Revisiting Wigzo 2.0: All Features & E-commerce Functionalities


A wise man once said,” Every good thing must come to an end and should be replaced with something way better.”

He said, and we implemented it.

We hope that since 2013 Wigzo has benefited you in every possible way. Our seven years of journey as a customer experience solution offering automation, personalization, analytics for users have been remarkable. We have reached 1 Billion devices yet and have 1000+ customers globally.

Now taking a step ahead with all the feedback we have received in recent years from our users and the SaaS community, we have incorporated it into our product and created something which we believe is truly extraordinary.

Our team at Wigzo has been working hard day and night to ideate, modify, and build a unique eCommerce growth platform for our users and eCommerce community. The significant rise in our team’s productivity in the current pandemic situation was massive, which has helped us achieve our targeted goals. Without each one of them, it might not have been possible.

With our dynamic energy level and the sincerity we have put in, your marketing experience is about to get better.

Today we would like to announce the launch of the biggest, most exciting, and most significant changes in Wigzo.

We are calling it Wigzo 2.0.

What’s new in it?

Take into consideration the summary below:

1. Revamp Flows

Now comes with a fancy Drag and Drop builder and not for all marketing channels and all Shopify events, or send data from one place to another. You want to create Lifecycle marketing campaigns, Boom, Done. You want to Send Multichannel Cart Recovery Campaign, Boom Done again.


We have shifted to a more Professional Ui; now, the Design Elements are attributed to IBM’s Carbon Design Elements. It is probably the Single Biggest Shift in the history of the universe.

2. Dashboard Design

Dashboard designing is a critical screen as it conveys relevant information/data to the user in a simple and easy to understand way. 


Now in Wigzo 2.0, analyzing data is easy and fast with our new Dashboard design. It is more structured, user-friendly, and displays a systematic information hierarchy, providing you better ways to drill down into the data when necessary and save time. 


Dashboard designing is a critical screen as it conveys relevant information/data to the user in a simple and easy to understand way.

3. Introducing Conversations


Ok, this is a Soft beta launch, and with only one channel, SMS. But the idea is. Conversations will become a Hub one-stop shop for all your conversations with your customers across all your new age channels like SMS, Whatsapp, FB messenger, Instagram DM, and Live chat. Directly Linked to Customer Data. SMS is already live, and we are adding channels by the day( Well, week, actually).

4. Magic Link

Wish you could onboard more and more subscribers through SMS and Instagram? Wigzo 2.0 comes with the unique, industry-first feature – Magic Link. It is a two-step seamless opt-in to convert your organic Instagram/Facebook story viewer into SMS or WhatsApp subscribers. 


All you need to do is set up a link and add the description to the viewer. Once the message is sent, the viewer can click the link and see the pre-populated SMS pop-up from their texting app. Once they click send, the marketer receives the required information from the customer. Get ready for a 20% boost in your subscription rate with the Magic link alone!


5. WhatsApp Recovery

With an average of 69.5%, cart abandonment is the biggest challenge for e-commerce brands worldwide. To combat this challenge, we have another strategy to scale up your conversion rate – Plug and Play Whatsapp cart recovery.  That too, without any Whatsapp businesses account registration process.


With this feature, you can easily recover 75% of your check out abandonment rate.

6. Classic Editor for Email

Earlier, we had a simple email template creator with basic features where HTML codes were mandated to create any email campaign. However, it was difficult for any non-tech person to access.


In Wigzo 2.0, without any hi-tech HTML coding, you can create email designs, including structure and blocks. We also have in-built sample designs. 


7. Easy Sign-up with Shopify

Now, you don’t need to juggle between the dashboard and your Shopify app. We have included alternative login with Shopify for easy access to sell online and make your e-commerce store successful. It is far simpler than any other platform, and any non-tech person can also operate it efficiently.


8. Recurring Campaigns

Recurring broadcasts are instances of custom messages or announcements sent to the audience repeatedly over a fixed interval. A recurring broadcast campaign is fully automated, and the users can customize the parameters like day, time, and frequency of ‘recurrence.’


The best part is that Wigzo’s recurring broadcasts work for push, emails, and SMS campaigns. That means you can ensure automated engagements for your audience at suitable intervals. Recurring broadcasts power pack the punch of higher ROI and better recall effect for e-commerce brands.

9. On-site Behavioural Nudge

Wigzo’s AI-powered personalized pop-ups are now even smarter and far more effective at conversion than ever before. E-commerce marketers can now trigger personalized and contextual messages to segmented site visitors. Send a welcome message and discount coupons for first-time visitors, recommend products to repeat buyers, and push last-minute sales with the exit-intent. 


The on-site e-commerce nudge is highly effective in shortening the sales cycle and fast-forwarding different conversion funnels.

10. Introducing WhatsApp Broadcast

Finally! Wigzo 2.0 comes with the powerful WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging for e-commerce brands. Businesses can now use the WhatsApp Broadcast feature and send informational, brand-awareness, and link-based content to the existing subscribers at scale. This feature can be activated with a simple 2-step process. 

Once the businesses get the number of their choice verified from WhatsApp, team Wigzo will configure the same for broadcasts, automation workflows, and other integrations.   

Coming soon…

Hold on to your hats as Wigzo researches, tests, and brings out more and more truly effective e-commerce automation features and capabilities. The next awaited feature in line is a conversational/chat app for Wigzo’s users. We’ll give you a shoutout when it rolls out!

Final Thoughts

Wigzo 2.0 is becoming a go-to tool for all marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs to boost their sales. Want to witness how Wigzo’s new robust features can bolster your e-commerce brand’s experience? Book a FREE demo now!

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Rashi Kundra

Rashi Kundra

Rashi is a literature graduate from Delhi University. She is a content writer at Wigzo. In her spare time, you will find her meditating while grooving on EDM beats.

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