How To Create Repeat Customers For Mobile Marketing Success

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When you are running a business and working on your marketing campaign, mobile marketing is an essential tool to add to your efforts. While acquiring new customers through an opt-in text messaging system is great, retaining those same customers is even more important.

When you make customers happy and you are able to create repeat customers, your profits will rise. Retention is more important than acquisition when it comes to your mobile marketing data base.

Opt-in Text Messaging and Notifications for Mobile Marketing

You can build your data base of customers using an opt-in texting software that allows you to reach your customers through simple text messaging. Customers choose to receive messages from you upon signing up for the service.

While new customers may opt-in just to receive a single deal, your goal should be retaining these customers. For example, if you own a retail store, you can offer a specific discount on merchandise if the customer signs up for your opt-in texting service. If that customer gets the discount, then chooses not to receive any more messages, this is not going to increase your sales.

If this same customer engages with the texts you send out and chooses to remain a loyal customer, this is where your real profits begin to add up.

The same tactic holds true for push notifications. Push notifications give you the ability to market your business more effectively and regularly, without interrupting the user – only when the user has willing opted in for them. It is important to take consent of the user before bombarding them with messages.

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Offer Discounts that Make a Difference to Your Customers

To gain repeat customers, you have to offer discounts that are different or that offer real value to your customers. People get tired of receiving the same old coupon every week, and they get excited when you have something new to offer.

When you use SMS texting software, you can offer your customer base exciting, time limited deals that are much like an early bird sale during the holidays. Get your customers interested in what you have to sell, and offer a variety of discounts or coupons to keep them guessing about what’s going to come next.

A Customer Loyalty Program Builds Repeat Customers

When you create a customer loyalty program, you offer discounts for repeat shoppers. If the program is strong, your customers are going to stick with you when they need to purchase items you have for sale. To build a strong customer loyalty program, it has to offer the customer something special for being a member.

The loyalty program should be free for your customers, as your goal is repeat business, and not to make a profit out of a membership program. Offer your customers incentives for being part of a loyalty program, such as points for every dollar spent, that can be redeemed during a future purchase.

The goal should be to offer enough of a deal to join your program, while at the same time earning a small profit for you.

Discounts, Deals and Loyalty Programs Should be Easy to Use

If you want repeat customers, don’t confuse them. Don’t offer deals that are 20% off if you spend $48, but only on specific merchandise, and only between the hours of 1 am and 2:15 am. You can’t make your discounts or deals hard to redeem, or customers are going to get frustrated and move on to the next company who can provide them with similar discounts and merchandise.

If you create a rewards program, make sure that it is straight forward and your customers know how to redeem the points that they earn. Keep it simple, and your customers will appreciate the transparency of your discounts and deals.

As you build your base of repeat customers, continually ask yourself what your business has to offer that is different from your competition. Pay attention to feedback that you receive from customers, and always work to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

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What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.

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