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Klaviyo is a well-known email marketing platform that offers online businesses a single and centralized platform to improve their marketing campaigns.

With its powerful features, Klaviyo is a go-to option for eCommerce brands when they want more advanced email software services to increase their sales.

Klaviyo provides several eCommerce marketing solutions such as one-click integrations, robust segmentation, tracking of website, reporting based on ROI, pre-built autoresponders, drag-and-drop email design, custom activity fields, and many others.

Despite so many amazing features of Klaviyo, eCommerce Marketers heeds that when their email list grows, the pricing plan starts rising to hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month swiftly

Let’s get an insight into this.

In Klaviyo pricing plan, 1 – 250 subscribers are free thereafter pricing depends on the number subscribers you want such as if you want 1001 subscribers, Klaviyo plan rises to $45 per month, and for 2001, it’s $60 per month. 

For every 500 subscribers, you add up to 3000 contacts the subscription plan goes up by $25. After 3000 contacts, the pricing plan goes up every 1000 subscribers, and in the blink of an eye, you’re already paying $70 per month.

Pricing plan got your head in a spin?

As a marketer, the pricing plan might trigger you to quest for an alternative to Klaviyo that has similar advanced features but with better pricing plans.

For this don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Let’s find out the ideal alternatives of Klaviyo to help you to manage and nurture your leads.

Channels Comparison

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Best Alternative of Klaviyo 

Consider the below top 5 recommended alternatives of Klaviyo for your email marketing that are based on user reviews, software ranking, and moderate pricing. 



Wigzo is a new age Omnichannel marketing and personalization platform for eCommerce Marketers. It works with several eCommerce brands to help them boost their sales by keeping their audience actively engaged with personalized notifications.

Wigzo helps users capture and employ communication across multiple channels such as email, push, SMS, Social media, and so on. It allows marketers to customize communication on browser notifications and emails so that customers receive personalized messages rather than a generic, automated mass message.

With Wigzo, you can seamlessly personalize email marketing campaigns using data, dynamic content, segmentation, and optimize your open and click-through rates.

You can also set up smart triggers with Wigzo so that customers get the right message whether they’re at the browsing or purchasing stage, improving your overall revenue. For added advantage, Wigzo also offers pre-built marketing automation workflows based on best practices from small ventures to large eCommerce organizations.

Another amazing advantage of Wigzo is it’s tailored pricing plans for marketers. The main reason for the customized plan is to streamline your business processes as you only have to pay for the features you require in your marketing strategy and run your business hassle-free. This will lead to better cost saving and higher performance.

How is Wigzo better than Klaviyo

  • Wigzo automates email marketing processes by auto-populating the emails that each subscriber receives based on what he has earlier shown interest in. It will boost not only the open rates of emails but also the conversions from the channel.
  • Wigzo has an advanced trick for customer retention through email marketing – you can build segmented data of email subscribers dividing them based on how frequently they indulge, the kind of products they purchase, and much more.
  • With Wigzo, you can send personalized behavior triggered emails that are based on the real-time reactions to how your customers are using your product. It can easily convert your window shoppers into lifetime loyal customers. 
  • Wigzo is the exclusive personalized customer experience platform offering marketing automation, personalization, analytics, and adverts specialized for eCommerce.
  • Wigzo also provides pre-built marketing automation workflows businesses of all sizes to automatically trigger personalized emails and push notifications to reach customers when they most expect it through rule-based triggers.

Pricing – Free to pay as you go

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Omnisend is the marketing automation platform built for growing eCommerce brands to convert their visitors into consumers and build personalized emails within a few minutes and automate your email marketing.

Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing platform that combines emails, SMS, social media, and other channels into a single platform so marketers can reach more customers and boost sales.

Omnisend helps marketers to build engaging and powerful lead forms to enhance your lead capture rates. It has multiple types of forms for collecting email addresses such as Signup Boxes, Pop-Ups, and more interactive Wheels of Fortune.

In terms of the pricing plan, Omnisend has three main plans for growing eCommerce marketers.

With a Standard Plan starting at $16 per month, consider the following

0 – 500 subscribers, 15000 emails per month: $16

501 – 1000 subscribers, 15000 emails per month: $20

1001 – 1500 subscribers, 18000 emails per month: $25

1501 – 2000 subscribers, 24000 emails per month: $30

2001 – 2500 subscribers, 30000 emails per month: $36

In the Pro plan: It starts at $99 per month 

It includes the following features: Free SMS credits included for the price of your monthly (or yearly) plan, Advanced Segmentation (with filters), SMS Automation, Migration services, Account Manager and priority support, Custom IP addresses and deliverability support, Unlimited emails, Facebook Custom Audience sync, Google Customer Match sync, Web Push Notifications, Whatsapp

Enterprise plan:  It has custom pricing where it provides you with everything you get on PRO plan, plus additional features such as Free SMS credits, Advanced User Right Management, Advanced Workflows Customization, Dedicated Account & Deliverability Manager, Enterprise Privacy and Security, Single Sign-On

How is Omnisend better than Kalviyo

  • Omnisend has eCommerce-friendly features such as unique discount codes, scratch cards, and gift boxes that enable customers to win their discounts in a more lively way.
  • Omnisend has landing pages that are proven to convert more than any other kind of sign up form.
  • Omnisend also has a  gamified Wheel of Fortune sign up form that draws customers to sign up to spin for their discount.
  • Omnisend enables marketers to sync your segments into Facebook Custom Audiences for retargeting ads and sync those contacts for Google retargeting ads.  
  • Omnisend offers omnichannel customer experience and provides customers a choice in how they want to engage with your brand and on what channel.
  • Omnisend separates segments into three main categories: Profile data, Campaign activity, and Shopping behavior.

Pricing $16 to $99 per month

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Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing solution used by eCommerce brands. It has more affordable solutions for those who want simple functionality, and a pile of important marketing tools.

The pricing plan of Mailchimp can be set by two things: features and number of subscribers.

MailChimp has four plans with an increasing number of features and a higher starting price: Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium, and thereafter the pricing will continue to go up for each plan depending on the number of subscribers you have. 

Mailchimp has advanced segmentation features in the Pro plan that allow eCommerce marketers to communicate with their subscribers in an even more personalized way and create more complex segments.

How is Mailchimp better than Klaviyo 

  • Mailchimp enables marketers to build and sort their electronic mailing lists. It has over 12 million brands sending billions of emails every day. It helps small businesses and eCommerce marketers to grow their businesses and make more money out of it.
  • When Mailchimp is connected to your eCommerce store then you can easily gather and analyze customer data and create personalized and automated emails and send them to certain subscribers at the right time.
  • Unlike Klaviyo where for a list with 2,000 subscribers it costs $60 per month, MailChimp costs only $0 – 49.99/ per month
  • Mailchimp has advanced predesigned templates to get started with. You only need to choose one, include in your campaign message, and customize the template by changing its colors. 
  • Mailchimp has a dashboard filled with comprehensible visual reports. It enables you to check who is interested in your emails via open, clicking, and reply rates. You can see these reports from anywhere whether PC or your mobile device. 

Pricing – free to $ 199/month

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ActiveCampaign is an amazing platform that makes it easy for eCommerce brands to centralize their contact databases within a single platform. 

With ActiveCampaign, brands can make it easier for their team to collaborate and keep leads engaged throughout the funnel. Brands can also segment their contacts by data, campaign interactions, social data, or website activity.

ActiveCampaign can also draw up a contact’s age, gender, location, interest, or social profiles from a simple place i.e,  email address.

ActiveCampaign’s automation features for campaigns can help brands to facilitate their marketing programs and extend to sales leads with precision timing.

In terms of ActiveCampaign pricing, it has four plans:

  • If you have 500 contacts the lite plan starts at $9 which has features such as Unlimited sending, Email Marketing, Send Newsletters, Subscription Forms, Marketing Automation, Chat & Email Support up to 3 users
  • Plus plans start at $49. It has everything from Lite and others as well such as Unlimited sending, Facebook Custom Audiences, Lead & Contact Scoring, Integrations, SMS Marketing, Dynamic Content, Custom User Permissions, Up to 25 Users
  • Professional plan starts at $129, it has everything from Plus and also Unlimited sending, Predictive Sending, Predictive Content, Customer Attribution & Path to Purchase, Win Probability, Conversion Attribution Reporting, Split Automations, Site Messaging, In-Depth Onboarding Consultation, Automation Strategy Consultation, 3 One-on-one Training Sessions per Month, Up to 50 Users
  • Enterprise plan starts from $229, it has everything from Professional and also Unlimited sending, Custom Reporting (Beta), Custom Mailserver Domain, Custom Domain, Dedicated Account Rep, Free Design Services, Free Social Data, Phone Support, Uptime SLA, Unlimited Users

How is ActiveCampaign better than Klaviyo

  • ActiveCampaign sends welcome emails, starts a welcome series, or delivers lead magnets automatically.
  • ActiveCampaign can help sell more with email as you can easily set up email automation that turns your contacts from potential leads to paying customers.
  • ActiveCampaign also offers trigger emails based on purchase activity, site visits, engagement. You can automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested.
  • ActiveCampaign enables users to sync their Email, Calendar, and Contact tools with their CRM system and also add Microsoft Outlook and Google integration.
  • You can easily send emails to contacts in bulk with ActiveCampaign. It has many crucial features such as Built-in Email templates, social media integration, Subscriber list management, sign up forms, success rate reports, AB testing, and auto-responders.
  • ActiveCampaign has another great feature that is the drag-and-drop email designer. With this drag-and-drop interface, along with free templates and free image hosting, you can create the types of email marketing messages that customers expect.

Pricing – $9 to $229/ month

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Drip is the exclusive eCommerce CRM built for growing personal and profitable relationships with customers at scale

Drip emphasized on workflows and suggests plenty of potential automation start off with.

Drip’s visual editor leaves no stone unturned when compared to other email marketing tools in this list. Unlike other campaign builders that work based on blocks, emails in Drip are divided into the header, message, and footer.

In terms of pricing, Drip’s plan is based on the number of subscribers you have. You will observe that the pricing plan and the features don’t vary between plans, as it’s entire pricing is based on the subscriber count.

The Basic plan covers you for up to 2500 subscribers for $49. The Pro plan covers you up to 5000, and anything more than that can be calculated for a monthly price.

How is Drip better than Klaviyo

  • The main objective of Drip is to make the millions of active users on Facebook your future loyal customers and grow your business exponentially. You can grow audiences with Drip and Facebook Lead Ads as when a Facebook user clicks on your ad and enters their email, their info will be instantly sent to Drip as a “lead.” Then Drip will automatically send that lead email campaign you have designated in the platform. 
  • Drip has a great visual builder for emails. You can create emails and campaigns from scratch with a point-and-click builder right in the platform. You don’t need to code HTML emails manually.
  • Another latest feature of Drip is Workflow Split Testing. With this, you can see exactly how your customer experiences are performing. 
  • Drip also has supple segmentation features that enable you to check more integrated views of subscribers in your account. With Drip’s Shopper Activity API feature, you can segment on an even deeper level. The API makes it possible to segment customers based on items and brands they’ve purchased.
  • Lastly, Drip provides promising features that Klaviyo doesn’t, such as Drip’s app integration stack is double the size, workflow automation capabilities stretch beyond sending emails, and the platform’s analytics come with individual customer timelines. 

Pricing – $ 49 to Varies enterprise plan/per month

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Final Thoughts

Klaviyo is an outstanding email marketing tool, but it’s not designed for every marketer. 

The set of features that Klaviyo is truly advanced and complex. It can be great for you if you’re a seasoned email marketer but it is very tricky if you’re just looking to install some best practice automation. 

Also, Kalviyo’s customer support is not effective as many threads in Quora also mention long waiting times to get a response.  

Another drawback of Klaviyo is its advanced features come at a high cost. You have to pay for all their marketing automation tools whether you want them or not. 

Fortunately, the above 5 alternatives of Klaviyo are cheaper and have similar features and can easily integrate with your eCommerce platforms. 

If you are looking for an alternative that can create the edge over the competitors which is extremely important in today’s era and boost your email marketing with customized pricing plans, You can straight jump into action with Wigzo. (You can also sign up for 15 days free trial )

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