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Manychat is one of the popular Facebook messenger marketing tools that enable marketers to create bots for marketing, sales, and support. 

Manychat offers to readily grow your Messenger audience by providing a complete set of growth tools to convert the audience into subscribers.

The central selling point of Manychat – Easy-to-use interface.

Using Manychat you can easily create a chatbot in about two minutes with no coding involved. You can also connect and combine SMS marketing with Facebook Messenger and Email. It also created amazing SMS drip campaigns.

Manychat is an open-source tool with GitHub stars and Github forks.

Manychat integrates with many popular tools such as Shopify, Zapier, Google Sheets, Convertkit, Paypal, Hubspot, and many more.

The pricing of Manychat starts from $0 for business new to the bot and ranges between ( $10 – $145) per month for businesses with high growth goals.

Despite being an exceptional messenger tool, there are many features that Manychat lacks. Consider the below drawbacks of Manychat.

  • Templates with Pro Manychat elements can be installed only on pages with Pro subscription.
  • In the Omnichannel market that has many marketing channels to enhance brand awareness, it only combines SMS with Facebook messenger and Email.
  • No integrations with third-party analytics tools
  • No reports for user input or user retention
  • Limited free plan functionality
  • Built-in Bot Tester – you can only preview your message. To test your bot, you’ll need to click on the “preview” button

In the contemporary age, Marketers want Chatbots software that will boost sales conversion, customer engagement, and social ads. This leads marketers to hunt alternatives to Manychat.

But finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you can be tricky. 

So consider the below shared Chatbots tools that have been voted best compared to Manychat.

Best Alternatives of ManyChat



Wigzo is a personalized messenger marketing platform for eCommerce marketers.

In today’s age, modern customers want an integrated shopping experience and they expect you to meet their needs and demands even when they use different channels to communicate. You might understand the value of being present across multiple channels but not have enough resources to be able to properly support your users in each one of these. 

This is when Wigzo’s Omnichannel marketing for customer engagement comes into the role. 

It can completely solve this problem in a blink of an eye by tracking and following your users as they switch from device to device and deliver a consistent marketing message.

With Wigzo’s SMS, In-App Messages, Email Personalization, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many other marketing channels you can be supported and to connect with your customer instantly and enhance your business revenue.

How is Wigzo better than ManyChat

  • Wigzo can empower you to plan and execute unified and personalized campaigns for all your users and provide the same excellent experience and messaging on every marketing channel, to enhance customer relationships. 
  • Wigzo offers intensive reports to monitor the effectiveness of your omnichannel marketing campaigns and provide real-time insights to rapidly shift strategies as customer tastes change.
  • Wigzo has great potential to help eCommerce brands save money, scale up the effectiveness of communications, and increase customer loyalty and result in huge sales and higher advantage among competitors.
  • Wigzo AI messenger platform is a virtual assistant that can engage customers 24×7 and improve customer experience. 
  • Wigzo is easily scalable to manage customer requests with instant responses and uplift customer satisfaction. 

Wigzo is an incredible alternative to Manychat as it can delight customers with Omnichannel marketing and Follow your users as they switch from device to device and deliver a consistent marketing message.

Pricing – Free to customized plans

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MobileMonkey is another brilliant Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot platform for eCommerce marketers.

MobileMonkey offers marketers to build robust chatbots, communicate with their customers, segment their users, expand their contact list, and lead conversions. 

MobileMonkey is rapidly expanding its capabilities of integrations. To handle these connections with external systems, data, or analytics, you can use multiple Connections tools of MobileMonkey such as Zapier and webhook but it is only available for pro users.

How is MobileMonkey better than ManyChat

  • The main feature of MobileMonkey is chatbot builder as it permits you to create unlimited bots from scratch or using templates. The Chatbot builder of MobileMonkey allows you to click and add several elements from the menu bar instantly into your dialogue bot.
  • Another feature of MobileMonkey is Chat Blaster which is built on a simple idea to send a message to all of your Messenger contacts or just a segmented group of contacts at one go.
  • MobileMonkey’s drip campaigns offer you to set up a sequence of messages delivered at determined intervals to keep the audience engaged.
  • The RSS Blaster in MobileMonkey enables you to share your RSS updates with your audience. You can use it by simply adding your existing RSS feed, input some more text, and switch a few other options.
  • With MobileMonkey, you can create Messenger ads directly and then import the code into Facebook Ads Manager. As it has a simple drag-and-drop interface you can easily create these ads in MobileMonkey. 
  • MobileMonkey allows you to include a chat widget to your website. It even allows you to build landing pages for the sole purpose of generating more Messenger leads.

MobileMonkey is an incredible alternative to Manychat as it drives more leads and substantially reduces costs of Facebook Ads and lead acquisition.

Pricing – Free forever to $199 per month

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ZoConvert is an ingenious conversion optimization tool for Facebook Messenger that enables you to create a Facebook Messenger bot within a few Minutes.

ZoConvert can help you reach out to those visitors on your website who opt-in for receiving notifications.

With ZoConvert you can talk to your customers right where they spend most of the time and boost your engagement with them to keep them happy and satisfied.

How is Zoconvert better than ManyChat

  • ZoConvert bot is simple to install. You don’t have to create elaborate ad campaigns and are extremely cost-effective.
  • With ZoConvert you can easily grow your messenger audience by connecting with customers on their favorite chat app – the messenger. The customers who follow your page will only receive messages or notifications in the messenger chat after subscribing to it.
  • ZoConver can broadcast your message and can help you earn 5x more from existing users than email.
  • ZoConvert bot offers to interact with consumers based on their latest activity and behavior on your site. You can also add up to 10 campaign cards for each message and send them out to your subscribers with personalized updates.
  • ZoConvert facilitates automated Facebook messenger marketing campaigns to nurture leads using a wisely sequenced drip based on customer actions such as add to cart, cart abandonment, etc.

ZoConvert is an amazing alternative to Manychat as it can automatically nudge users from one stage to another in your funnel.

Pricing – Starts from free forever plan to $99 per month

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Chatfuel is a leading chatbot platform designed in 2015 to make bot-building easy for marketers. They initially began on Telegram but now they emphasize on helping marketers build bots on the Facebook Messenger platform.

It has a user-friendly interface so you can easily build a bot in Chatfuel, you have to add content (such as text, images) to “blocks.” Every block can include various messages and other content (such as images or videos). To maintain your “blocks” systematically, you can “group” them together.

Initially, it can be intimidating to log in on Chatfuel, but once you understand how Chatfuel works, it is easy to control.

How is Chatfuel better than ManyChat

  • Chatfuel has a free plan for retailers with a limit of up to 5000 subscribers. When you are on a free plan you can obtain all features with the omission of the People Tab.
  • Chatfuel also offers clone messages that means you can easily duplicate single messages or a group of messages from one bot to another with a one simple click.
  • If you will take Pro Plan of Chatfuel, you can export the Messenger ID of all your subscribers into a spreadsheet by clicking on the “export” button and can later use it to design more targeted ads.
  • With Chatbots you can also break down your block groups to save space and can build and add more blocks to your Messenger Bot.
  • Engage with prospects 24/7. Automate sales or connect warm leads to a sales rep in a live chat.
  • Chatfuel comes with quite a few integrations including RSS Feed – shows RSS content in a gallery, JSON API/Webhook, Zapier, google site search, WordPress

Chatfuel is a good alternative to Manychat as it does a better job of using custom fields and conditional logic to provide users with a personalized experience.

Pricing – free to range from $15 to $180 per month

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Activechat is a unique combination of smart AI chatbot platform, live chat, and conversational intelligence tool. 

Activechat enables bots and human agents to work together to boost sales and provide exceptional customer experiences for businesses of any size.

Activechat can enchant your customers with a help desk that does the job. 

With the automation conversation, it can take the load off of your sales teams.

Activechat uses around 50+ conversation building blocks to connect business frameworks, Google Sheets and Shopify stores, WooCommerce, and various other integrations with zero coding skills required.

How is ActiveChat better than ManyChat

  • Acitvechat automates repetitive customer service conversations with smart visual chatbot builders and increases the productivity of your teams.
  • Activechat can easily manage all your channels such as Telegram, website, Facebook, and SMS in a single live chat app and also monitor the complete record of your customer communication.
  • Activechat also provides the right words for every customer, boosts sales, and enhances CSAT with conversational AI. It assesses conversations to anticipate conversions and reach out to customers proactively.
  • Activechat can support communication channels (Live chat or automation with virtual assistants) from a single interface. It can automatically match customers across any channels and help you pick the conversation where it’s most convenient for your customers.
  • Activechat also curtails labor costs and scaledown workload for your human teams by automating daily conversations with customers.

Activechat is a great alternative to Manychat as it monitors customer sentiments and intervenes immediately when things go wrong and help to not rely on NPS and ratings further.

Pricing – Free to $390 per month

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Final Thoughts

As the industry is evolving, Marketers are questing to choose the platform that best suits their preferences and business needs.

Manychat is a leading bot platform for Facebook Messenger for a reason, but it’s not Impeccable. It is easy to get started with Manychat, but as you add on more messages, it can be difficult to manage and reuse messages.

Fortunately, the above five shortlisted messenger tools are excellent alternatives to Manychat for your purchase.

Although, if you are looking for an AI-driven chatbot with the Omnichannel platform to enhance customer satisfaction and improve business performance and productivity, then Wigzo is a must-have tool for you.

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