How WhatsApp arrived Just In Time for this retail watch brand’s conversion growth

Just In Time is the leading chain of global luxury watch brands with 55+ retailer watch stores across India. Whether you’re looking for a watch that elevates your style or a functional timepiece that keeps you on schedule, Just In Time has something for everyone. 

Established in 2006, Just In Time is the ultimate destination for watch connoisseurs who want to own contemporary and luxury watches from the world’s leading brands. 

The brand has successfully transitioned to eCommerce, catering to the online audience well enough. But was the journey smooth and just about growth? How did the brand create an online presence and convert online window shoppers to repeat buyers?

Let’s look closer at Just In Time’s rise to eCommerce success and how Wigzo played a vital role in growing its conversion rate.

The Conversion Challenge

Today, Just In Time stands strong as a distinguished market leader in its segment. Having served customers with the best luxury watches worldwide, the brand has built a robust community of loyalists.

The major growth challenge for this watch giant was maintaining a high conversion rate. The brand was focused on capturing anonymous site visitors and maximising user engagement for skyrocketing conversion growth.

Dive into the blog to know how Wigzo served as Just In Time’s ultimate conversion rate optimiser. 

Recipe for scaling the conversions: Going Omnichannel

Wigzo has been the perfect growth booster for Just In Time’s timely growth. The platform was used to nudge customers with personalised offers, trigger the right notification at the right time, improve customer engagement, and register more conversions. 

Just In Time kept sight of every viewer that came to their website. Thanks to Wigzo’s powerful dashboard, it tapped all the anonymous browsers and captured their actions in real-time.

Following is the breakdown of how Just In Time leveraged Wigzo’s AI-powered capabilities to quickly act on customers’ actions and reach them on their favourite channel just in time. 

The Power of Great First Impression 

They are not wrong when they say, “first impression is the last impression”. This holds even in business. Customers are crucial, and properly greeting them can make a difference between repeat buyers and one-time buyers. 

Wigzo helped Just In Time to leverage this strategy. A personalised welcome communication was triggered when a new user visited the website for the first time. Welcome messages made a great first impression and motivated the visitors to take action, resulting in increased brand engagement and conversion rates. 

WhatsApp, Onsite and Push automation were used to trigger welcome messages. Welcome WhatsApp automation received a CTR of 22.62%. 

Just In Time WhatsApp

Keeping customers hooked with unbelievable offers

Customers love a good deal. Brands, therefore, offer deep discounts to attract new customers. And then engage them throughout the customer journey map to keep them coming back for more. The trend has only grown with the advent of e-commerce. 

Just In Time created customer engagement workflows through Wigzo and kept their audiences hooked with amazing discounts and offers. Wigzo’s automation was applied on category pages to present discount offers, thereby, engaging anonymous site visitors and driving them to buy. Wigzo served as their automated website conversion rate optimiser. Take a look!

The highest CTR on onsite offers was on Obaku’s product page at 28.41%.

Just In Time Offer

Dealing with the abandonment epidemic 

She came, she saw, and she left (without buying). Product abandonment is a massive problem in eCommerce. When someone looks at your products, consider it a good sign. In fact, it means they found what they were looking for and are thinking about purchasing it. The issue is, do you know what these items are? Just In Time was sinking in the same ship!

But, with Wigzo’s tracking feature and real-time behaviour analysis, the brands had access to all the data about what products their customers looked at before leaving the online store. Product abandonment notifications were automatically triggered whenever a user browsed the product but left without adding it to the cart. 

Onsite and Push notifications were used to deal with product abandoners. Product abandonment push automation achieved a CTR of 2.4%.

Just In Time Cart Abandonment

Reminding customers of their favourites

Brands spend a lot of money and put effort into bringing customers to their eCommerce stores. But, most often, customers show interest in the products, add items to the cart and forget to make a purchase. Ignoring these “just-one-step-away-from-converting” customers can cause the brand to lose huge chunks of money spent on marketing and other things. Just In Time lost a lot of revenue because of a high cart abandonment rate. 

Wigzo’s cart recovery automation substantially increased Just In Time’s revenue by ensuring the brand never loses a sale. Different automation were automatically triggered for customers who forgot the items in the cart, on well-defined timeframes. This helped the brand recoup the otherwise lost sales.   

WhatsApp, Onsite and Push Notifications were used to recover abandoned carts. The CTR of WhatsApp cart recovery automation was 25.81%, and cart recovery push automation was 5.28%.


Just In Time Cart Recovery

WhatsApp: The secret sauce that spiced up the whole game  

WhatsApp is more than just a run-of-the-mill messaging app. eCommerce brands harness WhatsApp’s potency to use it as a marketing channel and communicate with their customers. Starting from welcoming new customers, sending product catalog, and updating them with new product launches to understanding them better, meeting their needs and resolving their queries, e-commerce brands can make the most out of the world’s most popular communication channel to drive sales and earn more revenue, that too with a minimal cost.  

WhatsApp is making conversational commerce a breeze, and with the implementation of WhatsApp chatbot on eCommerce websites, connecting with customers and resolving their queries has become a lot easier. 

WhatsApp has completely changed the marketing game for Just In Time, helped them yield incredible growth numbers and served as their best-performing channel. According to the brand, WhatsApp has contributed the most to their growth, holding 9.27% revenue share alone and a CTR of 8%. 

The End Game (Result)

Wigzo empowered Just In Time to schedule hyper-targeted, personalised marketing campaigns that enhanced customer engagement, built customer trust and increased conversions like never before. With Onsite, Push and WhatsApp automation, Wigzo helped the brand add value to its customers with every conversation.

On one side, Onsite and Push Notifications wooed the customers with never-seen-before offers, and on the other side, WhatsApp helped them remind them of the items they wanted to but did not purchase. Wigzo has contributed to Just In Times’ 11.66% revenue growth and helped improve the conversion rate.



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