: Your Revenue Savior

SMS is still relevant to a large and young population – and for all the good reasons. It is a proven channel to acquire new customers at scale, send personalized offers, recover abandoned shopping carts, and boost sales. SMS is a great channel to power your abandoned cart recovery campaigns because; 

  • SMSes have an open rate of more than 96 percent
  • Users can be engaged offline
  • Their text-only structure is non-complicated and straightforward

Moreover, creating an SMS cart recovery campaign is a matter of only a few minutes – especially with a drag-and-drop automation tool like Wigzo and a text-marketing template repository like BrandsThatText.com.

Below are 3 tried and tested ways to leverage these state-of-art resources to boost your cart recovery revenue.

Create SMS Nudge Automation for Cart Recovery

SMS Nudge Automation

With Wigzo, you can create custom cart-recovery SMS campaigns for every user scenario.

For instance, you can write an excellent copy or get a text template from BTT and use Wigzo’s automation flow-builder to set a trigger for ‘SMS Nudge’ after 3 hours when they have abandoned the cart.

You can include Wigzo’s proprietary ‘Magic Link’ that can be included in the target SMS. Once the customer receives it, they can click on the link and land straight to the checkout page with all their original products on the cart restored.

Minimize Discounts via SMS for Cart Recovery

Discounts via SMS for Cart Recovery

Discounts are fantastic and loved universally by all buyers. However, too much of them will only hurt your revenue. This is because many psychological factors are at play here.

For instance, if you send a heavy/regular discount when customers abandon their cart, you will only see this monster get bigger. Why? Because once your customers figure out that you send them discounts for completing a purchase, they’ll become habitual of this practice.

So, moderation is the key here. You can set an SMS cart recovery campaign with a discount for first-time buyers. For others, you can set a different campaign without any discount.

Leverage Urgency & Exclusivity for Recovery

Leverage Urgency & Exclusivity for Recovery (1)

A customer leaving products on the checkout straight away tells you that they were recently very interested in them and almost completed the checkout. But, for some reason, they left.

Now, you can use urgency and exclusivity to help them complete that last step. For instance, if a customer left a bulk cart with too many products in it, you can send them a nudge recovery SMS that says – “Hurry! only 5 hours left before the prices go up.” This is an example of urgency.

To use the principle of exclusivity, your SMS can say something like – “Hi, Sarah! We see you left the last of our exclusive LV Bag in your cart. We’d love you to have it before someone else grabs it :-).”

If Sarah loved that bag, knowing that it was the last one should motivate her to complete the purchase.

SMS can be a precious tool for your e-commerce brand to recover lost revenue and promote your brand via tailored campaigns.

Bring Wigzo and its unparalleled e-commerce growth capabilities into the scene, and you get a killer online e-tail growth system.

Don’t wait! Take Wigzo for a FREE spin now.

Happy selling 🙂

Kaberi Gogoi

Kaberi Gogoi

Kaberi is currently working with Wigzo and has a 6+ years of expertise in devising result-focused digital strategies and campaigns. During her leisure time, she enjoys shopping for plants and pottery. Linkedin

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