How AI Will Improve Customer Experience In 2022?

How AI Will Improve Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) can boost corporate profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035, according to Accenture.

Could AI improvements in the customer experience be the key to enhancing your brand’s user engagement, retention, and conversions?


For e-commerce businesses, AI is proving to be a boon – a driver of their critical growth metrics without requiring the employees to do all the manual heavy lifting.

This blog will look at what AI is and how it affects customer experience from a deeper angle. Then we’ll show you some real-world examples of how AI connects businesses with their customers to enhance engagement dynamically.

AI Customer Experience: What Is It Anyway?

The phrase “human-centred design” maybe a little overused. Still, it’s worth remembering that AI customer experience aims to offer an intelligently informed and enhanced user experience at each touchpoint.

For instance, AI-enabled chatbots are more popular than ever. According to a recent survey from Socialbakers, 90% of consumers would be more inclined to buy from a business that provides them with a customized experience.

AI technology and sophisticated analysis allow you to make that a reality for your customers. Especially when coupled with marketing automation, and AI rules, to bring in valuable customers and consistent revenue growth.

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer in the context of customer experience. AI is widely recognized as a CX game-changer because it may improve customer relationships, increase revenue, and drive industry change.

“Leading businesses embrace AI to provide their consumers with a more personalized and relevant experience – enabling a precise flow of contextual information amidst digital chaos.”

AI In Action For Business Growth

Here is how worldwide companies use AI to power their growth goals and boost CX bottom line

  • AirBnB – Intuitive Listing Search
  • Spotify – Music Recommendations
  • Amazon – Product Recommendations
  • Netflix – Content Streaming Recommendations

And so on!

5 Ways AI Is Enabling Enhanced CX For Businesses

AI and machine learning (ML) can genuinely assist in providing a more customized customer experience that feels humanized and not robotic. 

Hubspot discovered that 63% of individuals who utilized AI-driven services like chatbots were unaware they were employing AI technology. That percentage is expected to be even higher due to continual advancements in AI technology.

Below mentioned are five ways of enabling superb Customer Experiences for e-commerce brands and businesses. 

1. Improved Real-time Marketing Decisions with AI-Insights

Marketing teams used to rely on a manual data gathering method, coupled with instinct and a lot of guesswork, to make key business judgments – and this was the story until very recently.

Today, among the world’s top enterprises, investment in Big Data and AI is widespread.

99 percent of these companies claim to be actively investing in AI-driven business technologies, with a further 91.9% stating that they are increasing the investment rate in this arena.

Today, you may apply AI and machine learning to your customer data for deep marketing insights. For instance, AI-driven marketing automation tools like Wigzo allow e-commerce brands to drive growth with data-driven campaign automation.

AI also has the potential to assist you in analyzing user behaviour and detecting trends, as well as quickly identifying problems or gaining insights that might help you improve your website, e-store, or even company’s metaverse experience.

2. Predicting Customer Needs with AI

Personalization is simply about adapting a product or service to fit the needs and preferences of individual customers to improve their experience with it.

E.g., Predictive Personalization is a leading use case of AI in marketing. It can enable deep personalization for the customer – making them feel that the entire journey was tailored to their preferences. 

AI can also assist with product recommendations by looking at past purchases and behaviours. AI can also predict what items a client would be interested in or advise them when it’s time to reorder. For instance, this use case is leveraged by many global streaming services to recommend movies, TV shows, and other content to the subscribers.

E-Commerce brands can leverage this with Wigzo’s built-in customer data and automation capabilities. See how global brands have been using Wigzo to drive growth with AI.

3. Enhanced Customer Retention with AI

Retention is one of the most important aspects of your business, and artificial intelligence makes it more possible. As AI develops at breakneck speed, so does your capacity to keep your consumers. Machine learning algorithms can now identify and avoid potential issues that may cause churn by assisting businesses in identifying pain spots.

Real data, rather than guesswork, may be used to determine and prioritize with AI. Exit Intent by Wigzo, for example, captures and nudges fleeing/bouncing customers back to the site for conversion, or at least captures useful information from them to help you address customer retention issues and create effective marketing approaches to regain them.

4. Drive Meaningful Engagements For Customers With AI

You may guide new users to a video tutorial or a step-by-step walkthrough to get them started once they’ve joined your SaaS/e-commerce brand. Usually, this is followed by an email drip campaign that highlights one key product feature every few days to help them make the most of your product. 

Later on, you may provide them tailored insights into how they’ve utilized your product or targeted premium upgrade offers. Your consumer will feel connected to your brand because of the personalization you offer at each touchpoint via AI.

5. Send More Effective Targeted Campaigns with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool for comprehending and influencing consumer behaviour. One 2021 research discovered that targeting messaging toward individuals with particular personality types was more persuasive and effective, resulting in increased click-throughs and conversions.

When Big Data (powered by AI) meets behavioural psychology, customers’ responses to your marketing messages can be predicted more effectively. AI can assist you in recognizing and classifying your customers based on their behaviour and psychological profiles. You may acquire a deeper understanding of the motives that drive them to buy and develop tailored messaging that is more likely to persuade and encourage them to repeat purchases.

Closing Note

The parable AI in the Customer Experience paradigm is clear – it is bound to become advanced with every passing day. Your customers are already becoming habitual of coexisting with AI and making purchase decisions based on it.

What will be your move to empower business growth with AI?

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Kamna Gupta

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