5 Marketing Automation Examples for D2C Businesses

5 Marketing Automation Examples for D2C Businesses

Lean business operations and efficient workflows are no longer optional for e-commerce brands. As the competition gets tougher, the race to acquire more and more customers while keeping them happy is demanding tech-driven solutions. Luckily, ‘automation’ is the answer to optimized operational efficiency for businesses – especially D2C brands. 

In particular, marketing automation is becoming a forerunner of streamlined leads, customer acquisitions, and retention to savor long-term revenue for growth. D2C Marketing automation platforms like Wigzo are powering a new generation of e-commerce enterprises – that run with minimal human intervention.

5 Marketing Automation Examples and Their Benefits For New Age E-tailers

#1. Email Marketing Automation

Email remains one of the most engaging and responsive channels for generating leads, customer communication, and blasting marketing offers. Because the average email opening-rate varies between 12-15% yearly, and CTR ranges from 2.5% to 5%, automation makes a lot of sense. 

D2C brands have many emails to process – sending the first welcome email, nudging inactive customers, sending important communication, and so on. This is where email marketing automation comes in to save the day. D2C email marketing automation can;

  • Send personalized emails to customers based on their context and segmentation (Wigzo’s AI does it!)
  • Trigger automated ‘Welcome’ emails whenever a new customer arrives
  • Trigger automatic follow-up emails to prospects
  • Ensure right communication at the right time without human-error
  • Customize email workflows, events that trigger them, and the content that is displayed to the receiver

E.g., Broadway.com sends an auto-triggered email instantly to those who subscribe. This maximizes their clicks and revenue almost perpetually.


Email marketing automation is so powerful that we’ve given it a special place in our ultimate guide to e-commerce marketing automation – where we also bust some common industry myths associated with marketing automation. Bam!

#2. Website Chat Automation for Better Engagement

Yeah, you heard it right! You no longer need a dedicated (and pricey) team of chat support to engage your website visitors. This can be automated as well. Thanks to automated live chat technology by platforms like MobileMonkey, D2C brands can now boost their live-site engagement rates by up to 3 times. 

How does it benefit e-commerce brands, you ask?

Chat automation is known to;

  • Boost conversion rates by up to 45%
  • Increases the odds of a customer returning to your site by 63%
  • Keep high-intent leads from falling through cracks.

E.g., Sephora uses chat-bot automation for surveys to improve customer retention, send personalized offers, and drive more opt-ins.


This can be a neat and effective tool in your D2C marketing automation repository.

#3. Wish Your Customers without Fail

People like to feel special, especially on their birthdays, anniversaries and other personal occasions. This is the reason more than 7% of your customers are ready to engage with an email you send on their birthday. Not only is this a nice gesture on the D2C brand’s part, but also an opportunity to upsell to your best customers on important calendar days. And, why only limit yourself to birthdays? You can play on similar lines for festivals and holidays.

E.g., Fancy uses automated birthday emails to offer exclusive purchase discounts to its customers and has seen the conversion trend go up. 


The best part about automating this process is that you don’t have to rely on someone to do it manually. Everything runs like clockwork.

#4. Push More Sales with Push Notification Automation

Push notifications are powerful. Personalized and automated push notifications are formidable. This is one of the few marketing automation examples that yield such promising results. Push notifications allow the subscribers to opt-in to D2Cbrands’s offers and updates without giving up their personal information. And, this results in inflation of subscribers’ growth list within a short time. 

Push notifications can easily boost app engagement rates by up to 88%; moreover, the CTR for web-push notifications ranges from 4x to 8x compared to email. This makes push notifications one of the most cost-effective and highly penetrable marketing automation channels for growing D2C brands.   

E.g., Bajaj Electricals used Wigzo’s push to double its revenue within a year. You can download the free case study here.

#5. On-site Behavioural Engagement & Automation

Onsite behavioral automation came recently into the mainstream as commercial AI technology made some striking advancements. With D2C marketing automation platforms like Wigzo, on-site behavioral automation (or On-site behavioral ‘Nudge’ as our team likes to call it!) boosts the profit bottom line e-tailers.

On-site nudge is simply popping-up personalized messages and offers based on 1) The customer’s actions on the site, 2) the Customer’s context (New, repeat, cold, etc.), and 3) Customer’s previous behavioral & purchase data (if available). 

The AI-engine then predicts the likely outcomes of the customer’s interaction with the e-store and displays messages that lead to the best outcomes – complete a purchase, mitigate exit-intent, push a last-minute sale, customer sign-up, push an offer with the highest probability of conversion, and so on. Nudge guides and directs the site visitors to different conversion journeys that are most likely to work for them.  

E.g., &Me, a women’s healthcare products retailer, employed On-site nudge by Wigzo to boost the revenue by 5% quickly. Check the story here

Automation is Empowerment for D2C Brands

While e-commerce itself is a nascent discovery of humanity, the trends and technology powering it from behind the curtains have seemingly surpassed our idea of what businesses actually do. Automation and operational efficiency will be the core differentiators for e-commerce brands that outlive others.

Want to see how marketing automation will empower your e-retail business? Get a FREE demo for Wigzo now!

Until next time 🙂

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