Top 5 Best Alternatives of Mailchimp


With a 60.51% share in the email marketing industry, Mailchimp is the most well-known software solution worldwide. (NigelTemple)

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that allows Marketers to design, send & analyze email & ad campaigns, with email templates and landing pages.

It is supported on multiple platforms such as web-based, iPhone, Android. 

With its user-friendly interface, imposing range of features, and postal worker chimpanzee, MailChimp has earned and dominated over a lot of email marketers.

Widespread use of the Mailchimp software led to over 1 billion emails shared on Black Friday by online marketers.

But despite its impressive popularity, Mailchimp isn’t for every online marketer.

To overpower Mailchimp email solution, have you ever thought of what other alternatives you can plan to skyrocket your business growth?

Contemporary competitors of Mailchimp are evolving and changing the playing field.

With recent significant changes to the Mailchimp pricing model, and not just that it is also coupled with it’s another decision to stop offering direct integration with Shopify, many online marketers are questing alternatives of Mailchimp.

Who should look for Mailchimp alternatives 

Strict budget

Once your freemium plan of Mailchimp is over, additional chargeable things begin to add up such as they charge based on a total number of contacts, rather than just subscribed contacts.

Need complex automation

In terms of marketing automation for your email marketing campaigns, Mailchimp has limited automation features. Autoresponders of Mailchimp are fine, but for email campaigns based on customer behavior, split tests, and advanced workflows, you might want to look for another automation tool.

Manage multiple mailing lists

As Mailchimp maintains every list secluded from each other, it limits the amount of flexibility, creativity, and accuracy you can have for your complex campaigns. 

Require a landing page

Certain email marketers like to build and design special pages to send customers once they click a particular link. Such pages can provide customized content and act as a robust segmentation tool or sales funnel. Unfortunately, Mailchimp’s landing pages are a little basic, not offering A/B Testing.

Channels Comparison

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Features Comparison

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Top Alternatives of Mailchimp 

So, if you’re on the lookout for a monkey-free email solution, there are plenty of options you can consider. Here are five of the best MailChimp alternatives tested out for your online store.



Wigzo is an omnichannel marketing automation platform built for eCommerce. It provides an ingenious marketing & personalization solution with a focus on consumer understanding, engagement & growth by effective campaigns 

With Wigzo’s Email marketing automation, you can personalize your message to consumer data, campaign engagement, and buying behavior. 

Unlike other marketing platforms, Wigzo allows you to include various channels into the same automation workflow: email, push notification, SMS, and many more.

You can also sync your segments to your retargeting campaign to deliver an engaging customer experience. 

How is Wigzo better than Mailchimp

  • Wigzo was designed especially for an eCommerce platform as it offers resources that online retailers need the most, while Mailchimp has few eCommerce-friendly templates and features. 
  • Wigzo with Omni Channel platform offers additional features to eCommerce marketers such as SMS marketing for eCommerce, while Mailchimp emphasizes on an easy-to-use email builder,
  • Wigzo is more innovative in terms of automation as the workflow of automation is considerably more visual, and you can comprehend stepwise what’s happening. On the other hand, Mailchimp provides basic email marketing automation such as allowing you to create simple workflows for your email drip campaigns.
  • Unlike Mailchimp, Wigzo can boost your email automation series and can go above and beyond in your business performance as you can include other channels such as SMS, push notification, and many more without creating a separate segment or a different workflow

Wigzo is an optimum alternative to Mailchimp as the automation is far more sophisticated and easier to use with an OmniChannel marketing approach.

Pricing – Free trial to customized plans

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AWeber was built by Tom Kulzer in 1998 to create email marketing simpler for small businesses. Lately, it captivates over 100,000 small businesses across the globe/

AWeber is another amazing email marketing solution to connect with your consumers and speed up business growth.

AWeber has all the components you need to establish an email list from over 700 email templates, autoresponder, free stock images, and so much more.

AWeber is an exceptional choice for large businesses with affiliate marketing in their strategy.

How is Aweber better than Mailchimp

  • AWeber offers to sign up forms that have around 25 sections to fill information. You can easily set up your design or use a pre-made template and then embed the forms into your company site and turn it into your landing page. In contrast, Mailchimp sign-ups require HTML knowledge as it generates code for its sign-ups forms that need some HTML expertise to embed it on your company site.
  • AWeber is effective in its visual builder as it allows you to write onto your email newsletter and create the changes right there. On the other hand, in Mailchimp, you have to use a back end to create these changes and the reciprocating edits slow you down a little.
  • AWeber is the best for affiliate marketing as no restrictions appear when it comes to promoting affiliate links using its platform. In contrast, MailChimp has strict policies for affiliate links and it has a long list of blacklisted domains.
  • AWeber is better when it comes to customer support as besides offering a toll-free number, they also provide live chat support for instant problem handling. On the flip side, Mailchimp has no good plan for customer support and that leaves it at a drawback.
  • The 30 days free trial period of AWeber is not restrictive and it enables you to get a good sense of what it offers. In contrast, MailChimp’s free plan is rather restrictive.

 AWeber is another alternative to Mailchimp with open-ended pricing plans based on the number of subscribers. 

Pricing: $19 – $149

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Sendinblue is a robust email and SMS marketing service for all the companies.

It has many powerful features to offer such as it can create email newsletters, email marketing automation, SMS campaigns, landing pages, Facebook ads, live chat, and more.

SendInBlue’s customized marketing automation solution allows you to send emails to a targeted audience based on customer behavior.

It also has a user-friendly template builder and excellent email deliverability to enhance your marketing campaigns.

How is SendInblue better than Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp is a user-friendly software however some features are hard to find sometimes such as how to add opt-in for new sign-ups. On the other hand, Sendinblue is better in this regard as it’s drag and drop editor is instant and provides all the pre-set options you’ll need. Besides, it also offers the option to revert to prior versions of the email, which is very helpful.
  • The list of Mailchimp’s is collectively exclusive which means you can’t add contacts on different lists in the same campaigns. It has no other option to create automation to shift subscribers from one list to the other. In contrast with SendinBlue, the process of setting up lists and segmenting contacts is much simpler as it uses contact field criteria and Customer behavior to filter contacts and save the list to use in campaigns. 
  • Mailchimp charges per subscriber that means if you have the same contact on different lists, you’ll be paying for them multiple times. On the flipside, SendinBlue is affordable and you can also automate it so that when a new subscriber signs up they are added to a particular list based on a particular condition.
  • Mailchimp can create an embedded form, pop-up form, or landing page, however, it’s slightly difficult to set up as not all forms seem to be mobile responsive. In contrast, SendInblue permits subscribers to choose which list they want to opt into based on the rather good interest.

SendInBlue is an efficient alternative to Mailchimp as it offers far more fair pricing plans, including a forever free plan. Besides, it also has a feature like SMS marketing and live chat software.

Pricing- Free to $66 per month.

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Mailjet is a cloud-based email marketing tool for sending and receiving marketing and transaction emails which permits Marketers to attain aptitude in reaching out to their subscribers with email platforms. 

Besides Mailjet sending emails to a large audience daily, it can also analyze mailing lists and databases through real-time analytics and processing.

Mailjet can help you design and execute email campaigns and newsletters, and track campaign performance in a dashboard.

With Mailjet you can easily set-up an SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol) server for email marketing. It can improve the speed of email delivery and can have a positive impact on your campaigns that are time-sensitive such as limited period offers and discounts.

How is Mailjet better than Mailchimp

  • Unlike Mailchimp, Mailjet can send marketing emails, transactional emails, and transactional SMS all in one platform.
  • You can set up Mailjet easily in 3 minutes as you have to only Change one SMTP parameter on your website.
  • Mailjet offers Real-time efficiency in viewing the graphs, tables, and status of your emails sent as they change in real-time and sharing details with full transparency.
  • It has an additional feature of campaign comparison which allows retailers to plan, design, and create campaigns by providing insights over past email performance and future performance forecasts. With the help of this feature, retailers can set desired parameters and toil to achieve them via closely designed email campaigns. 
  • Mailjet helps in enhanced deliverability with unique algorithms to ensure emails are routed through the most effective IP address. 

Mailjet is an incredible alternative to Mailchimp as it offers all the transactional process of SMS and Email via one platform.

Pricing – Starting from $7.49

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Constant Contact


Constant Contact is an amazing email marketing service for nonprofits and small organizations.

 Constant contact allows retailers to design professional email newsletters with a user-friendly drag and drop editor, in just a few minutes.

 It offers all the vital features such as the ability to track email deliverability, manage email lists, and open rates. The reports help you analyze how your email marketing campaigns are functioning.

Constant Contact marketing automation feature offers retailers to send a series of targeted emails that they can even personalize.

Constant Contact doesn’t have a huge number of users but still, it provides exceptional features such as event registration to lead attendance to your conferences and events.

How is Constant Contact better than Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp has more integrations but in alphabetical order its search capability is limited. On the other hand, Constant Contact uses categories for its search function and helps beginners to design the process easier. 
  • Mailchimp offers a contact page for users to choose the topic of their issues. In contrast, Constant Contact provides email support, live chat, and phone support. It also has online and in-person training events.
  • Unlike Mailchimp, Constant Contact has over 400 templates and is considered as one of the largest free templates libraries.
  • Constant Contact has basic email automation features that enable you to send welcome messages to new subscribers, trigger emails based on user behavior, and resend emails to passive customers automatically.
  • Constant Contact also has in-built instruments for eCommerce solutions to help you reach existing customers. With Constant Contact, you can easily create surveys and polls, active sign up forms, and many more.

Constant Contact is an amazing Mailchimp alternative for WordPress as it functions with all popular WordPress plugins like OptinMonster, WPForms, and more. 

Pricing: $20 – $45 per month.

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Final Thoughts

MailChimp is a well-known software tool and has many useful automation features but it falls short on one critical feature that matters the most to email marketers – Segmentation.

Though it is an instinctual platform and the drag-and-drop email builder, in particular, is everyone’s favorite. However, it doesn’t offer a variety of advanced segmentation and automation features retailers need if they want to do email marketing to the extent.

As an email marketer, you need feed that is efficient for the center of your business – Email Marketing, 

Unfortunately, MailChimp doesn’t come close to offering the marketing features you require.

Luckily, in the Contemporary software market, there are many excellent MailChimp Alternatives. The above five marketing platforms with great features are the best shortlist for your email marketing software purchase.

Though if you are looking for advanced Omnichannel marketing software that will boost your email marketing performance and also give Mailchimp a serious run for their money, then Wigzo is a must-try for you.

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Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

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