[New Feature] Now Set Recurring Broadcasts for Better E-Commerce Engagement!

[New Feature] Now Set Recurring Broadcasts for E-Commerce Engagement!

Automation is at the core of successful e-commerce marketing in the contemporary digital landscape. Reducing human-input in marketing operations and streamlining the crucial processes of acquiring, engaging, and converting online customers has always been at the heart of Wigzo’s mission.

Owing to improved e-commerce automation capabilities for its e-commerce users, Wigzo has announced a new feature launch – Recurring broadcasts for email, SMS and push notifications!

Let us understand the crux of this new feature and how it will uplift the engagement bottom line for online retail brands.

What is a ‘Recurring Broadcast’ anyway?

As the term suggests, recurring broadcasts are instances of custom messages or announcements that are sent to the audience repeatedly over a fixed interval. A recurring broadcast campaign is fully automated, and the users can customize the parameters like day, time, and frequency of ‘recurrence’.

The best part is that Wigzo’s recurring broadcasts work for push, emails, and SMS campaigns. That means you can ensure automated engagements for your audience at suitable intervals. 

How to create a recurring broadcast campaign in Wigzo?

Creating a recurring broadcast campaign in Wigzo is truly simple. The users can follow the below-listed steps to accomplish this:

Step 1. Go to ‘Broadcasts’ in your Wigzo dashboard.


Step 2. Click on ‘Create New Broadcast’.


Now, you’ll have to complete four quick steps to set up your first recurring campaign. 

Step 3. Select the channel for which the recurring broadcast is to be created. 


You can choose from Email, SMS, and push as per your marketing strategy.

Step 4. Write the campaign message.


Make sure your message is crisp and clear. Keep the message enticing and straightforward to persuade your audience to take the desired action. E.g. instead of using a verbose message like ‘We are running a limited time discount of 10%. Sign-up now to avail’, you can simply use – ‘Get flat 10% off Sign-up now!’.

Step 5. Define your target audience.


You can set a custom target audience for recurring broadcast campaigns. We recommend using customer segments for the same. If you are not using customer segments already, here is a great blog to help you get started.  

Step 6. Set campaign schedule.


This is the final step to setting up your recurring broadcast campaign. 

Beneath the ‘Start Sending’ label, you’ll see three options – 1) Send Immediately 2) Custom Date and 3) Recurring. Follow these quick steps to set time and frequency parameters for your broadcast campaign:

  • Choose the ‘Recurring’ option. 
  • Define ‘Start At’ parameters. Set the desired date and time for the campaign to start. 
  • Set the ‘Repeat Every(Days)’ parameter to define the frequency of the recurring message. For E.g. if you set it to ‘2’ your message will be broadcasted to the set target audience every 2 days from the start time. 
  • Finally, set the ‘Stop At’ parameter to define the date and time when your broadcast campaign stops running. 

Viola! You’ve created your first recurring broadcast campaign 🙂

What are the use cases for the ‘Recurring Broadcast’ feature?

For smart marketers, the ability to repeatedly send targeted messages to the audience is a handy arrow in the quiver of effective strategies. 

Recurring broadcasts power pack the punch of higher ROI and better recall effect for e-commerce brands. Below are some powerful use cases for recurring broadcasts when coupled with different channels:

1. Drive more first time purchases

The first obstacle before acquiring a long-term loyal customer is the first sale. It is well established that driving repeat sales is easier than converting a customer for the first time. Luckily, recurring broadcasts can ease the situation. 

For instance, marketers can set weekly recurring broadcast messages for the ‘first-time’ or ‘new site visitors’ segment. They can probably offer a discount or coupon via email, push, or SMS to encourage more first-time purchases. 

With a recurring customer onboarding offer, e-commerce brands will notice a higher conversion rate for new e-store visitors.   

2. Hook your audience to come back for routine deals

Setting up your own ‘mega sales’ day is a powerful notion for every e-commerce brand. Not only it creates more authority and loyalty in the respective retail space but also pushes repeat sales. You can use recurring broadcasts to ‘hook’ your audience for discounts and best deal days. Think Amazon’s ‘Big Billion Day’ when we say that!

For instance, you can create a campaign like ‘Super Sales Day’ every 20th of the month. Then, create a recurring broadcast for the same for Email, push, and SMS to drive more sales on the 20th of every subsequent month.

3. Create early buzz for upcoming sales and offers

You might have already planned a crazy sales campaign. Though, if every new and existing visitor had it running in their heads, the ROI will breach the roof! Recurring broadcasts can achieve this, as well. 

E.g. you can use a recurring email broadcast to create initial buzz for your upcoming sales campaign. Then, as the day comes near, you can set recurring messages via push and SMS to nurture more prospects for sales on the big day.  

4. Enhance brand recall with great offers

A common challenge for digital retail brands is having to remind their existing customer base to purchase from them continually. However, with automated broadcasts that run at fixed intervals, this problem can be solved for much better returns. This is achieved via enhanced ‘brand recall’. 

Broadcasts are a great way to increase your brand’s recall points. Simply put, brand recall is a metric that makes you stand out in the minds of your customers whenever they think of purchasing something. With an intermittent automated campaign, you can target different audience clusters as a reminder of your presence with great offers. Think of it as a nudge when your audience engagement drops occasionally.  

However, we recommend against the overuse of broadcast to keep your audience subscription rate from plummeting. Its real power lies in the judicious and wise use!

The applications of this new feature by Wigzo are only limited by imagination. While it can reduce the annual customer churn rate, it can drive in more opt-ins and conversions when aligned with an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Want to see how recurring broadcasts will benefit your e-commerce business? Request a FREE Demo now!

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Ankit Arya

Ankit Arya

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