Demystifying Powerful Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Super E-tail Sales

Demystifying Powerful Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Super E-tail Sales

In the endeavor to keep the CRO moving upwards, e-commerce brands have to constantly cut through the chaos, tweak, optimize and execute almost everything – over and over. 

Conversion Rate Optimization requires meticulous structure in your user journeys, campaigns, sales funnels, optimized user experience, and customer retention strategies. 

Can you rightly pack these power punches in your marketing bag at once?

If not, no worries. Cybez and Wigzo have recorded an exclusive webinar to help your brand move up the CRO ladder and 10x your revenue as you watch it grow.  

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Blog lovers can read further, where we will discuss six effective CRO strategies for supercharging your e-commerce sales. 

Let us get going!

1. Leverage Push Notifications


Be it mobile app marketing, mobile SMS marketing, or mobile web marketing – your e-commerce brand has to leverage push notifications for their simplicity and effectiveness.

The online marketing world is so full of fluff content that even the best pieces tend to get lost in the volume.

If you want people to come back to your website, you need to remind them of your existence – before they find a substitute for you and forget about you altogether. This is where web push notifications come in. If your business has a mobile app, make use of push notifications to notify your audience/users of new content or an update of your business offerings.

Push notifications will help you, particularly if you struggle to get new subscribers or grow your existing list quickly. 

2. Fix Your Landing Pages


Designing a landing page is easy. However, designing a high-converting landing page with a copy that literally ‘arrests’ the user’s attention is a whole different affair. As an e-commerce brand, you must invest in conversion copywriting and responsive landing page designs. 

Suppose you plan to launch a proprietary product in your e-store – an anti-slip bathroom slippers Slippies. To ensure that the product is well-exposed and receives pre-orders, begin by writing an enticing copy. It can be quirky – Non-slipping bathroom slippies. Or something as banal yet honest as Bathroom slipping injuries can cost dearly. Ensure safety in $3 with these slippies. The creative copy variations are endless. It is all about the product’s category, brand, segment, and end-users that together can weave a likable brand story. 

Then comes the landing page design. This is probably the biggest fix you can make for your conversion campaigns. Remember – design hooks, copy moves!

3. Deliver Omnichannel Personalization at Scale


Brands that have clarity about their customer personalization and engagement goals have a superior CRO than their counterparts. 

Deploying personalization at major customer touchpoints and engaging them one-on-one can be decisive factors in boosting your conversion bottom line. To aid this marketing goal of yours, marketing automation will be your best asset. 

For instance, you can set email automation workflows to engage your users at regular intervals, use smart customer segmentation to send them personalized offers, and even send personalized text-based messages at scale. 

4. Retarget For Successful CRO

social media retargeting

Suppose you have a separate marketing budget in place to give your content a little boost as and when required, ditch running new ads all the time. Instead, an effective way to keep a visitor engaged with what your website offers is to show him the same or similar things frequently on his most active channels.

For instance, remember how you browsed through a pair of shoes on an eCommerce website, and then it continued to follow you around on Facebook till you finally decided to go back to the website and buy them? Yes, that is retargeting.

When you retarget, your marketing budget spend gets optimized because these are people who have already previously shown interest in your website and more like to engage again.

5. ‘Nudge’ Users to Convert On-Site

onsite notifications (nudge)

Enhancing the average engagement time for your users by making them stay longer on your e-store can dramatically uplift conversions. Besides recovering abandoned carts, you can minimize the user bounce rate for better conversion via Exit Intent pop-ups to achieve this goal. For instance, Wigzo’s On-site Nudge predicts the probability of a user leaving the e-commerce website and can trigger a last-minute custom message to retain them and encourage them to take a conversion action. 

E.g., your user might have been browsing for ‘snow boots’ but decides to leave for some reason. On-site Nudge can sense this and trigger a pop-up, offering a 20% discount valid for another 30 minutes. But, of course, the user then decides to redeem the offer and make a purchase!

Wigzo’s on-site nudge is a powerful tool to speed up customer journeys towards checkout. You can quickly deploy;

  • Recommendation Nudge
  • Social Proof Nudge
  • Exit Intent Nudge
  • Welcome Nudge

Drag and drop these nudges along different user journeys to send your sales funnels into an overdrive.

6. Focus on Abandoned Cart Recovery

Cart Abandonment based Segmentation

Cart abandonment can badly hurt your sales conversions and marketing efforts. Too many abandoned carts at the checkout mean loss of sales and wasted money on campaigns that bought the user up to that point. 

This will happen 7 out of 10 times!

However, your CRO initiative can curb this problem and battle cart abandonment effectively. We are talking about automated cart recovery and nudge methods to do so. 

For instance, as soon as the user abandons their purchase at your checkout, you can re-engage them via WhatsApp and email after a set interval. You can even set the cart recovery process on automation with Wigzo’s powerful WhatsApp Cart Recovery. 

Once the user drops their purchase, they’ll receive a WhatsApp nudge message with a link to their original cart and products. 60% of the time, the user will go back to the payments page via that link and complete the purchase. 

That means you gain 60% of the otherwise lost sales – a giant leap for your overall conversions. 

You can read about effective WhatsApp e-commerce cart recovery and implement it in your conversion rate optimization manifesto.  

Closing Note

Found this blog valuable? You can watch the exclusive webinar recording by Cybez and Wigzo to gain deeper insights on CRO implementation, or take Wigzo for a FREE trial spin – and see how it can boost your CRO soon after its implementation.

Your turn to grow 🙂

Saad Mohammad

Saad Mohammad

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