How To Use Push Notifications For Online Cosmetic Stores

cosmetic push notifications

The makeup and beauty sector across the globe is currently a gold mine. According to recent market research, the industry is expected to amass $429.8 billion by 2022! Technological innovations, evolving consumer behaviours, and personalized marketing strategies are three major reasons why this industry is thriving.

Appreciating the openness of the consumers to shop

For starters, consumers have become more receptive towards buying cosmetics. They are not hesitant to try new beauty treatments or opt for a more expensive range of skin and hair care products – just because it is organic. If they experience adverse climatic conditions, the consumers take extra precautions for self-maintenance. Moreover, the fact they have more disposable income in their hands is also a big factor.

Embracing smart technology

Along with brick-and-mortar beauty companies, the online cosmetic retailers and brands are thriving as well. Nyx, Urban Decay, and Kiko Milano scaled their operations by harnessing digital marketing, social media, and multichannel distribution.

These three elements have also enabled many local players such as India-based Nykaa and the US-based The BirchBox to tap the true potential of the makeup and beauty industry in their respective countries. What more can we say? This is the right time for online cosmetic stores to market themselves!


Speaking of “personalized” marketing strategies…

Push notifications are a proven marketing strategy. Many businesses – irrespective of size and industry – are implementing push on both web and mobile to guide the consumers through the entire conversion funnel. Be it the travel industry or any eCommerce company for that matter – the push is being implemented extensively.

Thankfully, beauty and makeup marketers are slowly and steadily leveraging the digital platforms to reach out to their prospective customers and so far, the sales are booming. Did you know the Indian beauty and personal care market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% during 2021-2026?

Indian Beauty and Personal Care Market Size, 2021-2026 (in US$ Billion)

If you are running an online cosmetic store, you can also take a note or two to use push notifications the right way:

1) When you want to complete the checkout process

Cart abandonment is a serious issue in the eCommerce industry. But with “push”, it is possible to bring back the visitor to the website or mobile to complete the purchase process. The same applies to the beauty brands that re-engage with their target market with exciting incentives.

awok web push notifications wigzo

Tip: Beauty brands experience a high competition level, which is why it is vital for them to write succinct copies that hit the bull’s eye instantly!

2) When you want to run a successful flash sale

With “push”, you can create a sense of urgency especially when you are running flash sales for a couple of hours or a day! Nykaa does that incessantly, and it holds a lot of sales throughout the month. It loses no opportunity to convert a consumer into a loyal “Nykaa customer”. That’s what your online store could do too!

flash sale push notification wigzo
flash sale push notification wigzo

Tip: An effective push messaging is incomplete without a CTA. And remember – your CTA has to be bang on; otherwise you will lose out on clicks!

3) When you want to keep the customer engaged

Today’s consumers like to be treated like royalty. And if you not only market to them what they want but also involve them in a decision-making process, your brand is going to get full marks for that! PINK Nation has a knack of involving its customers whenever a new range is being decided. In the end, a consumer should feel important!

For instance, you could use a web push notification to ask your customers to vote for the next best perfume on your store for a special offer.

exclusive-offer push notification wigzo

Tip: Beauty product buyers can be easily segmented based on their preferences. While some be a big fan of lip glosses, other may like a matt lipstick. This way you can segment your messaging and engage with the group accordingly.

4) When a consumer is near your physical outlet

Many beauty brands do have their own retail stores as well. Perhaps, Sephora does it best when it locates a customer or a potential buyer somewhere near its store. All it has to do is send a message then and there to nudge the customer to visit the store!

For example, if I am in Delhi, all you need to do is send me a localised offer that I could redeem at a store next to me – trust me, I’ll run and take the opportunity.

gift-coupon web push notifications wigzo

Tip: Timing is everything in the game of push. Identify the best time slots and days to send notifications, and leverage that to the hilt!

5) When you want to boost the number of sign ups

Push your prospective buyers further ahead in the conversion funnel by sending messages that tempts them to avail a discount. In the image below, the brand offers a 15% discount on the product that the visitor has just added to the cart.

But here’s a catch: the visitor can also benefit from the offer if he or she signs in or signs up on the website. And once the visitor does that, he or she will be tempted to complete the process at a superb discount!

cart recovery push notification wigzo

Tip: Beauty enthusiasts like a casual marketing approach. Hence, don’t hesitate to use emojis in your copy. A little colour in the messaging will do wonders!

Web push notifications are a great way for online stores to reach out to their customers and subscribers in a timely manner, with relevant offers. They can use this channel to encourage an online shopping session or trigger an activity like wish listing their favourite products on the store.

Personalized web push notifications have resulted in 25% Click through rates, recovering over 33% of abandoned carts and increasing revenue by a whopping 10%. What is your online store waiting for?

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab Mohammad

Atyab is the Chief Product Officer at Wigzo. A Professional from IIT Delhi, India. He has worked for creating products for companies like Canon. You might find him singing loudly during late hours in his office, which he calls an "Idea Generation Catalyst".

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