Why Is Mobile Marketing Automation Critical For Your E-commerce Brand’s Growth?

Mobile Marketing Automation For Ecommerce

Did you know that mobile users have already claimed more than 50% of online traffic compared to desktop users?

People have begun to use their smartphones as an integral part of their life – sort of a magic point from where all their activities, interests, and behavior flow out in the form of data points. This observation is especially critical for e-commerce businesses looking to tap into the ‘next big what’ trend to scale efficiently. 

That ‘next big what’ is mobile marketing, and the pathway to succeed in it is mobile marketing automation. 

In this blog, we will see why mobile marketing automation is critical for e-tail brands and how you can get started to maximize your ROI. 

Let us get going!

Why Mobile Marketing for E-commerce?

Due to the changing preferences of online users, many businesses no longer target desktop users. In fact, smartphone device usage leads all other kinds of devices and is expected to be in the majority by 2021.

“In particular, more than two-thirds (68%) of e-commerce transactions happen on mobile today.”

Think about mobile usage in search engines, for example. According to Statista, mobile devices accounted for 56% of organic search engine visits in Q1 2020 alone. This makes mobile SEO and online marketing essential for small businesses, especially e-tailers, to grow well online.

Furthermore, responding to email is another activity people are far more likely to carry out on a smartphone.

E.g., Campaign Monitor concluded that 68% of email campaigns now get opened on a mobile device. That is a boost of over 40% since 2015, a 60% jump from the mark in 2010.

What does Mobile Marketing Automation for E-commerce Mean?

Mobile marketing automation is nothing but your digital marketing operations optimized for mobile device experience to push the leads down the sales funnel faster and more efficiently. 

Mobile marketing automation revolves around push notifications, in-app notifications, on-site behavioral nudge, email marketing automation, SMS, and mobile analytics. 

What Marketing Operations can be Automated?

Modern Customer Data Platforms and AI-based e-commerce marketing automation tools like Wigzo can automate customer journey and other processes in entirety. For instance, with Wigzo, you can automate;

These operations represent just the tip of the iceberg of what mobile marketing automation can be utilized for. These automated mobile marketing campaigns allow marketers to save time, which can be used in performing other crucial tasks. Mobile marketing automation generates faster sales and strong growth for e-commerce brands.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation for E-commerce Brands

Here are the precious benefits of mobile marketing automation for e-tailers.

1. Time is Money

“Automating marketing operations saves a lot of time. Research shows that automation can save more than 6 hours per week and increase the reply rate by 250%. “

Repetitive tasks can be automated for flawless execution again and again to save time and energy. For example, email customer filters save you the emotional labor of going through your inbox every morning by moving messages into containers based on their content or sender.

2. Hyper-Personalization for Customers

Hyper-personalization is the process of a brand using customer data from their CRM to predict what other products they will enjoy. An easy example can be seen in shopping websites that recommend similar products based on our browsing history, like Amazon and Walmart’s sites.

Generating hyper-personalized marketing campaigns requires a deep understanding of the brand and customers. Mobile analytics prove to be a great source for this. 

Brands need to find the right technology and infrastructure to support their hyper-personalization efforts. And, mobile marketing automation only supports their endeavor to deliver a stunning user experience. 

3. Leverage the Power of Localization

Whether you realize it or not, your smartphone follows you everywhere. That means using mobile marketing to target your customers is pretty much unavoidable. E-commerce retailers can use this localization strategy to boost sales by dynamizing offers and content based on combined physical location and address book data.

Geofencing is one example of such localized mobile marketing. That’s when you establish a virtual area with a fence around it. When someone with your mobile app enters the geofenced area, they get a push notification. You can use the power of geofencing to drive more walk-ins in your physical store, for instance.

Under the localization umbrella of mobile marketing, e-tailers can also focus on improving their local SEO. That means narrowing the locations around your warehouse or store, optimizing for the keywords, and driving more local sales to save on shipping costs and yield more revenue!

Remember, tailor your user journey and experience for mobile when going local!

You can read more about Geofencing for mobile marketing in our detailed blog. 

4. Optimize User Journeys and Funnels

Mobile marketing automation helps you captivate mobile users and a chance to automate their journey for the best possible conversion rate. 

For instance, you can leverage mobile behavioral analytics to greet first-time site visitors with a welcome coupon code on mobile, enable location-based offers through push when the customer is close to your physical store, or run a promo contest asking users to fill in entries over mobile!

Closing Note

Mobile marketing automation can be an immensely valuable strategic shift for e-commerce brands who realize the value of every user they’ve acquired – and lost. 

Looking to implement mobile marketing automation for your e-tail brand?

Wigzo can help! Take it for a free trial run and see how it can add fuel to your unimpeded growth.

Happy selling 🙂

Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

Rashi is a literature graduate from Delhi University. She is a content writer at Wigzo. In her spare time, you will find her meditating while grooving on EDM beats.

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