How to Make Your E-Commerce Store Stand Out in 2021?

Make Your E-Commerce Store Stand Out

Making your e-commerce store outshine others in your niche is a cutthroat competition – especially if you are just starting out. Online retailers are present in abundance. Present-day customers expect their orders to arrive at their doorstep in time – such mere offers like “fast shipping” are hardly a value proposition anymore! However, there is a lot you can do to make this happen. 

It’s a fact that online competition is fierce than ever for e-commerce brands. Fostering customer loyalty is an issue and a rather challenging one! Delivering the right product for the right price at the right time is essential, but that is, in fact, secondary.

Today, it doesn’t matter whether a customer buys from the “Fashion Empire” or “Empire Fashion”. What really matters is which e-commerce brand will (s)he go back to repetitively. Let us see how you can launch/revamp your online store in 2021 to make it stand out!

Steps to Make Your E-Commerce Store Stand Out

1. Make a spectacular first impression online

Did you know it takes about 50 milliseconds for visitors to decide if they like the website or not? So if your website is dull, boring, or too traditional, the bounce rate of your website is going to be high. The traditional design approach might work for B2B brands, but not for B2C ones. 

E-commerce Store First Impression
E-commerce Store First Impression

Thus, investing in a captivating website design based on usability makes a lot of sense. If you think your website needs to be revamped, do it right now. While designing, think about your niche, products, and CX from the customers’ perspective. You can try out 2-3 design approaches that give better engagement and conversion returns during testing.

Visual communication is vital as 80% of customers remember what they see, and a staggering 20% of them never forget what they read on the website. Large product images, compelling content, and a great website design are a perfect mix for creating an eye-candy e-commerce store in 2021.

2. Improve your site navigation

Don’t just focus on images, text, and colors. Pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to browse through your online store. Customer experience is one metric that will decide your long-term profitability. Don’t let your customers do the hard work of finding relevant info on your store. Make sure that the presentation of your products and services piques their interest with intuitive navigation. 

Check out the home page and navigation layout for 2Gud, which sells refurbished electronics. Despite a vast inventory, they have managed to make product navigation simple and user-centric.


3. Launch with a Powerful Tagline that Shines Your USPs

Sit down and figure out what it is because this will set you apart from other businesses operating in the same domain. Taglines are crucial for a brand recall, which helps you earn customer ‘brownie’ points. Research your industry, audience, and most importantly, your competitors. and RedBull are two of the many examples with outstanding taglines to inspire yours.

4. Tell a Persuasive Story of Passion with ‘About Us’ Page

According to Marketing Sherpa, 7% of visitors on the homepage click to see the ‘About Us’ page. Those who see this webpage are 33% more likely to convert into viable buyers. In a nutshell, your ‘About Us’ page should be able to spark curiosity! Who knows that may create unexpected sales from people who are browsing through your website?

Your ‘About Us’ page must have these elements:

  • The story of your brand
  • Captivating photos or video – depending upon the nature of your business
  • Company partners
  • Testimonials

Yellow Leaf Hammocks has a beautiful ‘About’ page. It’s simply stunning and gives the visitor a complete idea about the brand.

5. Target the right person at the right time via product recommendations

If you’re looking at delivering a personalized shopping experience, then product recommendations can fetch viable results. 53% of customers, in fact, like seeing products on the website that are commonly based on their browsing history.

Product Recommendation on E-commerce Store
Product Recommendation on E-commerce Store


Example: 70% of Amazon’s homepage is dedicated to product recommendations. If you are a first-time visitor on the website, you will find generic recommendations such as “What Other Customers Are Looking At Right Now” or any “Best Seller”. If you revisit it, you will discover personalized advice on the homepage based on your previous visits’ browsing history.

Wigzo’s machine learning technology helps you understand the changing needs of these customers and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly. When you know what a customer is looking for, the recommendations you make become more relevant to them.

6. Improve the shopping cart experience

Did you know 71% of shopping carts are abandoned regularly? All visitors browse through the website, put the desirable products in the cart, and leave without completing the checkout process. What you can do is use the checkout page as the last ups-sell option. The Body Shop does it beautifully and displays the best offer when the visitor reaches the checkout page:

Also, 73% of customers are likely to look for free shopping options. High shipping costs account for around 44% of abandoned carts. If your business allows you to incur profits without charging an additional fee for shipping, then make an offer to do so.

7. Drive business through a powerful push strategy

Ecommerce push notifications are flaming arrows in the quivers of marketers. Push notifications are immensely powerful when growing your subscriber’s list and making the customers’ shopping experience more personalized, accessible, and helpful! This marketing feature is a smart tactic to capitalize on the opportunities that mobile and desktop have created in the last few years.

You can read the complete guide to using push notifications for both mobile and web for eCommerce here. Using Wigzo’s personalized, segmented & trigger-based notifications, your e-commerce store will be able to convert 33% of people abandoning their carts. You will be able to retain 26% more users using customer segmentation & customer behavior analytics.

8. Personalize at Scale and Automate

Did you know that 86 percent of your customers prefer to buy from the brands that send them relevant offers and personalized communication? Ecommerce personalization is a crucial driver of customer retention strategies for modern digital retail brands. It is through personalization that product recommendations, impulsive sales (up to 46%), and on-site nudge works effectively. Moreover, you can deploy personalization at scale and automate your visitor communication at critical journey touchpoints!

E.g. a marketing automation tool like Wigzo help brands capture more customers, nurture them into different segments and send them personalized communication to push sales – all through powerful AI automation.

9. Integrate Your Business with a Cause

Modern e-commerce brands do not just fulfill retail needs – they influence and impact worthy public causes. Studies show that 87 percent of customers are willing to buy from a brand that supports the cause & issues they care about. You too can integrate your e-commerce store to support a cause and win more hearts than with just vanilla marketing. Eco-friendly initiatives, cancer awareness, supporting NGOs, standing up for societal & environmental change are some of the noble causes that can garner many brand repo points for your business growth. 

The Bottom Line

Revamping your online store and re-strategizing its CX, communication, and marketing is an exciting process. Make sure you invest enough resources in it, and of course, Wigzo is always at your service to help you secure loyal customers through the power of AI-based automation.

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Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

Rashi is a literature graduate from Delhi University. She is a content writer at Wigzo. In her spare time, you will find her meditating while grooving on EDM beats.

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