How To Write A Push Notification That Actually Converts

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Push notifications are a proven must have this year to not just keep your subscribers engaged with your business actively, but also convert more of them into customers. While they do allow you to grab your audience’s attention for a minute, your message and timing is what plays a crucial role in converting your subscribers into customers.

You can’t bombard your subscribers all too often with promotional messages, neither can you lose the chance of grabbing their attention and driving them towards your end goal. So how do you make sure you don’t sound like the pushy salesman and yet drive your subscribers towards a sale successfully?

6 tips to write a push notification that actually converts

Here’s taking a look at a few rules you should be following when writing a push notification for your campaign:


1. Don’t ever beat about the bush

A push notification gives you a few minutes to grab your audience’s attention and drive them towards completing an action that you want them to. So make sure the action you expect from them is absolutely clear. Stick to one goal per notification for maximum conversions. For instance, if it is a purchase that you’re wanting the subscriber to complete, don’t shift the focus on promoting an ongoing sale.

2. Make sure your message is crystal clear

Continuing on our point above, it is important to get to the point right away. Use a message copy that is easy to consume and lets the subscriber understand what you are offering or the value they are going to get. Simple words can go a long way since you barely have a minute to make the subscriber click through your notification!

3. Create a sense of urgency

Want your subscribers to act on your notification? Create a sense of urgency in your message. Knowing that it is a limited time offer, your subscribers would definitely click through your notification to the web page you want them to see. For instance, when promoting a sale, make sure that you let them know when it ends (don’t give them too much time to think of purchases).

4. Or a sense of scarcity

Another proven way to make online shoppers or consumers interact with a notification, is to create a sense of scarcity around what they have shown interest in. If there is a product range they were browsing through or left behind an item they almost purchased, let them know how popular it is and how only a limited stock of the same is now remaining.

5. Leverage your social proof

An interesting way of using notifications is to present social proof to the subscriber. Most consumers postpone their purchase being afraid of the quality the brand has to offer. Don’t fall in the same category! Let them know how many customers have purchased the product ever since and how it is a popular choice amongst people like him.

6. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

Probably the one thing we recommend for anything that involves reaching out and engaging the customer, is personalization. Don’t just push out notifications on a general basis. Make use of interaction insights of the subscriber and create custom notifications that address exactly what he has shown interest in. When your message is contextual, it gives a higher click through and conversion rate!

Using Wigzo push notifications, you can create campaigns based on how a subscriber has interacted with your website – mobile or desktop. This enables you to reach out to them on a one-to-one basis and convert them into customers effectively.

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Is push personalization a challenge?

Believe us when we say, all it takes is 5 minutes to get your first personalized push notifications campaign up and running.


Well, Wigzo starts tracking your website visitor’s movements closely as soon as he lands on any of your web pages. It takes note of where the visitor is coming from, what he is looking for, the pages he has interacted with and more. Accumulating all the interaction data, Wigzo helps you create smart segments of your website traffic.

Yes, your audience is further segmented into smaller groups that identify best with their needs and preferences so you can create custom push notifications targeted at converting them on a one-to-one basis.

Sounds like just what you need?


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