Is Behavioural Automation The Only Way To Survive Digital Competition?

Behavioural Automation

If we had to put it together in one sentence, we’d say: Yes, and you need to get started with it today.

In one of our previous posts about behavioural automation, we discussed at length what it is. In this post, we’re going to dive into a few reasons why all types of B2B and B2C businesses need to adopt this marketing tactic in order to survive the ever increasing digital competition.

Simply put, behavioural automation refers to using the buyer’s behaviour as the basis of all marketing. Be it sending push messages regarding his purchase or latest products, or simply interacting with them from time to time.

The tactic makes use of 3 things in combination to deliver a consistent, interactive and highly contextual message to the end consumer – buyer behaviour, marketing automation and real time interaction. With the increasing consumer demand of value instead of getting sales pitches delivered to them via different marketing channels, this tactic is here to say and from as far as we can see, is all set to dominate 2017.



Automation without buyer behaviour = promotional messages that lack context or relevance to the consumer
Buyer behaviour without automation = absolutely no way to scale communications with your consumers

Both of the above leading to only one thing that no business wants – losing out on customers to market competition.

77% of CMOs at top performing companies indicate that their reason for implementing marketing automation is to drive up more revenue.
– Gleanster

While more and more companies are adopting automation technology to drive their marketing and sales processes, there are still only 30% of them who are making use of consumer data to personalize their automated campaigns.

Here’s taking a look at why moving a mile further in personalization with behavioural automation is important:

1. Higher open and click through rates for email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is most certainly a part of your business growth strategy. But how do you make your mail stand out from all those messages a subscriber’s inbox is filled with? By writing exactly what he is looking for or is receptive to.

While marketing automation might enable you to create various drip marketing campaigns, they are still to quite an extent, ‘general’ in nature. And not all your target consumers have the same way of looking at things.

Behavioural automation digs deeper into who your consumers are, what they have been looking for, how they look for solutions, what makes them convert and most importantly, what their previous interaction with your business looks like. This helps marketers create smart segments of their email list based on their concerns, needs and purchase trends; further enabling them to automate separate email marketing campaigns that they get higher conversions on.

Power up your email marketing campaigns with Wigzo Behavioural Automation

2. Higher clickthrough rates on push notifications

Push notifications – mobile and web are also becoming an irreplaceable marketing channel for many businesses. They offer a more real-time and interactive channel for businesses to reach out to their target market and drive them towards conversions. But not all notification campaigns do well – it’s the level of personalization that actually drives results for this progressive web app.

Marketers don’t just need to focus on driving higher number of opt-ins for push notifications, but as many click through rates. This means it isn’t just about notifying a consumer about an ongoing sale the moment it is live or delivering a link to a fresh blog posted on your site. Marketers will need to look into the consumer’s interaction data to understand his interests, preferences and purchase triggers.

Wigzo makes use machine learning to understand every move of your target consumer. It then records the data and creates smart segments of your push opt-ins. This enables marketers to easily create highly personalized smart campaigns that receive higher click through and conversion rates.

Typically delivering an average CTR of upto 14-15% for content based notifications and upto 26% for eCommerce sales oriented notifications, the importance of personalization is clear to see. For that matter, with Wigzo we have noticed a higher opt in and click through rate for push notifications, in comparison to email.

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3. Greater consumer engagement rates with business

If a higher open and click through rate doesn’t say it enough, behavioural automation leads to a greater degree on consumer engagement. The more contextual your messaging gets and the more precise you get with the time of message delivery, the higher is the level of engagement on the consumer with your business.

Boost your engagement and conversion rates with Wigzo

Why, you ask?

Simply put, if you’re angling at buying a Kindle for yourself to accomplish your 2017 reading goals but find it too costly, you’re surely going to wait for the ‘right time’ to make the purchase. If the online store you were browsing the product on and subscribed for notifications and emails from, sends you a message regarding a sale on laptops, how likely are you to click through it and maybe even purchase one of them? Not so much.

On the other hand, if the same online store sends you a notification of a price drop on the Kindle you had viewed, you’ll instantly go to their website and bag the deal before it runs out!

Similarly, taking an example of you showing interest in a range of products or specific kind of articles on a website. Now if the business reaches out to you with related products and content, you are more inclined towards heading to their website to know more – higher engagement. And you also become more likely to participate in their on-site campaigns that might add some value to you in the long run.

Simple, isn’t it?

But as a marketer you need behavioural automation to be able to create real-time and personalized marketing campaigns for your business and Wigzo does just that. It creates 360 degree profiles of your customers that help you understand them better and automate more contextual outreach messages.

A greater open, engagement, click through and conversion rate – isn’t that exactly what your marketing strategy has been aiming at?

Wigzo Behavioural automation makes it all possible and gives you an edge over your market competition. 2017 goals, getting accomplished right from the start!

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