3 Ways to Leverage Web Push Notifications for E-commerce


Not a long time ago, push notifications first appeared for websites, then the mobile apps. Since then, they’ve made a special place amongst the digital marketers for businesses across the globe. Push notifications are concise, direct, and targeted to engage the audience. Most importantly, push notifications are the secret-recipe to increasing a brand’s subscriber base within a short period. 

What are Web Push Notifications Anyway?

Browser/web push notifications are short messages sent by a website (web push) to desktop and mobile devices via the browser. Push notifications sent by mobile apps are another type. Though, for the sake of simplicity and your benefit, we will keep our discussion limited to web push only. 

The Power of Push Notifications

The cut-throat competition for e-commerce businesses does not end with customer acquisition. In fact, the acquisition is only the first milestone of many towards creating a loyal customer base – for long-term sales and e-commerce retail sustainability. Push notifications make this job much easier. 

Close to 85 percent of internet users use Chrome, Safari, Opera, Yandex or Firefox browsers on their desktop. On mobile, the majority is seen using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Yandex to navigate the digital landscape. Push notifications make for a direct & fast channel to engage these users for a particular website, blog, applications, or media content. 

Push notifications yield powerful engagement results like;

  • An opening rate of more than 90 percent – much higher than that of email
  • A Click-Through-Rate of 30 percent
  • Return on Investment up to 2200 percent

Moreover, automated push notifications can be one of the best marketing assets for your digital retail brand. For instance, Wigzo allows you to create event-based triggers and workflows to send personalized push notifications to your segmented audience based on their user-journey & behavior.  

3 Highly Effective Strategies for Leveraging Push Notifications for E-commerce

1. Use Auto-Triggered Personalized Nudge


This strategy yields the most value out of the push notification channel for an e-commerce business. Auto-triggered push messages are based on the user’s behavior and actions on your e-commerce site. For instance, knowing when a user selects a particular product, when they drop it or stray away from the website, or are browsing for other products pays to optimize personalized messaging for them. You can set the message trigger time, say 10 minutes, after a user has browsed and added a product in their cart but went away without purchasing it. 

Another use case can be disseminating offers and discount deals to the users who are coming back to the site after a long period. You can personalize the message for each visitor using their names, products, exclusive deals, etc. 

Push notifications can yield even more sales, subscriptions, and customer loyalty for your digital retail brand if coupled with an AI-driven recommendation engine. Sending personalized product recommendations, greetings and contextual communication add to the customer experience – a requisite for loyal customers and better conversions.

2. Wide Audience Broadcast

At some level, this works like the email channel, only more direct and somewhat more effective. Adding more subscribers to your list is crucial to build your sales funnel and keep the conversions trickling in. With push notifications, you can broadcast promotional messages for your e-commerce brand to get more opt-ins. However, your marketing team must restrain from using too much push for regular broadcasts as it might annoy the users away. 

The strategy here is divided into two folds – First, allowing the new site users to opt-in to your notifications. Second, broadcasting promotional deals to the existing list to re-engage them. Of course, broadcasting is not the ‘main’ function of push notifications (like email & SMS), but it works within a healthy mix of all the digital marketing strategies.

3. Re-engage Users With Targeted Broadcast

Targeted broadcasting is one of the most powerful use-cases of push notifications. For brands that understand their customers well, targeted push broadcasts can yield much higher re-engagement and online activity rates. For this, e-commerce brands must understand customer segmentation and user-analytics – super valuable features that can be accessed via Wigzo’s dashboard in just a click. Once the audience segmentation is clear, your marketing team can send different targeted/personalized push notifications for each segment. 

For e.g., customers interested in travel accessories, who have not made a purchase in the last 2 months, might come back after clicking a push notification that says – “20% flat off on select travel products.” Likewise, those who explicitly browsed different products can receive a push notification that says – “Check out our new winter arrival collection.”  

Closing Note

If you are an ROI-conscious digital retail brand that aims to continually grow its subscribers base and see high audience engagement rates, push notifications are your answer. Wigzo can provide an end-to-end e-commerce automation solution to uplift your marketing & grow your sales the smart way. You can get a FREE demo to see how it would work for your business. For additional e-commerce marketing resources, refer to this blog – 10 Use cases of personalized push notifications.

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