Put the Power of Marketing Personalization to Work [Infographic]

marketing personalization

Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day. Most of them are interruptive, generic, and devoid of relevance to the consumer as an individual. How can an advertiser get noticed?

It’s important to ensure the message is compelling and persuasive. It should demonstrate that the brand is fluent in the culture of the target demographic. Also paramount for the message to be placed in the media where it will be noticed.

At MDG Advertising, we help brands do all these things, and more. In our experience, one effective tactic is sadly overlooked by many marketers: Personalization. Modern technology and processes are readily available to make marketing more personalized, but companies acknowledge they could do better.

The need for personalization is clear. 72% of consumers are unmoved by generic marketing, and 58% of shoppers say companies should tailor sales and discounts to their needs. The experience with websites is similarly lackluster. 74% of web users are put off by sites that don’t address their needs.

Brands hear the frustration of their consumers. They know they aren’t delivering the personalization in demand. However, despite the clear need, 60% of marketers report challenges personalizing their offerings to the consumer.

At MDG Advertising, we help our clients reach their consumers with relevant and compelling messages. In the process, we’ve developed approaches to improve our clients’ personalizing strategies. Our infographic 4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization features valuable tips we’ve learned along the way. On the Infographic, each step comes complete with facts and advice that will help marketers make more personalized messaging. The 4 steps are as follows: Smart Personalization, Create A Single View Of The Customer, Invest In Top-Notch Data And Systems, and Be Transparent, Accessible, and Secure.

Smart Personalization: Putting a customer’s name in an email is not sufficient for a message to be truly personalized. This is an example of a personalization tactic based on static information, which makes it less effective. Instead, personalized emails should be triggered by customer behavior, such as their most recent purchases or requests for information.

Create A Single View Of The Customer: How can marketers create messaging triggered by individual behavior, or tailored to a customer’s needs and preferences? Each customer must be treated individually, with all their associated data in one place. It’s worth the effort. Customers appreciate the simpler and higher-quality experience.

Invest In Top-Notch Data And Systems: How can marketers gain this single view of the customer? Good data. How is this data gathered? By investing money and spending time to get it right. Powerful platforms are available to gather data, and organizations must be coordinated to collect, analyze, and use data.

Be Transparent, Accessible, and Secure: Customers favor personalization but have legitimate concerns about data security. Responsible data-gathering requires honesty, transparency, and vigilance about security.

Learn more about the power of marketing personalization in this infographic.
4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic]



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