12+ Magento SMS Marketing Extensions


In the contemporary age of marketing, do you want to advance your eCommerce website that engages customers 24/7?

If yes!! then dig deeper into this article to understand.

There is a myriad of open source web application platforms available in the market, and deciding which framework to choose for SMS marketing is not a big task since 2007 as with millions of downloads Magento has become a fast-growing and powerful eCommerce platform in the digital marketplace.

Why choose Magento as a go-to eCommerce platform? 

Incorporating the Magento SMS marketing tool is a robust solution for eCommerce business in customer engagement as it allows brands to plan and design text messages for users according to their needs. With this feature, the eCommerce brand can enhance its customer loyalty by providing real-time shopping information to them. 

Take into account below perks of Magento : 

  1. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform, yielding an expansive library of custom extensions.
  2. It offers mobile-friendly configuration and compatible with all the browsers and screen sizes.
  3. It can support up to 500,000 products on one site and handle more than 80,000 orders per hour.
  4. Unlike WordPress, Magento currently powers 0.8% of sites on the Internet.
  5. Nearly 46% of consumers who purchase on Magento powered eCommerce sites gain access through a mobile device.
  6. It is one of the most SEO- friendly eCommerce platforms – configure page titles and meta descriptions correctly.

With its rich features, high performance, and flexibility more than 100,000 store owners have built their websites on Magento. According to a recent survey, around $155 billion worth of goods has been sold through Magento-based systems in the past.


Top Magento SMS Marketing Extensions

By far we know why Magento integration is essential now let’s get an insight into top Magento SMS marketing extensions for eCommerce sites.


LandofCoder is built on the concepts of the marketplace for extensions, apps, plugins. These elements are designed for popular CMSs such as Magento, Prestashop, and other individual scripts. They help audiences across the world to get the most useful & high-quality extensions, plugin, apps. 

Magento 2 SMS Notification extension is developed by LandofCoder that enables you to send SMS Service API with Twilio, BulkSMS to your customers or administrators during various events in your Magento 2 store.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Landofcoder:

  • Register & Login With Mobile Number
  • Easily Integrate Various SMS Service API
  • Instantly Verify Customer Mobile Number (OTP)
  • Specify OTP string type and Length per message
  • Powerful Mobile Input Settings
  • Possible to Config SMS Notification to Admin
  • Ease to Config SMS Notification to Customers
  • Effectively Test SMS Functionality
  • Manage the SMS log for Admin
  • Instantly SMS Notification Preview Checking
  • Export SMS to CSV Support
  • Ease to Control SMS with SMS Debug
  • Avoid Spam SMS Effectively with SMS Blacklist
  • Magnificently Blacklist Management
  • Multiple languages – RTL supports
  • 100% open source

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Magedelight is a moderate solution to support your business to improve customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with your customers. Their main objective is to enhance the eCommerce experience of customers.

With this SMS notification for Magento 2, you can receive notifications about various customer actions such as new subscriptions, new orders placed after subscribing. It can run smoothly along with other SMS services such as Twilio or BulkSMS.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Magedelight:

  • Customer and user both receive updates via SMS 
  • Get notified via email when your message isn’t delivered
  • Create custom SMS templates with dynamic variables
  • Supports some of the widely spoken languages across the globe
  • Integrate Twilio, BulkSMS, and any other providers seamlessly
  • Validate contact number on front-end by controlling the number of digits allowed

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Mageplaza is a place where you can find any eCommerce solution for your online business with great support as it has a dedicated top extension builder for Magento 2. 

With SMS notification for Magento 2 of Mageplaza, you can not only send shipment, registration, cancellation, etc. SMS notification to customers but can also update clients with the latest news about their relevant product as stock status or price status through text message to increase the revenue of your eCommerce store. 

They have customer benefits as well such as 60 days of money back, lifetime update, 365 days free support, composer installation.

Also, It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Mageplaza:

  • Automatic SMS notification to shoppers and stores
  • Instant and frequent text messages
  • SMS both sides about account registration
  • SMS inform about new orders & billing documents
  • Stimulate sales with price update via SMS
  • Care for customers’ sharing and subscribing by SMS
  • Instant SMS alerts about site errors
  • Currency update to customers
  • Customizable SMS content
  • Phone number verification with OTP code
  • Link to the leading SMS Service Providers such as Twilio
  • Send frequent SMS reports to store admins

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MageComp with more than 20000+ satisfied customers and serving in 120+ countries has become one of the leading Magento-based eCommerce development companies that offer an extensive amount of Magento extensions along with Upgrade, Customization, Custom Development, and other Magento services.

All the extensions in Magecomp are designed to ensure a rich set of functionalities that will help to scale-down efforts and drive more conversions by serving excellent eCommerce store shopping experiences that your customer would prefer.

Magento 2 SMS Notification by MageComp allows Magento store owners to configure SMS notification services for various order status activities to acknowledge customers through SMS. It has 30 days money back, free 90 days support, lifetime free upgrade.

It is also compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Magecomp: 

  • Update consumers via text messages related to Magento store events
  • Prepare text notification messages hassle-free for all events.
  • Define character language and SMS length per message.
  • Admin can set mobile verification mandatory for customers.
  • Notification to admin on various activities
  • Right now we have integrated our SMS Notification extension with following gateways, Ask Us for your preferred SMS gateway integration and seamlessly send SMS notifications to your customers

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Voodoo SMS

Magento Marketplace is the official Magento extension store that expands Magento solutions with powerful new features and functionality globally in the eCommerce market. Nowadays global retailers can do even more with their digital stores. 

With Voodoo Magento 2 SMS gateway of the Magento marketplace, you can now amplify the promising and engaging and personal shopping experience of the customer.

Key features of Voodoo SMS:

  • Notify customers and/or store admins on new orders via SMS
  • Order shipment updates to consumers
  • Operate with your brand name as the Sender ID 
  • Full Delivery Reporting per text sent
  • Fast, easy setup – Free Installation available
  • Free integration, monthly subscriptions & a reasonable price
  • Pay per message and credits never expire
  • UK Account Management & Support Team

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Cedcommerce is built to make the Internet a better place to sell on. They also serve a large client base consisting of sellers who have made the shift to the web, helping them enhance their sales. They help marketers sell and expand their business to various platforms including Magento, Shopify, and others.

With Twilio SMS integration, you can assist your customers with the service of SMS integration. Whenever any new event related to the order occurs, this Magento 2 SMS integration extension notifies the brand as well as the customer via SMS so that order information can be tracked.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of CedCommerce:

  • It helps the admin to stay connected with their customers.
  • Notifies the customer when the new order is placed.
  • Notifies the customer when the order status gets changed.
  • Notifies the customer and the admin when the customer registers successfully.

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Vnecoms was set up to offer eCommerce solutions to small or medium-sized businesses. It heightens the brand experience and provides new features for website based Magento.

With SMS notification-Magento by Vnecoms, you can simplify the procedure of verifying customer phone numbers. Verifying a customer’s mobile number is the prime step for checking if the input mobile number by the customer is correct. 

SMS notification -Magento helps in avoiding the wrong phone number typing and makes the customer believe that they won’t miss any value message of your brand. It works with the One-Time Password (OTP) configuration.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Vnecoms:

  • View all SMS log with a status, customer mobile number from customer grid page or customer edit page, add a mobile number to block list
  • Receive notification SMS when a new customer register, customer place an order, 
  • Setup different SMS messages for each payment method sent to the customer when he places an order.
  • Enable/Disable sending SMS notifications, using the same mobile number for multiple customer accounts, customer mobile verification function, customer mobile verification function in the customer registration form
  • Setup SMS gateway information, admin mobile number for each website
  • Set OTP format, OTP length, OTP message template, SMS template for each store view, the expiration time for OTP code, period time that allows the customer to resend OTP, number of times to allow the customer to resend OTP, period time that blocks customer to resend OTP, the restriction for countries
  • Auto-select country code by a selected country or auto-detect by visitor IP.
  • Set to display only selected countries
  • Enable/Disable sending SMS to admin when a customer registers an account, an order is placed
  • Enable/Disable sending SMS to customer when he registers a new account, places an order or order status is changed, new invoice, new shipment, a new credit memo is created.

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Meetanshi is a one-stop destination for all the Magento needs. It keeps exceeding eCommerce excellence with best Magento extensions, services to fit every brand needs to boost conversion.

With Magento 2 SMS Notification extension from Meetanshi, you can keep your customers updated with all the activities on your online store. It can automatically send multiple types of messages related to the shipment, invoice, placement, cancellation.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Meetanshi

  • Sends SMS notifications to both customers and admin.
  • Keeps the customers updated about their store activities.
  • Build a customer-oriented module to make it compatible with the preferred SMS gateway.
  • Lifetime free update
  • Use system variables to set SMS notification text
  • Compatible with any SMS gateway of the world support curl API

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Emipro Technologies was built to serve the ever-changing needs of the customers and help brands overcome the change.

Order notification by SMS for Magento 2 offers all primary functionalities which an eCommerce store requires. With Magento 2 SMS gateway you can reach out to the customers via mobile SMS notification. It has provided many new features to the eCommerce store to drive sales.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Emipro Technologies:

  • Send instant SMS notifications for order status updates to your customers.
  • Admin can customize SMS text for different order status updates.
  • Activation and deactivation of sending SMS on a particular order status update.
  • The mobile number associated with the billing address will be used to send SMS.
  • The extension can send SMS via the world’s any SMS sender gateway.
  • Test SMS gateway configuration by sending test SMS.
  • Configure different SMS content for different stores.
  • Enable or disable SMS notifications for particular stores.
  • Send SMS for any particular order, particular customer, multiple selected customers.
  • Admin can view sent SMS logs.

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The main aim of Magenest is to help businesses grow with their end to end technology system to personalize customer touchpoints and optimize activities.

SMS marketing extension designed by Magenest is also a powerful extension for brands to send text messages to customers instantly and smoothly. Furthermore, brands can send customized notification messages to customers that enhance the quality of your service and hold a good brand image. 

It also sends various types of messages to the brands which inform them regarding when consumers successfully sign up, order, and the order status is changed.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Magenest:

  • A new platform for communication between the store owner and customers with the high conversion rate
  • Boost sales and increase market segments with targeted customers
  • Send messages to customers using service from US, UK, and Australia
  • Link any SMS marketing brand with Magento 2 store via API

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Codeinnovers offers Magento Customization and extension development services across the world and delivers high quality, cost-effective, reliable result-oriented web, and e-commerce solutions on time.

Order SMS Notification-Magento 2 by Codeinnovers permits brands to customize text messages based on their buying behavior. Besides, this extension even mentions the name of the admin while making the invoice, shipment, and updating order status. Thus, it leads admins to be more responsible for their work.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x

Key features of Codeinnovers:

  • Inform store admin and customers when a new customer registers on the store, there is a new order placed, the order is processed and invoice is generated for the order
  • Inform store admin and customers when order is processed and invoice, shipment or credit memo is generated, the order is canceled, on hold or status is changed 
  • Notify the name of admin or sub-admin who has generated the invoice, shipment or credit memo, updated the order status
  • SMS templates for sending SMS for the different events are customizable and dynamic details can be entered.
  • This extension comes with free customization of 5Hours worth $75.
  • The extension is highly configurable and any of the notification can be disabled from admin panel configuration
  • Admin Can send SMS to any number using the send SMS feature
  • No Changes in core files are done in Order SMS notification extension
  • Quality test passed and best quality assured
  • integrated with Spring Edge SMS API, Route SMS API & msg91 SMS API
  • Open source code and is easily customizable
  • 6 Months of Free Support

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Webkul has created more than 1900 Extensions for eCommerce(B2B and B2C), ERP, and CRM Frameworks. They are popular for building world-class Marketplaces, Omni-Channel Connectors, Point of Sale (POS) Apps, and native Mobile App Builders.

Booking Reservation Extension For Magento 2 by Webkul is a vital tool for eCommerce online stores to ensure a better shopping experience for customers. When the order is canceled or delayed, you can promptly notify the customer about it via SMS. With this, you can enable notification in advance to automatically send a text to customers on a specified date.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Webkul:

  • Receive an SMS having the details after an invoice is generated by the admin.
  • On booking cancellation, the customer will receive a cancellation notification.
  • Customers will receive a booking confirmation notification, advance notifications for their bookings according to the set days and minutes configured by the admin directly on their mobile number.
  • SMS notifications are sent automatically to the customers
  • Setup the Auth ID, Token, and the Sender Mobile number 
  • The admin can configure the invoice create/cancel, reminder, and custom messages, the days before & minutes before of the event message
  • No internet is required for receiving the messages.
  • Customers can make use of any mobile phone.
  • Booking alert messages which will remind the customers about the booking date and time.
  • Send custom messages to the bulk customers manually.

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Pixlogix is built to create responsive eCommerce websites powered by rock-solid Magento eCommerce development services.

With Pixlogix – Magento 2 Order SMS Notification, it will be easier for your eCommerce store to easily send messages to each customer. Also, you can automatically share messages to specific customer groups. Thereby, you can provide each kind of customer suitable and related information to boost the product sale.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key features of Pixlogix:

  • Instant & Frequent Messages for Orders.
  • Resend OTP as and when required
  • Send Updates via SMS to Customers
  • Ease of customizing SMS text
  • SMS API Secure & Authenticated
  • Instantly verify customer mobile number
  • Easily integrated various SMS service API
  • The OTP string supports numeric digits only
  • Set custom text for various notifications
  • Open source code and easily customizable
  • Enable/Disable Mobile Number Verification
  • Admin can easily select SMS gateway from the backend
  • Connect with leading SMS Service Providers: Twilio, Msg91 & Bulk SMS

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Kashyap Software

Kashyap Software is an eCommerce Solution and Development company focused on delivering solutions based on the Magento Platform. It provides comprehensive web services ranging from customized web design to development of complex Internet systems. 

With Magento 2 SMS Notification by Kashyap software, you can not only send text messages related to brand updates with ease but you can also decide to activate or deactivate the SMS Notification. In case, customers feel annoyed with the continuous SMS notification, you can disable it just by a click and then turn it on whenever they need it.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x.

Key Features of Magento 2 SMS notification by Kashyap software:

  • It provides an option to Enable or Disable the SMS Notification in the backend 
  • Store registration Notification for customers and admin
  • Store Forgot Password Notification for customers
  • Set your text in the Admin Panel to send a custom and admin message
  • Prepare text notification messages smoothly for particular events 
  • Enable users to Configure API settings by registering with preferred SMS gateway to get sender ID
  • Free of cost SMS notification as per the brand requirement with the configuration setting.

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Envato is an online digital marketplace, where you can purchase many kinds of digital stock, varying from WordPress themes or plugins that you can use in your eCommerce store. 

With Magento 2 Twilio SMS Notification developed by Evanto, you can customize your text messages with the help of customer data. This plugin figures out the value proportion of each type of message for today, last month, or last twelve months quickly through the customer data.

It is compatible with Magento 2.3.0 – Magento 2.3.x

Key features of Evanto:

  • SMS notify to Customer when customer place order, customer register, an order placed, Invoice created, Order canceled, Credit memo refund, Shipment created
  • Customize SMS template
  • Support test send SMS
  • Log all SMS notifications (contain a filter, search, order, delete)
  • Visualize report by the chart
  • Configuration Twilio account and phone number
  • Enable/disable for each module or the entire module
  • Auto realize the customer country code

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Final thought

Since its launch, Magento has gained popularity across the globe in the online marketplace as an e-commerce web application development platform. Unlike other eCommerce tools, it ensures a boost in revenue and brand popularity worldwide. Magento extensions installation in the online eCommerce stores not only facilitates the online customers to specify the price range of each item but also make their shopping experience easier and time- saving.

If you want to deepen your customer relationship and build customer loyalty, then you must try any of the above Magento extensions in your eCommerce online store to expand functionality and uplift business profits and productivity.

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